Angry Nigerian Children Write Jonathan Over Blasts

Angry Children write Mr. President

Dear Mr. President,

We should say Merry Christmas but we are not your goverment, we are not in the business of deception. After almost ten hours of gathering your thoughts to speak on the bomb blasts that rocked the nation yesterday, you still fell short of your own very low standards. What did you intend to say when you said Bomb Blasts are a burden we must live with? Why do you bother to budget over a trillion for security if we must live the burden of insecurity? How come you are still a president? We do not blame you, we blame our older ones who were stupid enough to think that where you come from and your religion was all you needed to be a competent president.

They are crying now. We all cried yesterday on the darkest Christmas day of our short lives. While we cried and left Christmas postponed for another year, we watched as you danced your life away like there was no tomorrow. Is it true that all you care about is the fact that you are the president so whatever can happen should happen. Last night we prayed for you. We prayed that the white men should be able to make common sense so that we can budget for it and then you will have it in abundance. As it is, it is obvious sir that you are grossly lacking in common sense. If you weren’t, you would never come out to tell a mourning nation that it should get ready to live with the burden of destruction and insecurity. That was utterly insensitive and even the dumbest of our mates, fellow Nigerian children would never descend that low to an unprecedented level of cluelessness.

We understand this is not a sane country, if this was a sane country, your ilk will not be in a job. Your security chiefs, yourself and your cabinet would have been throwing resignation letters left right and centre. But then, here is a place where people are satisfied with just being in positions, that they are clueless about what to do in such positions does not matter.

Mr. President, Boko Haram defeated you in 2011. What plans are you making for 2012? Do you realise they have since improved while your security tactics remain stop and search? Do you realise they are far more coordinated than ever before? Have you thought of engaging more intelligence in curbing this menace instead of just mere brute? Yes, you have issues with concentrating for long, why not budget for a concentrator? That way you are conditioned to at least focus on being the president of Nigeria instead of our national chief chef? You are wondering where that came from? It came from cassava bread sir. You chose the menu for 2012 but we hope you realise that Boko Haram certainly has a menu.

Please Mr. President, they will look to attack again in the New Year, do what you have never done before, get your security chiefs to prevent that by all means. Contrary to your assertion, we are not prepared to live with the burden of bomb blasts. Get yourself to work and stop excusing your inability to deal with Boko Haram on the premise that they are a necessity. What is that? If you cannot lead and be a president, help yourself and resign. Please take your vice-president along. You are a twin set of incompetence.

This letter has been written with kind words, not because we are in the mood to be nice to you but because we are children and respect is a value we want to live with but our lack of it sometimes is a burden you must live with as long as you force us to live with your Boko Haram burden.

We wrote you a letter on subsidy yesterday but we figured it would be better to send this before you get our other letter. As long as your cluelessness reigns supreme in this country, we will always remind you of our angst and stake in this nation. It is not by force to live in Aso Rock. So if you must, do the right things, say the right things and learn to get the basic things right.

The Bomb Blasts darkened our Christmas but your response dampened our mood even further. This is not the way to lead a people. If you need help, we will nominate one of us to offer you words of wisdom for free. As it is, you look overwhelmed by the mere job of providing security for Nigeria let alone the other duties you swore to carry out for Nigeria.

Action point: Sack yourself sir, and take Arc. Namadi Sambo along. It is a good place to start.


Association of Conscious Nigerian Children (ACNC)

Nigerian children are angry

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  • Neo-fan

    Oju kongba gbogbo conscious Nigerian children. Olenu.

  • This piece must get to all Nigerian dailies. Nice one there!

  • Emma pius

    I understant d truth has 2 b said bt d solution stated in d action point does nt provide a sustainable leadership alternative.
    Where need leaders that are competent bt we hv 2 identify them base on performance parameter.God bless 9ja

  • Emma pius

    Where need#error
    we need #correction

  • banke

    My first time visiting this blog. Do these letters get to be read by those they address?

  • Gbenga Adeyemi

    How I wish Mr president will do the right thing! Acknowledge mediocrity and pen your resignation! Enough of this please.. I tried to imagine why is this not happening in Ghana and SA? And the simple answers that crossed my mind was those states had learnt to be intolerant to mediocrity and embraced excellence in all ramification! Nigerians arise; can’t you see the low level of thinking of your presidents, present and past? We seems to have tolerate mediocres all our lifetime and we are set on the path of ruin.. God help Nigeria!

  • lakesite

    Not only common sense they need,maybe clue too cos no clue in their skulls.Good one there,omojuwa!

  • Assayouti ismail

    Well, you have uttered excellently. Meanwhile, i read in a post on fb that US gov. was behind the blast. Well, let them continue taking advantage of the corruption, injustice and selfishness of our so called leaders. Nothing stays forever. The Sun is about to rise. Thanks.

  • Yoruba YouthCongress

    Thanks to Nigerian Children,we hope and pray somebody get this post to him…. Jonathan told us he is hepless abt Boko Haram and we all know he is clueless about Solution to the Economy!!! We therefore need no Soothsayer to tell us that Jonathan is a FAiLure!!! Security=0..Economy=0.Power=0..Education=0..Health=0. Banking=0 Transportation=0 Aviation=0..Anti-Corruption=0 Sport=0 and the wicked Soul is bold enough to insult the Sensibilities of Nigerians that he is not ready to take popular decision and that he is going ahead with the Removal of Fuel Subsidy… We hereby pass Vote of No Confidence on Mr.Jonathan and therefore advise him to resign immediately!Is this the Fresh Air he promised? Can he cope with Boko Haram and the uproar/insurgence that will greet his unpopular decision of fuel subsidy removal?

  • teetoh

    This is a very good one,hope this gets ??? Mr president!

  • ba55ey

    Quite touching but yet light. Probably because it is from an association of children. This is sad!!

    My problem with such a beautiful piece is this: does GEJ the clueless get to read this sort? Or as usual his advisers will read and make no mention of its existence?

    How can we get GEJ to read this? Even if I am sure it will not make him respond any better.

    How can this and write-up hit the print media.

  • Oscar de larenta

    How I wish d national security would read this bitter truth article..

  • Oscar de larenta

    How i wish the national security adviser would read this bitter truth letter…furthermore the GEJ administration is far away from tackling this problem,cos the pple around him are benefiting out of this disturbing crisis..

  • eche


  • hadiza mohammed

    I have posted this letter to as many sites as I can so a lot of people will know that a lot of other people are very angry and want a change. You couldn’t have said this any better, Omojuwa. May the ink in your pen never dry up, and may the battery in your laptop never die. Good piece.

  • adebola

    Gud points dearies……..we need 2 fight against pdp and johnatan

  • Its sad wht happened on xmas day nd dis piece highlights a more saddening dilenma we Nigerians face: inept & corrupt politicians. Our problems have nd always will be d politicians we think we elected to rule us. If we don’t get rid of them we won’t be rid of any of our problems; boko haram or otherwise. A violent response against dese demons in human form is absolutely necessary to stir up some form of re-evaluation of where we stand and where want to stand 20years from now.

