This is a letter from Nigerian Children, written before the multiple Christmas day blasts

Hello Mr. President,

We should say compliments of the season but let’s cut the crap and face the issue at hand head on. There is nothing complimentary about a season that increasing looks like every other season of lack, penury and insecurity. Our country may have lost everything but we haven’t lost our respect for constituted authority. Of course a time comes in the life of a child where even the parents have to earn that respect. Today is Christmas and the world is celebrating. The First Lady, our nation’s adopted mother was seen on television sharing rice but ours did not reach us. We understand the reasoning behind the charity. It is only understandable that you at least give back to the people whose lives you have impoverished all year round even if it is only for Christmas. Please let our own Christmas rice reach us before we give up the ghost. Tell the nation’s mother – a mother is a mother whether or not she murders the English language just after we watch cartoon characters speak so fluently on television – tell her to send our rice. It is our belief that your largesse will at least sustain us before you wield your last hammer on our poor parents. This brings us to the question of subsidy. We are totally in support of its removal and yes subsidy must go! On this, we are on the same page.

This subsidy has been the bane of our development for years. This subsidy has deprived our schools of tables and lockers let alone books. This same subsidy is why most of us in the villages take classes under trees with poorly trained teachers. We do not blame these half-baked and even mostly unbaked teachers because they are not our teachers because they liked the noble profession; they are our teachers because there is no nobility in stealing. They’d rather become teachers than join politics and steal from the people, just like the same cabal you unconsciously kept defending at yet another dour media chat.

Have you been on our roads lately Mr. President? If you have, we then do not need to tell you that you have failed us. We will not exactly say you are a shame to those of us who like you have no shoes but you are certainly a disappointment to all the poor people who braved the sun and the rain some in tattered umbrellas just to press their hand for your umblerra on Election Day. Going by the number of celebrities that got killed by our roads alone this year, you do not want us to tell you how many of our peers died on these national dead traps. If only the hungry celebrities who sang your praise earlier in the year will come clean and apologise to the world now. As for the state of the roads, you wouldn’t know because you travel the world in sometimes three private jets with fellow rent seekers and political jobbers with the pretense of looking for investors. Do we then call you a liar? We will not because we still value the values of our land. But even we, despite our seemingly small age know that investors know your government is clueless. You ask how do we know? Well, what kind of president goes to a common wealth meeting of 54 countries with some 200 delegates? To even think that the Head of the Common Wealth, the Queen of England traveled for the same meeting in a commercial plane with less than 7 % the size of your partying delegates – so we know about the clueless thing. We ought not to digress but pardon us, we are children just like you and your vice president were at a time.

This subsidy must go. It has deprived our elder brothers and sisters of jobs. It is costing us about N1.3 billion every year. That is over $8 billion of waste. Monies that those projects in your Subsidy Reinvestment and Empowerment Programme (SURE) will get started and finished with if you pursue this subsidy removal with utmost faith and sincerity. Our nation is a nation of subsidies and we thank your government and especially yourself for reminding us that subsidy just cannot continue to be. This subsidy has to go! We need drugs in our hospitals yet people’s lives are being subsidised. We keep shouting about lack of power yet we subsidise this people.

Mr. President, the Christmas bones we have left over by our generous Minister’s son who is in the village for holidays may get consumed by his highly subsidised dog so we need to cut the crap here and tell you point blank! Political Subsidy Must Go!

We cannot continue to watch you all spend our monies on your luxuries while our parents wallow in pain. We cannot continue to watch your minister Diezanically dazzle our village town hall television screens with her diamond jewelleries. We cannot watch lawmakers who religiously spend more holidays than we do, spend more monies feeding their dogs than our parents spend feeding all of us. We are not fooled, we know everything your Governors do with the security votes. What security? Did you not budget N3.1 billion/day this year for security? Let us even forget the fact that that money only ended in the pockets of your friends and cronies, why should we then allow Governors collect billions of dollars to spend on security? This subsidy must go!

Mr. President, please do not dare us. Until yourself and your ruling cabal give up all that subsidy that sustains your families and girlfriends – you think we don’t know? – anything is possible. You are eating your cake and having it now you are asking us to give up our bones. We would not say you are clueless because that would be disrespectful and it would look like we are speaking the minds of adult Nigerians. We are children but we know better than you can imagine.

All this your reform by addition – the first lady will understand this better if we say patch patch reform. Patch patch reform will not work. Reform by addition for your information is taking bits of an industry and looking to reform it when you have a whole industry to deal with. Don’t start thinking we learned that in our schools, we didn’t. We just did reverse learning. We imagined that instead of shouting about that other subsidy you want to annihilate Nigerians with, why not focus on getting the Petroleum Industry Bill passed? Imagine if you had spent half of the energy, time and resources you spent on that wild goose chase trying to get this bill passed?

There you have it Mr. President. Subsidy must go and we are glad your wise men have identified the possible areas of its investment. It is time to send a formal request to the Resource and Fiscal Mobilisation and Allocation Commission (RFMAC) so that we can have these subsidies removed. You all have no business earning those crazy amounts. Why should we subsidise your entire lives? For doing nothing or for even looting our resources surreptitiously? Political subsidy must go!

President Goodluck Ebele whateverelsetheycallyou Jonathan, #PoliticalSubsidy is the answer to the subsidy question. This is the issue right here and even though Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala avoided the question, this is one question we will ask till it goes; why should Nigerians cater for your meals, your travels, your sicknesses and diseases that are often expensive? Why should we fuel your cars? Why should we ensure Miss. Diezani has Chris Aire jewelleries to wear? Are we lesser humans than you? Are Nigerians in government a different species of Nigerians? Please, please please Mr. President, stop this nonsense before it stops you! You cannot continue to adopt a biased, parochial, lopsided and delusional stand on national issues and expect us to dance makossa when you talk. This is the tune right here, Political Subsidy MUST GO!
#PoliticalSubsidy MUST GO!

Association Of Conscious Nigerian Children (ACNC), Hungry and Angry Children Chapter

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