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Seeing Chiwete Ejiofor’s movie and listening to Jay Sean made me anticipate so much for the year 2012. At your service, I have on the menu coconut rice with tasty fried chicken or watery akamu with red akara depending on your order.

I sometimes complain that necessary information needed is not usually available before embarking on the journey of life, not this! Preparation determines success while prayer brings luck.

A lot of us sweet talk ourselves and pop champagne expecting next year to take care of itself while the rest of us make a resolution that does not exist by St. Valentine’s. Why solve problems every week when you can plan for a year.

It may be fun to sleep a night in a haunted castle than for a year but every successful person will always lead people who have nothing to wear, the bumpy ride can become a rollercoaster only if…………………….

Although an archi creates ideas to design buildings with the use of a plan; it is a detailed map of things you want to achieve in the future to avert any dangerful occurrences. It should be simple, logical and clear because a bungalow plan can’t be used to build a duplex on the banana island neither can a buggati be exchanged for a volks beetle. I listened to chris brown’s words on big sean’s my last; If you aren’t doing it BIG, YOU are doing nothing. Be persistent, patient and persevere because our decisions determines our destiny.

Before an architect designs, he visits the land surveyor for his layout. Are you a father, a mother, a child, a student, an employer, an entrepreneur, a cleric, which are you? You need to know this so you don’t come up with a transformation plan like GEJ.

Get ahead of situations not behind it in this instinctaneous world, be on your A-game but if you are too wise to plan then you might not be ready to build your success. It’s your choice to 2012 whether WELLCOME or HELLCOME.

Festina Lente; Hasten Slowly. Now, Lets design your schematic plan


GOD family lover

Commandments nuclear extended friends

Obey work neighbors social (internet)


Holla wait, new position, we can draw from the first or third angle projection by connecting your time, energy, emotions and money with the above people in your life. With paper tacked on the board, rotring pen in the compass, heads straight, hands free and relaxed, let’s design a peaceful, purposeful, productive, persuasive, pakurumo, palatable, pleasurable plan.

Measuring all dimensions from ground zero is very essential although your resolution depends on your experiences from the previous year and your dreams for the next year. It’s helpful if we write down our excesses and success from the previous and our aspirations for the next on a paper, now let’s think of solutions for the excesses and strategize on the path to success. The melodious voice of Darey sings “If you don’t have a plan, how are you supposed to win the war.”

Knowing yourself (i.e. structure) is essential to achieve success, choose a plan that best suits you by being creative and designing enough plans for yourself putting into consideration all factors, know why you want to accept or reject a new habit because it determines your life ultimately though I can’t go to the dance floor with a pain in my shoe.

Is your plan realistic or a fantasy, be able to calculate the season in which every plans fit in for the year by putting round pegs in round holes. Just as Mike Tyson gives the punch, everyone has a plan till they get punched in the mouth.

The ability to see into the future, mastering your plan at heart makes a trendsetter, getting ahead does not mean destroying the old you but improving on yourself. Design a dignified, open and favorable plan which is beautiful but winning is not about getting the price; it’s about doing the right thing. Go platinum!

Your last recipe for the design is adding the title block which beautifies and personalizes your plan; it’s like lionel messi scoring the winner in an el-classico. It’s about getting down on your knees, praying to God for the fulfillment of your plan, as e be say soup wey sweet na money kill am, na so plan wey fulfill na prayer kill am.

The sluggard regrets on new year’s eve- Yoruba proverb, while the wise rejoice. Try sticking to your plan like the glue even though it’s not easy in our present economic situation and society but the pain is worth the trip when we are able to fulfill all our dreams at the end of the year.

Study your plan by heart, place it at your door, be committed and construct your success. It’s only a resolution, but until you stick to it before it becomes the revolution of your life. Welcome to the new world, thanks for reading, it’s been my pleasure serving you, love you much, ((((((HUGS))))))). HAPPY NEW YEAR

Designed by Oriyomi Moses.

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