  • james

    these letters re for real even the president knws wat the Nigerians children needs,he is just nt complying to the needy but filling his filled pockets….abeg make Mr Presido consider us oh….

  • neto

    Rili don’t knw where this country is headin bt we nid help…big one…first of all our so called president…GOD help him…if not,tins will happen…my body is boilin,I can’t continue to watch…let us too somtin before its too late

  • Really I wanted to laugh…I ended up crying..*looking nervously at my sons*

  • Anjola

    Lovely piece!

  • Boovillous

    If a president cannot provide security for his poeple, then he’s not competent enough to do his job. Save Nigerians Mr President or, kindly leave!!!

  • zailni

    may God bless u 4 ths. But my greatest concern is hw the politicians showed i dont care attitude to a very sensitive lyk this. They r cultist i thnk. Thf tend to b very active when it’s abt money. Pls muslims/christian lets pray hard 4 d almighty 2 expose n deal with them b4 our eyes.

  • solank bj

    I wonder how nigerians expect a clueless president to resign,when a dying one refused to!We need to collective rise up and boot them out.

  • T.S

    Nice one there, please. Let this master piece circulate through every form of media both in the country and outside the country.

  • Steph

    This is very good and inspiring. I am glad to know some Nigerians are standing up and speaking out. I pray the President also reads it. Furthermore, I suggest we all write, post, fb, ? ,watever it is “I AM NOT GOODLUCK JONATHAN”. This is because when he was campaigning he used a lot of our children, brothers, sisters to say ‘I am goodluck jonathan’ which we pray never to be clueless…

  • Sammi

    great post, but even if Goodluck Jonathan gets to see this, who’s gonna be saddled with the responsibility of explaining it to him?

  • Oladotun

    My love to the Nigerian Children addressing Grandpa Goodluck. But, I dont understand why you people are complaining about Jonathan. A University Professor whose wife cannot speak correct English obviously is a failure. Even the bible says that a man who cannot control his home should not be elected into any position.
    I don’t blame Boko Haram. I blame the Politicians and Jonathan who refused to take action. Let everybody come back to their home states or at least their regions and let us divide Nigeria into as many pieces as we can.

  • Nigeria

    We should keep sending letters like this to the president.

  • What a beautiful response by undoubtedly the future of Nigeria, as we do not have a future in our leaders, nay, rulers bereft of an iota of idea. It is indeed a shame and in this circumstance, a national shame to have a president and his crew that are lacking in the direction for the future of a nation such as ours. I must say without mincing words that the future of Nigeria is bleak, given the crop of rulers that we call leaders. Posterity would not forgive us if we keep quiet in the face of the level of injustice we face in Nigeria. It has become pronounced that some group of persons are benefiting from the violence experienced on a day-to-day basis in the country. We pray that those persons or group of persons would not go unpunished in Jesus name.

  • sadeeq celph

    Ai kasan nan sai adua’a kawai.. Yara kun yi kokari da kuka rubuta wa jakin nan wasikan nan.. Banza jahili.. He should pls do the honourable thing and resign…

  • Priscil

    Its a shame dat kids will write such piece to d first citizen of Nigeria,obviously they hav no regards fr their parents.who ever sponsor u guys is only using u to perpetrate more evil n d nation.calm ur nerves and bend ur knees in prayers,build urselves to become responsible leaders suggesting positive and reasonable solutions to d misfortunes plaguing our dear country.uv neva been leaders before if u think things are dat simple,try leading a group of 10dumb kids like urself n tell me d out come. Goodluck to you guys.

  • Efosa Aigbe

    These Conscious children dey Binu o. Make dem sofrey vex o. The fact of the matter still be say, what you dont know , you dont know QED.

  • Nurudeen

    Good Article GREATEST NIGERIAN CHILDREN.we the YOUTH are with you and support you!

  • lecturer

    Its very sad what this country has turned to.Am sure GEJ knows the right thing to do but its as if there is a devil in d goverment house that immediately you get into any level in this country, u become a different person.God help us but soon we will have to help ourselves

  • Concern

    The truth must be told whatever the situation. I hope the right people will read this HONEST TRUTH.

  • Adeola Joseph

    Jonathan and his men are toothless bulldogs.No wonder people are now crying,it is late for us in Nigeria.We refused ???? do the right thing at the right time….people voted for pitty,people voted because he is from Niger Delta.So where does that take us now..i pray we should learn our lessons because we forget things very easily in this part of the world.

  • tunnex

    Write talk, I hope this gets to the incompetent twins that calls themselves the president and vice president!

  • Daz

    I dont believe the writer of dis article has comon sense cos weda u like it or not as Mr President has said it wont last forever. Where were dis same children when buhari,babangida,abacha and co were distroying our future? Oh I forget they are all muslems and northerners same people bombing and crying. When u are done reducing your population tell us cause NONE of your leaders ever thought well for this country Nigeria so please SHUT ur trap and NEVER talk to our President in this form again or else………

  • Zeal

    @ Pricil..can you not see that you are the only person going left while everyone is going right? How can you say the children have no regard for their parents because they chose to step up and bring gej’s attention to the core issues and problems plaguing our country? You are the type that will never encourage the youth when you see them doing good.Since you are in a better position to do so why didn’t you step up to the plate and write a letter to your president?? I hate senseless comments! Mcheew

    In other news,
    that was a lovely piece, I pray this useless ‘president’ of ours sees it even though he’ll probably need a dictionary decipher what was being said .The situation in Nigeria is sickening and I pray that the Almighty hears our cries and prayers and answers them soon. Amin.

  • bafro

    This is a very serious calamity befalling our nation. We don’t have much time left, boko haram must be eradicated. Mr president you really need to do sometin drastic now before things get out of hand. I wonder why you’ve decided to keep living with devilish murderers in our nation.

  • Smile of Child

    electing Goodluck Jonathan is one mistake that should never ??v? been made. We saw it coming yet we still went ahead to put him in office. Mr. President sir we demand that u fire U?????r security chiefs, security advisers and resign. Nigeria wasn’t always like this. We cannot get use to ????e killings to starvation, why remove subsidy when u don’t ??v? ? backup plan, stop lying to us u don’t ??v? ? back up plan.

  • Zeal

    @Daz they should never talk to YOUR president in that form or else…OR ELSE WHAT???? What can you do. You are one of those cowards who supports only bad and never wants progress. Don’t come here threatening anybody ya heard??! NONSENSE!!

  • Yeah!

  • Anita

    Its sad that we have a very incompetent leader who obviously doesn’t know what to do or say when the need arises. Its even more sad that he doesn’t know when to get or take the hint that he must resign now for his dignity sake( if he has any left).

  • koko son of Jesus

    Memory lane… All these have been for a long tym dearest Nigerian children, I feel sad too,nice piece!

