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Why should he die for what he knows nothing about?

I will start with a question: Do you really believe Boko Haram alone was responsible for all the bomb blasts “Boko Haram” claimed responsibility for?
Only days ago, a man was arrested by the authorities while about to set a church ablaze in Yenagoa, capital of Bayelsa State. The said suspect has been confirmed by the State Security Service to be a Christian from Edo State. He had no affiliations with the now convenient chief evil officers of the federation Boko Haram.
What if this man wasn’t caught? What if he had been successful with his attempt? What if the call that claims responsibility in the name of Boko Haram had as usual come in?

I understand another person, this time a woman was also caught about to blow up a church far north in Bauchi. She was not a member of the dreaded sect. There were also non-Boko Haram incidents elsewhere but that these incidents happened is not the issue, the issue for me is the fact that they happened without the attention of the general public. It amounts to hypocrisy if the media always finds it convenience to tell the world Boko Haram has “claimed” responsibility but the same media goes mum when Boko Haram is not involved. If those acts had been successful, all it would take for “Boko Haram” to claim responsibility is for someone to make a call to the right authorities and claim responsibility on behalf of Boko Haram.

In essence, Boko Haram has become the convenient franchise for evil doers in Nigeria. It is understandable because Boko Haram has lately been at the forefront of that business of destruction and death. MEND has taken a back seat since their last Bomb Blast last year which they were quick to claim responsibility for but the president was just only quicker to deflect the responsibility from them. “It was not MEND he said.”

Can we stop killing our future because of today's grouse

While we go into the new year, I want every well-meaning Nigerian, northerner, southerner, westerner, easterner, Christian, Muslim, atheist, pagan, traditionalist etc to know that we are at war. At war, not with ourselves but with a faceless enemy that seeks the obvious path of religious and ethnic tensions to destroy our country and our way of life.

This is not the time to point fingers. “Boko Haram” has claimed responsibility for bombed churches, and “Boko Haram” have also claimed responsibility for bombed mosques even during the last Sallah celebrations. As for Boko Haram itself, the enemy is anyone who does not agree with their hardline Islamic beliefs. These are beliefs they have killed scores of Muslims for in Bauchi, Yobe and Borno States. The moment we begin to see this as a religious or ethnic war, we fall to the pranks of the enemies of the Nigerian State.

That the Nigerian government has not been at the forefront of emphasizing the above stated positions is baffling. They have a responsibility to make Nigerians know these facts and the truth that the enemy is against us and we are not our own enemies.

You do not need the brain of Einstein to know that all of these cannot be happening without help from the inside. Is it possible that these elements have infiltrated the ranks of our SSS, Police and other security and Intelligence agencies? What has the president done with the old list he said they had of people behind Boko Haram? Could they have misplaced the list or considering the fact that he just recently told the largely inept security chiefs to fish out these men, he and his men remain in the dark about what has become a national menace?

Yes, there is Boko Haram but yes too to the fact that Boko Haram as it was known is not alone responsible for all of these evil that have increasingly altered our way of life. Boko Haram has become the convenient franchise for evil men because of the “success” of Boko Haram itself.

footballers from warring parts of Jos. Let us Give Peace A Chance

As a people I insist we must pray. If nothing else those at the helm need prayers because they have shown time and again that they are utterly clueless about our national security. The word security does not relate to our country at the moment except when trillions of naira are budgeted on its excuse.
Would we be spending such an amount on security without the menace of Bombs and utter break down of law and order? Is there a motive for those whose responsibility it is to spend this money? I am only asking questions. Let your mind help you with the answers. Just remember that, there is always more to what you see that meets the eyes, there is always more to what you know that meets the mind. There is always more. There is more to Boko Haram. It is a good place for whoever cares about solving this problem to start.

Have a Happy New Year. Thank you for being part of my blogging and writing experience in 2011. I pray you find rest where you have struggled, I pray you find joy where you have been in pains, I pray you find deserving reward where you have laboured.

If per chance you are one of those who are hell bent on destroying this country, please have a re-think. There is a right way to win battles without killing women and children. Innocent people should not die for what they know nothing about. Please, let this blood shed stop. We can settle scores without killing people who have nothing to do with these scores. On behalf of my fellow ordinary Nigerians, I plead for Peace. Please, Let There Be Peace!


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