Elrufai issues press statement over Senate reprimand…

When the Senate ad hoc committee on the BPE submitted its report in November, Mallam Nasir El Rufai dismissed the recommendations pertaining to him, saying:

“The strange recommendation that he be reprimanded for an offense he did not commit follows a tradition of shoddy investigation that does no credit to the Senate. Legislation and oversight are serious matters, and it is expected that people charged with such functions would truly apply themselves, avail themselves of cognate expertise and exercise due care so that the reports of such proceedings would be suffused with the kind of integrity that begets respect.”

The Senate’s adoption of the said report and its recommendations today does nothing to change this position. Recommendation 38 which asks that he be reprimanded for seeking presidential approval for privatisation issues is without basis. A careful reading of the entire 172-page report yields Annexure 38, pertaining to the privatisation of NITEL/MTEL, and that does not support the recommendation. The decision to sell NITEL to IILL was approved by the National Council for Privatisation, (NCP), chaired statutorily by the Vice President. It was the same NCP that approved IILL’s request for extension of time to pay for the purchase, and the failure to meet the new deadline led to IILL forfeiting its deposit to the treasury. Nowhere in the report is any document shown alluding to the request for or the granting of presidential approval in the NITEL/IILL matter. Once again, El Rufai challenges the Senate to present any evidence to support this spurious recommendation.

Mallam El Rufai notes that while he is recommended only for a reprimand, other persons are mentioned for criminal investigation. There is no mitigation in this for him as he has not done anything to warrant a reprimand, even if he was still in the service of the BPE/NCP, which is no longer the case.


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