    *1980 May. Religious violence in Zaria. Much property is destroyed. 1980 December 18-20 Riots in Kano. The Maitatsine sect, 4, 177 are killed. *1982 September 29 ? October 3. Disturbances in Kaduna, Kaduna State. 53 killed and many churches are burned. *1982 October 29-30 . Further trouble in Maiduguri, Borno State, Maitatsine sects. 118 die. *1984 February 27 – March 5. Disturbance in Yola, Gongola State. Maitatsine sect, 568 die. 1985 April 26-28 Riot in Gombe, Bauchi State. Maitatsine sect. 105 die.
    *1986 March, Palm Sunday. Christians and Muslims clash during processions in Ilorin, Kwara State. *1986 May. At the University of Ibadan, Muslims burn the figure of the Risen Christ at the Catholic Chapel of the Resurrection *1987 March 5th and following days. In Kafanchan, Kaduna State, Christians and Muslims clash at the College of Education. 100 Churches and Mosques burned. *1987 March. Katsina, Funtua, Zaria, Gussau and Kaduna (Kaduna State). A wave of religious riots, many churches are burned and property destroyed, and many lives are lost.

    *1991 April In Katsina, several lives are lost. Sh?ite sect in Katsina led by Malam Yahaya Yakubu stirs up trouble. At the end of April, in Tafawa Balewa (Bauchi State) over 200 lives are lost, and property and 20 churches are destroyed.* 1991 October 14- 15 . In Kano, the attempt of the Izala sect to stop Rev. Bonnke from preaching becomes violent Thousands of lives are lost and property destroyed. *1992 February 6th and then May 15-16 Zango Kataf, Zaria, Kaduna State Communal clash becomes a religious clash, with lives and property destroyed Funtua (Katsina State). Kalakato religious sect assaults a village head. 50 lives are lost and property destroyed .

    *2001 October 12-14 In Kano, there are anti-American riots, because of USA intervention in Afghanistan. At least 350 are killed

  • sheza

    well written. we the children are really disappointed and infuriated, Nigeria is in dire need of a miracle..a miracle by the citizens with the help of the Almighty. i hope he gets 2see this but then again as sammi said, who will explain it 2him??? because we all know this is beyond his and his cabinet’s intellectual capacity! Allah ya tsare

  • Ken

    NTA says he even felicitates with the Bomb blast victims. What a clueless dude to have resided in Aso Presidential Villa. Its time we stand up against this stupid government as these children have condemned by marching on the streets against his incompetence which will force all our representatives in the National Assembly to impeach this joker called our President..

  • Annah

    Wats done is done,Jonathan has olready been voted into Seat,makin ol d changes he fhinks its right,the only thng we can do is join hands as a nation,both xtians and muslims,pray nd fast for our country,our leaders are selfish,they dnt care abt us,they can choose to leav the country @ will,we are our on our own,let’s join hands,united we stand,divided we fall,ì hop d president and his vice wil be able to gt dis msg dt dis angry children hv written,kudos to ?o?. We can use order media lik fcbk,twitter to pass across dis msg.longlive Nigeria!

  • Oladotun

    @ Priscil and Daz, You are both reducing this issue to a tribal one. I am a Yoruba person but I dont think where anyone comes from is relevant to the issue at hand. Tribalising the issue is not a solution at this time.
    When you talk about them disrespecting the Nation’s first citizen, you should consider a key fact: If Boko Haram kills everybody, who will this first citizen of yours be first over? The landmass or the airspace?
    Like typical Nigerians, we are forgetting the salient matter at hand; WHAT DO WE DO ABOUT BOKO HARAM? What is the way forward or rather out of this killing spree?
    The objection of these children is to the statement that Boko Haram is something we must live with. Is that a statement to be made to woman who has lost her husband or a mother who will have to see the corpse of her child?
    Nigerians should ask Mr President in anyway they can (rude or not) what he plans to do about Boko Haram. We are not interested in sympathy messages and annoying reassurances that end up sounding wrong.

  • Zona

    The situation in our country is so pathethic and I am so very surprised that no notable leader from the north has codemmed these deadly acts. GEJ should resign but I hope the next leader won’t be worse.

  • Aby Eby

    “GOODLUCK”! When u came in,we thought alas a change is here and not just a change but a positive change not just a positive change but a change that comes with goodluck,little did we know dat we were wrong and have made the greatest mistake of our lives. As the saying goes “THE DEVIL YOU KNOW IS BETTER THAN THE ANGEL YOU DON’T KNOW”. Worst part is that the so called leaders at least that’s what they refer themselves to as, don’t even care,why should they? Their children are in faraway countries and are not here to suffer what we suffer,so it’s absolutely non of their business who’s dead and who’s not. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan,our country used to be safer than this until u stepped in with your ill-luck self. Do us a favour and step out,obviously BOKO HARAM are out for you. Please,as a good leader you shouldn’t lead your nation to their end,even if you do of what gain will it be to you. I wish you get this messages and act like human with a heart and not one with a stone in place of a heart. Stop the killing of innocent souls,remember their blood is in your hands.



  • ahmad

    nigeria is being controled by other foreign countries like u s and g brit just recently british govt said that fuel subsidy must be removed and no reason for that was give this folowed by same sex marriage and even threatening to cut all monetaryhelp given to nigeria where as every nig is against it. gej is not capbl of ruling this nation he is going to do more harm than good in the near future.

  • Tennny

    Am so tired of being angry, tired of shedding useless tears, infact am tired of praying for this country. If war is going to be the solution, i say let it come. GEJ will not resign o because in his lineage, no one ever aspired or dreamt of ever ruling Nigeria; hence his cluelessness about what to do as a leader or even the right words to speak as occasion requires. May the blood of all the innocent people who have died since Jonathan became president begin to cry out for venegeance and may the spirits hearken to their call and visit GEJ and his group of never-do-well-elders with wrath till their names be wiped off the face of the earth. And may God in his anger cause the plans and counsel of Boko Haram and all wicked/unreasonable men in this country to fall like the counsel of Aithophel to David, may the they fall into the very pits they’ve dug.

  • ladus

    GEJ I§ a puppet.

  • ibrospecial84

    Am happy,proud and honoured to be part of this.omojuwa,am so proud tp be following u on tweet

  • Anonymous

    I’m dumbfounded! But wait a minute, isn’t that better than being clueless?

  • Daz

    @zeal y didnt u respond 2 d fact dat there is nothing any one can do, where dis bombs nt asembled somwia?dont people live around those places? How many of u shouting fowl hia have reported suspicious movement in ur locality? PLEASE SHUT UP. Do ur civic responsibily and see if the country wont be better u want ur father to come write ur exams 4 u after payin ur shool fees like he has nothing else 2 do. Insulting the ofice of the Preident is Treason if u dnt know u dnt know(unpatrotic Nigerians thinking of only ur religion and region)go set of ONE bomb in Lagos or Warri n clain it n see wht security is about

  • absolute

    Good children keep it up

  • tambolo

    @ priscil please shut ur mouth if you have nothing to say. Expression of angst doesn’t in anyway reduce one’s intellect or home training.

    Apparently you are religious/tribalistic person….while you are engulfed in your self righteousness, pray for us

    Thanks in adv

  • Newman

    Thanks to the present Govt 4 access to internet, when your people was in power do you have phone talkless of internet that you have the courage to condemn our president, mind urself, security is everybody’s business let all do the work, GEJ cannot give orders and obey the order at once

  • Daz

    @son of Jesus, well done please do u guys have to say to all these years of distruction of life and property was it a “cluel

  • benevolence

    Who ever wrote d?s deserves a pat on d back. M just stunned at d level of nonchalance of “mr pres?dent” colloqu?ally speak?ng, n?ger?a operates a system of govt wh?ch ?s supposed2 b of d pple,4 d pple n by d pple. Bt dat ?s no longer d ?ssue. We v a f?gure head or rather a bubble head as a pres?dent who t?nks b?n a pres?dent ?s al about mak?ng ?nternat?onal connect?ons n secur?n d future of h?s ch?ldren. Wr?tt?ng ?s however not enuf sumt?n has2 b done2 remedy d?s

  • jay


  • Daz

    #clueless JEG dat was there or becos he is nota northerner he is clueless n weak n dumb. Like d other did or cld ever do anytin better PLEASE

  • jay

    Shame to nigeria leader Dr. Jonathan good for nothing, he only know how to eat our money from oil.
    PDP share the money.


    I am sure that Jonathan was not among the bomb planters. I am sure he was not close to that place if not he would have been among the victims. Let us tell our brothers and sisters to stop being stupid. Those they kill are those they claim they fight for….

  • amaliabdul

    A perfect and eloquent description of our leaders, couldn’t have been better. Nice piece, we need more of this so keep your ink flowing.

  • brown sugar

    Its so sad that we have a useless, senseless president who has left the issues affecting the masses to deal on issue as subsidy thereby inflicting more hardship on the common Nigerian masses. I think the stupid fool should do one right thing by resigning as it is obvious that he knows nothing bout governing this country of ours. It pains me more that the senators are just sitting down there and saying nothing but argue over allowances. Am done praying for this country cos God can not come down and do everything for us, these are things that our stupid, greedy leaders should no what to do without asking God for help when God has made things for you to correct the wrongs. Sincerely nigerians we need to rise up against these self fish leaders we have.

  • mayowa

    We shld be thinkin abt d solution. Mass protest nationwide. Let’s all march on d strEets and to d state secretariAts (in d case of state capitals).
    Going futher, we have to identify and kill d top 20 PDP members in each state. Dt way, we will hav gotten ride of d atiku’s, obj, anenih, akala, daniel, B George, etc. That’s a more realistic approach, let’s not toy tribal or religious lines, as for those Boko fools, let’s get rid of ds PDP mess first and come back to dm. But b mindful of d fact dt we must kill else they will kill allofus like cowards.

  • nigerian

    @ Daz. If security is a collective responsibility then why do we have the police and army? The sss? Are they there for decoration? How much does the govt allocate to us for our security? After taxing us dry what good is coming out??? Abeg if u no get better thing to say go and hug transformer. The truth must be told. GEJ is a total failure and a disgrace to all nigerians including u. Whether u like it or not. Stop being sentimental and shine ur eyes jor!

  • Zeal

    @ Daz i think you are the one who needs to SHUT UP! Because clearly you don’t even know how to express yourself. That letter was a very good thing and seeing that you are so against it, you must be one of the bombers!!

  • mansur

    May the all mighty reward and protect us all Ameen

  • Oladotun

    @ Daz I don’t understand why you are so angry.You are not considering the fact that even if anyone reports suspicious movement in their movement in their locality, the Nigerian Police or Security agencies are not equipped to do anything. I am dismayed that you are not even addressing the issue at hand. You are insulting people who have a different opinion from yours. Whats with the reference to Zeal’s father?
    On insulting the office of the President, who gives a f**k about the office of a president who has nothing to show for control of 150 million people and so much resources.

  • kolosause

    I think priscil is short 4 priscilia(badluk-GEDs barely educated wife)while daz is(who?)These 2 r definately pro-GED,this would explain why they are going left(extreme leftists)while evry1 is going(saying&doing)right.
    GEDs tenure has been plagued with misfortune-badluk if u preffer-i wonder which misguided fool gave him dat name.he nids 2 go and re-orientate himself(be reborn&renamed if its not 2 l8)

  • change Apostle

    I acknowledge d anger on our faces as youth bt d fact remain sacking d president& vice president wil nt solve d problem. Let d youth embark on a peaceful protest against dis injustices& dastardly act. Govt shld checkmate d activities of our security agencies,engage d unemployed youths in doing wat wil fetch dem legitimate earning(create jobs) and we all shld b security conscious as security is every1’s business. Govt shld step up her fight aganst all vices!!!!
    God help Nigeria…..

  • mykel Power aka noni

    The only thing I will say Is GEJ lost his memory wen he said dos rubbish he said about d bomb and d boko Haram stuff, dis kind governments me Neva see b4 o….. In shot dis guy call himself president is just bad 2 we Nigerians we can’t take dis anymore we r coming 4 u, if u like resign or don’t we r comin 4 u 2 ok, how can I lost both sista and mother at d same time and u expect me 2 luk u living on dis heart n u expect all dos dat have lost dere lives 2 4give u, in shot no peace 4 u 2 o and ur co workers of iniquity ok……….If is gonna take me 15 days 2 prepare ur death I am gonna do dat 2 make peace rain in my lovely country “NIGERIA” I love my country but I hate d governments ruling……..Expect more 4m me ok……. @zeal @priscil

  • kolosause

    @change apostle do u know wat happend to d few “ballsy” pple who peacefully protested d lekki toll gate recently?funny enuff no tv station was onhand to cover d skirmish-conviniently-unless it was aired and nepa didn’t allow me 2 watch(also funny dat by d next day,no mention or repeat broadcast/video coverage was aired)so wat do u think would happen to a “peacefull protest”in d light of which u so describe?

  • henrygreat

    There must be a conscious concerted effort by d powers dat be to ensure and guarantee d maximum security of lives and properties in ds nation. It’s true the Lord’s watch over a nation is necessary, however we must not leave our own responsibilities in d hands of God. There must be a ‘watching’ on our own part too.
    Our leaders are obviously unaffected and grossly unconcerned by d mirage of these unpleasant incessant bombings dat are fast becoming a reproach to Nigeria amongst the community of nations. Truely, we must all stand against these inhumane treatments we are subjected to by the wicked sects of Boko Haram.
    I believe that what government policies and laws connot do, prayers can. We must all rise and condemn these despicable and obnoxious acts and save generations to come from further fears and trepidations.

  • Its so sad&highly ridiculous 4 av been the president @ ds crucial moment. Decision we made couple of months and the path we decide 2 toll has become a wrong choice&a deadly path. Being a president is not about occupying a space but RESPONSIBILITY. We need a man of CHARACTER @ hem of affairs not a bookdog. Nigerians solution is no longer prayer but a serious ACTION. We need to take our destiny in our hand…

  • Umar dambuwa

    @ koko son of jesus, hp they will review the past and take precautionary measures.
    We the youth need to use our senses this can‘t be happening like that! Do u think an individual will defeat the gov‘t just like is it not consipiracy that is going on in this issue of so called boko haram, @ 1st wat ve the so called boko haram to defeat gov‘t…pls take note and ur back.

  • Sanya Oluwafemi

    If expressed, the anger in me would start a revolution. Not the type that was in Libya and Egypt. I do not crave for blood shed, but seriously! Some heads should roll, particularly the heads of the heads. We need a revolution!

  • benevolence

    Daz n pr?sc?. U guys r crack?ng me up. F?rst of al daz, ?t ?snt treason to speak harshly abt d pres?dent,datz y ?t ?s a democrat?c govt.b4 u talk, u myt wanna check ?f ur ?nformat?on ?s correct or faulty. N pple r ent?tled2 d?a op?n?on so ?’ll adv?se u both qu?t p?ck?n on dese ch?ldren, or r u try?n2 use d?a blog as an avenue2 b famous? If u arent ?n support den dont comment.

  • Abdulaziz

    God please help our country, what ever sins might have been committed to cause these, we pray for your forgiveness and mercies. Ameen!


  • abiola

    it has always been a great pain but the solution to control and prevent dis pain lies in our so called govt. the truth of the matter is dat dey knw whr dis come frm but dey are too big and wise like a gollible man to solve it. why I said so is becos why wld a whole president and govt said dey are not aware where dis are coming frm in not dat they are protecting there selfish interest.

  • ambrose

    Yes we need an urgent revelotion,towards this SITUATION concerning bomb blast in our dear country nationwwide.someone must stop this act me and you need to revelotionize thIS country nigeria,because is not the goodluck i pray for this year that IS this,this country need help,GOD PLEASE TAKE CONTROL! MAY THE SOUL’s of MADAALLA AND OTHER BOMB VICTIMS RIP IN THE LORD.AMEN AND AMEN!

  • R.A. Olusesi

    I think is hightime Mr President pull the plug as it appears that the presidency lack the necessary accouterment of authority , zeal, will power, courage,truth and purpose to move this country forward,what this country wants is a revolution…

  • linda

    I write with pain and shame as I ve read mere children tell a grown man d truth he will never learn. Truly not ur fault jonathan,but d fault of pple like me who believed in wat we tort we saw in u. I wld give anytin to have obasanjo back bec if he were president the whole of boko haram wld be DEAD..
    FYI Mr I am christian d bible says dat d righetous taketh by violence stand up MR president and take by force.

  • karo ojojo

    If this plan we work as it there, i will b D most happier person on earth cos boko harm are dere with d life of our love ones. Our president is a weaker one cos ?t seen to be we do not hv a leader in dis Nigeria. We are not happy with the situation on board Jonathan. Pls do something to show you are our man.

  • Ay4GOD

    My submission is the mr president GEJ & ARC Namadi SAMBO

  • Anonymous

    Good piece, but one part I do not find interesting is the part where you referred that “older ones were stupid enough to think that where he (the President) comes from or his RELIGION was all he needed to be president”…I have no issue with where he comes from, but PLEASE, do not disrespute the religion he practices, because the religion is not a ‘personal belonging or idea’. So do not because of him, insult all that his religion stands for. His religion is not why he has failed. Politics and Religion should be treated separately. My Point? Criticise or insult the President (I do not care), but do not disrepute ‘the religion’ because of one his incapabilities.
    Besides the above, every other thing in this piece is very much on point.

  • yng alh

    Well that was really a nice but this message was suppose to have written to the Mr zpresident since when the attack of Jos that occurred during the Eid-El-Fitr celebration by muslims but nobody came out to say anuthing to the Nation to help console the muslims in that area and their muslim brothers across the country but until when the Boko Haram groups came to avenge for those people that were killed and at the same time instead of to be buried or allowed their families to carry them away to their places but some were burnt to ashes and some were cut into pieces and some after been cut into pieces their heads were tagged in the middle of the streets and the people around the area were dancing,rejoicing,celebrating,etc. over such a criminal act that they have done and nobody in this country didn’t come out to say anything to the muslim brothers until now that. 2 places were attacked at the celebration day of christmas. So Mr president as the youth said earlier on if u cannot control please we are begging you and your Vice to please resign yourself before the new year because the so called boko haram will surely attack another region but we are saying this out of some pleasantries that you should please take into consideration the isuue of the security of this country and the issue of this fuel subsidy for now because the country is in a great danger so also the lives of many innocent citizens of the country.Thank You Mr President Happy Christmas and Happy New Year in advance

  • naomi

    I was filled with shame and pain on christmas day and I wondered if I should return home from my holidays. Out of silly reasons we have elected a dummy, well I didn’t vote for him, a man who can’t control his widow has no business ruling us. We need a revolution in Nigeria, enough is enough

    @Newman, Daz and Pricil – save your damned comments to yourself favour seeking fools, I hate to pray this but may the next bomb drop on your roof and see how much your personal so called security can do

    As bad as it was during Abacha, Babangida or Obasanjo’s time Boro Haram would have been cleaned out guilty or not. GEJ is the worst bad luck, he is just lucky his wife’s juju is strong, she wouldn’t know how it feels to loose a child when she doesn’t have any, the widow and her husband must live

    I pray Boko Haram can send a bomber to Aso Rock or Dodan Baracks where he hides out and please don’t forget his idiotic vice who is a fellow decoration

    Kudos kids, may your future be brighter and full of joy

  • Mawunmi

    This is a nice 1..I truly treasure stuffs like dis…elbow grease….God bless 9ja

  • jide

    Now I think people would know why General Buhari was crying before our last election on who we were about voting for then…this is the worst government ever in Nigeria history and hope people would be wise enough to vote in the nest election

  • gloria

    I’m sorry but I didn’t find this piece interesting at all…its the same old nagging everyone has been doing since the blast started! Well, if it was really written by kids then I’m glad that you are interested in the progress of Nigeria..but if u think that publicly insulting a man who is falling short in his responsibilities will solve the matter…u are far from right and any1 who thinks Jonathan will resign because he has been advised to is definitely living in a fairy tale world….trust me kids if you were up there surrounded by The wouldn’t do better….The solution to Nigeria’s problems will not be solved by making nasty comments about our president! The solution starts by looking inward, It lies in you children! Believe it or not, you are still the leaders of tomorrow!

  • Sigh*

    Good Luck Dear Nigerians

  • Oooojay

    Gbam! Dis is a blast, BUll’S EYE kids! Give it 2 him. I sincerely hope dis gets 2 Mr President. By God, i hope it does.

  • Olaifa otesanya.

    Mr.President,this short note posted by Angry children of nigeria is to show you the level of heartache we are passing through and how dissapointed we were from your incompetency. Pls gear up and wake up to your responsibilities as Nigeria president.Nigerians are been embarazzed in our dear country and beyond the shore of Nigeria.

  • I wish this letter will go to mr. President

  • I wish this letter will go to mr. President i will be happy

  • nancy

    Mr president pls harken unto d voice of dis children and hear their cry pls we are beggIn u in Gods own name to do somethin about dis boko haram of a thing pls. U don’t know where d next blast will take place don’t b suprice is going to be in …………..

  • victor

    This is really bad but we shld also remember that the president didn’t ask them to do that. People that are in the houses of assembly and our useless senator shld check them selves too.

  • latrich

    ‘I wish i were thousand men…said SPARTACUS, That’s for you OMOJUWA.
    Wao great post, dont bother either they read or not, we know they will never respond to things like this, its there plan to eat and use nigerians to get collection. God will ponish them.
    They know d loop holes as per security but glamour of office, populaty etc will not allow them act. God dey.
    As per SUBSIDY we need it and we need to remove SUBSIDY on d most SUBSIDISE thing in d world and dat’s NÍGERAIA GOVT, assíst us tö r€möv€ öür bürd€ñ öñ ü äñd €v€rythíñg yöü ü߀

  • TigerLilly

    @zeal,this is not a regional or tribal thing,it is clear that all our leaders are incompetent,greedy and clueless.regardless of the tribe or is true that Babangida’s era brought economic instability to d country,but it is fair to point out that Buhari and Abacha’s era’s recorded one of the most stable economic period Nigeria ever experienced.if u knew our country’s history u would have known this.but jonathan’s era has been the worst ever in Nigerian history.we even suck in football now,and that has never happened in Nigeria.Now I know why Buhari wept during his campaign speech about the horrible state of things in Nigeria.he knew the worst was coming.we all have our small parts to play.the corruption starts from the grassroots,it starts with us,so let’s all do our parts instead of bitching,pointing fingers and laying blame on only the government.God bless Nigeria.

  • rala

    hmmmmmmmm it is vry sad! Dumb president, stupid vice president!

  • nony

    We need a revolution. We can’t jst sit down and fold our hands, expecting miracle ??? happen. It has to start ?ow that’s the only way forward.

  • Pual shorlar

    Sombody just hav 2say d trut

  • sir white

    I thank but I want to tell mr president and co that vengance is coming cos they are among the boko harams

  • Ismail

    D situatn is bad & its required sober reflectn not much critism & blem. God bless nigeria

  • Abdulamlik Suleiman

    Its only those that elected GEJ or had confedence in him dat r now disappointed! Too bad 4 u guys. But 4 me & my likes who neither voted him nor had any confidence in him we never expected anything less than wat he is given us Nigerians or doing 2 d nation. May Allah see us through. Ameen!

  • Olaniyi

    Mr. President dey use Boko Aram to do his dirty work. Dey want to make christians and moslems fight

  • xris

    I am happy that nigerians nw see the optimum incapabilities of JEG govt. The Youth,elders and nw children are beginning to see things for what they are. Nevertheless, there is only nothing we have done by tweeting, facebooking, and blogging opinions on different sites. When will we go to Aso Villa to claim what is Nigeria’s not PDP’s or Baba’s.
    Nigerians mark my words. The black man is too proud to resign because of his incompetence, he has to be fired. Revolution is the only answer to this chaos. The earlier the better.

  • kachi

    nigerians are not ready for a change, that’s all I know. if we were, there’s no way we would vote someone as unintelligent and uninspiring as the Jonathans’ into power. this country is becoming a bigger laughing stock.. national Security???!!!. very funny!. do we know what that means?. how about we deal with the littelest things first.. just ask your “First Lady”…. *shaking my head* what an embarrasment… let the bomb blasts continue!. as far as I’m concerned, Nigerians aren’t ready for a change.. when there’s a REAL hunger for change. we will know. GEJ should hide his head in shame… matter of fact, step down. oh no wait…. you haven’t finished embezzelling…. evil people

  • Eniayo

    I love this piece, just like somebody said, if d letter gets to GEJ, ?? needs to employ a knowlegeable, sensible & smart person to interprete it to me bcos we hv d dullest man as presido.

  • Newman

    @Naomi you know Nigerians hate the truth but b4 I continue may God forgive you 4 praying that bomb should fall on my roof, it will never happen, its you who is cursing our president and calling 4 violent revolution that will see and welcome bomb in ur house bc you love them. Nigerians pls have patience with Jonathan, he is not boko haram, if you want to be angry get angry with former leaders that spoilt this country, what they spoilt in 40yrs cannot be repaired in 40 days after all its easier to spoil than to mend, then get angry with those that vowed to make this country ungovernable 4 goodluck if he wins which started as the result was being collated, you forget so soon that there is a heavy gang up fromk the north against GEJ, why has not the northern elders do anything to call their boys to order even after they have been told to the face by the president that they the ones supporting boko haram, think Nigerians think, lets hit the harmer at the nail and stop beating about the bush GEJ is a man and cant do magic the conspiracy is much from the hierarchy of powers that be in the north so he need time and caution to be on the safe side and know who is who b4 acting, if you listened carefully to the opening speech of the sultan b4 the fasting of 2011 you will agree with me that the muslims and the far north knows what they are doing, God will save his people and 4 me av no business again with far nothern Nigeria, enough is enough , 4 me everybody has to take the issue of securing his life serious like the Germans.

  • Remi

    The definition of children to my own (layman) little understanding are those within the age bracket of above 5 years and less than 10 years. Where on earth can children be so articulate in their as this, definitely not in Nigeria.

    Resignation of the president is definitely not a solution to this problem. If the president resigns, he would have succumbed to threat of those that have vowed to make nation ungovernable for him.

    The intent of the write up is to make the president resign which I don’t suscribe to. This country belong to all of us and nobody should be deprived of leading this country based religious or ethnic affiliation.

    This is my humble submission

  • Eniayo

    I love this piece, just like somebody said, if d letter gets to GEJ, ?? needs to employ a knowlegeable, sensible & smart person to interprete it to me bcos we hv d dullest man as presido.

  • Remi

    In as much as there is a whole lot of truth in the write up bu OMOJUWA, I see a political undertone in the write up.

    The definition of children to my own (layman) little understanding are those within the age bracket of above 5 years and less than 6 years. Where on earth can children be so articulate in their as this, definitely not in Nigeria.

    Resignation of the president is definitely not a solution to this problem. If the president resigns, he would have succumbed to threat of those that have vowed to make nation ungovernable for him.

    The intent of the write up is to make the president resign which I don’t suscribe to. This country belong to all of us and nobody should be deprived of leading this country based religious or ethnic affiliation.

    This is my humble submission

  • hassan

    Let us shun religious nd tribal diff nd unite to deal wit dis fools dat demselves leaders.

  • Remi

    Less than 6 years#error
    Less than 10 years#correction

  • vicmos

    wow! Thats a massive one, he that have ear let him/her hear

  • Mahmood

    To what I know dere’s nothing like boko haram, y because no1 can point fingers. Its all lies n propaganda by government. Ask urselves who in nigeria will get 2 carry a bomb? No1. Their have been uncountable checkpoints in d country and yet u still get attacks and u have fingers 2 point? Point d government. Bad government bad everyth.

  • anonymous

    May God continue to increase d wisdom of these children, their knowledge & ability to understand more. It’s such a shame ?D?????at GEJ ????§ a huge disappointment. Nigeria ????§ like an aicraft without a pilot, buh one thing ????§ sure, vegeance ????§ of d Lord. Dis evil perpetrators will not escape d wrath of God in thousand folds. GEJ shld be more concerned with security issues rather than his greedy fuel subsidy removal. And if he isnt competent, as obvious ?D?????at it ????§, let him resign & go & rest in Bayelsa wiv his wife who embarrasses d entire Nation @ her slightest utterance. Peace will prevail in Nigeria. God ????§ not asleep. God bless our Fatherland.

  • ebony

    This is a good piece..the truth is that whosoever is against this letter is a devil..Mr presido is a failure so re all those his followers…My anger is that the boom should be dropped at. Aso rock. Cos until these buch of fools feels the pains that others re going thru, they won’t do anything about this situation…we all tot at the begining that Good Luck has come to make a change, little did we know that, his tenure will leave sad memories in our lives,,unless he resigns or do what is right, He will die a premature death, so with all those his followers who cannot advise him

  • HighChief Michael Ntuk

    Mr president, if nigeria nation has sudently become a burden 2 u we say resign honourably.

  • Yimika

    Very very sad! And those of us who are fortunate enough to be parents should be ashamed of ourselves. It is our responsibility to give our children a better future, instead we let ourselves be ruled by stupid sentiments; he is christian, he grew up not wearing shoes: as if there is a direct correlation between lack of shoes and commonsense. We have failed our children and have placed the burden of our responsibility on them. Should they be the ones speaking up?

  • lexy

    Jonathan only want money in abundance and that is why his primary concern is fuel subsidy removal…….

  • Vivian Chioma

    This piece is apt & I say this, if GEJ doesn’t get to read on this forum, then take it 2 his facebook wall. The children should also post it on their facebook wall as their status. We will also help them 2 make a lot of noise about this becos really, his cluelessness has got 2 either stop or go with him.

  • annonymous

    Beautiful one, but I hope jonathan gets to read this. I strongly believe jonathan is behind boko haram cos of his dubious ambition. Over a trillion naira for security! Huh! That will surely be shared between jonathan and his boko gang. The blood of those that were killed will rise up against u, jonathan.

  • cornelius Jp

    I shed tears on christmas day instead of rejoicing because of d blast, I just wish now that….

  • vincent

    I fink if everyone dat read dis letter will copy it and paste on d ALMIGHTY GEJ’s fb page, den we will make enuf buzz. I am disappointed in so called pastors and bishops in Nigeria, the CAN and its leadership dat lured massive xtians (decieved xtains dat GEJ was their choice) are an extreme disappointment. Where r those men of God now. A poam came to my heart after dis incidence:

    Lord, we need mercy and direction. Is there anything that can be said or written, what else can be said dat has not been said yet?, indeed, sons of slaves and daughters of the riden. Sandwiched. Now where to go. Stranded. Who r we?. Betrayed. They took advantage of us. Deceived. We were naïve enuf to trust them. Disgraced. We live life below human dignity. Terrified. We are destroyed day and night. Hopelessness. Indeed who r we. The tears of the visitor has met with tears @ home. Who den shall console who? Burden, burden, burden, burden, burden. What r we not doing right, wht have we done wrong? SELAH

  • Ade Ademiluyi

    This letter was obviously written by Mr Omojuwa in an attempt to embarass the President, anybody who believes otherwise must have the brain of a child, Omojuwa ,this is criminal impersonation, pls do not think this country has no laws , stop this campaign of stupidity and deciving the ignorant

  • Dupe

    Thank you very much ,Ademiluyi, i was never deceived by this letter , let Omojuwa publish the names of the children or face legal action, this is a serious matter

  • Kola

    I love the sentiment and issues raised in the letter. But let’s be honest…that letter wan’t written by ‘children’. Come on… even when we are fighting for a perfectly just cause, we still can’t be honest? Why give the President an excuse to ignore a letter addressing a major problem facing the nation?

  • daniel

    We the youths r dissappointed in gej’s government… Ur comment after the bomb blast shows that u have nothing to offer nigerians…. We the south south r not happy with u… U enjoyd ur xmas at aso villa …. Drink and eat… While a family was wiped away cus of ur incomptncy,,,,….

  • Desire

    Nigeria is long over due for a revolution. A lot of people were so blinded by passion and at that, allowed their heart to control their head and ended up not voting right. There is absolutely no need crying over split milk. Now is d time for a change, practice without thought is blind just as thought without practice is empty so therefore let’s put into action our words . Let’s open our eyes and vote for competence and not by region or religious. This current experience should be an eye opener for all of us. We should all be good statesmen and hope this phase we are going thru pass away. Nigeria is gonna be great. I strongly believe.

  • So sad.BAD LUCK JONATHAN it a petty dat u chose 2 be a president and u don’t even av any idea.just like 1 yoruba saying(wøn fié jé oyé awodi ole gbedié)i tnk god 4 my life dat i dint even vote.ko bati dunmi ju.

  • Amaechi O

    Hehehe ,Babanla forgery letter for stupid minds, na real wa how desperate these sponsored people on twitter can be, mr man be careful, seek the path of rigtheousness , it is very wrong to impersonate chidren innocence for political reasons

  • If this Association of Conscious Nigerian Children (ACNC) is real, i will like to be part o. I recently wrote something similar to this on my blog. There is only one word to describe your president: ‘USELESS’. If he lost a family member in the Boko Haram attack, would he say it is a phase we have to live out? People are suffering yet they are budgeting N1bn for food for him and his VP. Please, they should find a way to get that man out of his seat. He is just there talking his stupid talk and creating committees here and there but is not doing any actual work. OBJ was a waaaaaaaay better president than GEJ is.

  • pj

    Only if u all knew d president n his counterparts are notin but pupet in hands of a few dat controls d world.dis is about d resurgence of d new world order.nigeria is in d picture of realizing their objective.I think is high time we shuld start to c a bigger picture.

  • gabriel obinna ezeh

    Hp dis letter actually got ??? d president himself,naija its really becoming somfinelse

  • cornelius Jp

    Come on,this is a political blog so anything goes,someone is behind this write up is not from the Nigerian children, this good but nt from children at all, pls gentle men and ladies let’s reason well.

  • Hmmm

    Good piece. I think Remi is dumb. How dare you say children cannot write this piece? Do you think the youth in Nigeria today are as dumb as our leaders? Sentiments apart, it might be true that some organs are bent on making this nation ungovernable for GEJ but should that prevent him from making decisive efforts to curb the menace? There is no sane nation in the world that harbors terrorists. I would have expected him to incarcerate that senator and try him speedily if need be confirming his innocence or guilt, but the guy is out on bail and 5 bomb strikes hit us in less than a week after. Now GEJ is promising that subsidy removal will solve a lot of our economic and basic issues as a nation. Are we that stupid to realize that this govt. is seriously no good to us? At what point are we supposed to hold GEJ govt. accountable? And please let’s stop all the sentiments and soft spot slogan we are all chanting. We do not want a president that wants us to live with the burden of violence as a normal part of our lives

  • mide

    The man is a disappointment. We r waiting for the subsidy removal.

  • babajmjm

    Best article ever read in the whole of 2011… Can I be the postman to send this letter to GEJ and VP and read it out for them….. Useless leaders

  • ummalkhair

    I don’t think our concern is about who wrote the letter,we better stop deviating and face the tsunami that is facing our country weather is a child or adult that wrote this we don’t care,words are not enough we must act.

  • princely

    Nice one guys,time to rise if our parents are incompetent.

  • Ade

    Ryt….I accept dat Remi is dumb 4 avin an issue with d call 4 Jonathan 2 resign & more annoyingly,playing d sentiment card as dat was what brot us 2 dis sorry state we r in.Resignation 2 me, is not enuf….Jonatha shud commit sucide as a mark of respect 4 d innocent lives he has failed 2 protect.PERIOD!

  • madam

    Anybody who believes that children wrote this letter is actually as dumb as the President who you call dumb.

    The bombs went off yesterday and the ‘children’ gathered overnight to write this? Lol!

    The depth of our ignorance as Nigerians is unbelievable, we would believe anything! Am not a Jonathan supporter but, this is laughable. If you want to write Omojuwa just write, no need for lies. Association of Conscious Nigerian Children indeed. Who are they? What are their ages? Names nko? Abeg.

  • Remi

    @hmmm, in as much as I agree with you to certain extent, I hope OMOJUWA is not being sponsored
    by the same set of people that have vowed to make the country ungovernable for GEJ. I still make bold to say that write up was not written by children cos it was really wellarticulated and well on point hence my fear this blog is being sponsored or hijacked by our so called lears and politicians.

    And please we don’t have to be abusive in our contribution or remark. EVERYBODY HAS A SAY


    My problem with this write-up is whether it will get to the President! He has started FAILING so early in the morning! Oh! I wish …is the current President of Nigeria, he is wiser & strong-hearted to take BOLD DECISIONS!

  • Angry Adult

    Does it matter if that was written by an adult? Are those things written about GEJ not true? smh!!!!!

  • Dupe

    Can we have the names of the children please ? or is it a secret ?

  • deby

    If u were d president wat will u do and say in such a situation,nigerians we r ungratful


    Keep it on

  • deizani

    Tnk God sme ov us r startn to gt to know d bitter truth governin dis country. Its so vry sad dat we can’t do anytn right now.. Our hw I wish won’t tk us anywia @ d moment. We knew ol dis tinz wia on d way but we choose to ignore dem. As a matter ov fact d most righteous tin 4 ur so called president n his vice is to resign(cos dey r. Nt ma president right frm day 1 cos I ddnt vote dos incompetent bastards dt dey call demselves our leaders), resignin dey wnt do . We r ol sufferin frm dia governance, security, power, education, job oppurtunity etc r ol failure in his goverment n dey r tinkn ov fuel subsidy so dat dey wil multiply dia bank accounts, mstsssw!! Iv dey r tinkn ov a beta way to source 4money dey wldnt av spend billios ov naira over dia campaign n let d ajaokuta steel compaany o down dat easily. God help us!!!!

  • deizani

    Tnk God sme ov us r startn to gt to know d bitter truth governin dis country. Its so vry sad dat we can’t do anytn right now.. Our hw I wish won’t tk us anywia @ d moment. We knew ol dis tinz wia on d way but we choose to ignore dem. As a matter ov fact d most righteous tin 4 ur so called president n his vice is to resign(cos dey r. Nt ma president right frm day 1 cos I ddnt vote dos incompetent bastards dt dey call demselves our leaders), resignin dey wnt do . We r ol sufferin frm dia governance, security, power, education, job oppurtunity etc r ol failure in his goverment n dey r tinkn ov fuel subsidy so dat dey wil multiply dia bank accounts, mstsssw!! Iv dey r tinkn ov a beta way to source 4money dey wldnt av spend billions ov naira over dia campaign n let d ajaokuta steel compaany go down dat easily. God help us!!!!

  • This letter is a show of shame for a surposedly well trained nigerian child. Who ever is leading them is displaying a show of irresponsibility, that a child should call someone old enough to be your grand father dumb, stupid e.t.c that is gross irresponsibility, they can’t even make good followers so how can they make good leaders them selves. Pls train up a child in good ways so when he is old he will be good. The people sponsoring and organising these bomb blast are they not one of the parents. Pls let’s all call our parents and brothers and relatives to order first, cos charity begins at home.

  • Olaotan

    Lovely article,though I believe it could have attacked his actions(or lack of them) rather than his person(especially as his position is symbolic) and still achieve the same effect. Very insightful article

  • May we all wake up from our slumber 2 understand what is going on

  • Capt.JackSparrow

    America lost worse than us in World Trade Centre, and yet, dia President didn’t come out with insensitive words sauch as these. Its really sad that in our case, our President is a supposed Professor, and yet he talks on National tv without the slightest empathy.Its even sadder to think that Abacha’s regime was more stable than this.Even Obasanjo who is accused of being no good, did better in terms of security than these.Boko Haram dared nt rear its ugly head in OBJ’s tenure.Its sad that our first lady both amuses and embarrases Nigerians as a whole with her poor diction and then her Professor crowns it all with insenitivity.

  • Ayo Olanrewaju

    Our angst against ourselves for allowing this scam art and his deputy to occupy the highest office should not diminish till years after they’ve been evicted.

    GEJ,please go back to Bayelsa cos it seems you are quite unstable on land.

  • Ikoho tzeen da Vurum

    We. Know the right tin to do: vote only those who have internal motivation to rule.Not those who make triviality campaign issue. We need peace and hapPiness.Smsller coutries have achieved these: Cuba,Ghana,Tanzania… Without oil !

  • Bello Yakubu

    Mr President and his Security Chiefs should resign within 24 hour and explain why disciplinary actions should not be taken against them. This piece should be published in the National and International Dailies for Nigerians at home and abroad to read and keep as record. Omojuwa, more intelligence to your brain!

  • gforce

    Excellent piece! Gej has always been on a mission of thanksgiving, praise nd worship of those who rigged him into an office byond his fondest dreams! I make bold to say he won’t achieve anything for d people by d end of his tenure!
    Does it really matter who wrote d piece? Y are some clowns hell bent on shadow boxing? Like d sugar ant, they will suffer cardiac arrest on d bundles of currencies they have been given to parpetrate gej’s insensitivity!
    @Lily, name your children so we can know how good u have been as a parent. Daz, deby, dupe, ademiluyi,remi and prescil- u remind me of judas iscariot! I pray u don’t end like him soon!

  • gforce

    Same goes to u newman! Don’t sell your birth right for a morcel of meat! But if u have, it not too late to retrieve your dignity!

  • henzy

    i can believe Nigerians can be this stupid to write this. If your president resigns what do you think will happen? It means that boko haram have won right??? you forgot where your president is coming from? You think boko haram are more deadly than the his people??? pls think you old foolish righter and stop wasting your time. Maybe you are a member of boko haram and this is one of your plan, to make GED resign. it is not gonna happen.

  • Bolaji Ajagbe

    All those who dont understand that this is a battle to try to regain control of oil money distribution instead of concentrating on farming, are thinking from their asses, the truth is President Jonathan can only do his best, if he calls in the UN and western countries, they will employ dilomacy and military force to forcefuly partition the country, Presidnt Jonathan will not be the worse affected in such a scenario, so if wr dont understand that we should rally around him nd support him morally against the evil people working for their political masters , then we dont understand what is happening at al. If for example a Buhari or an ElRufai get to the presidency today, do you think the militia in the Niger Delta will allow them to touch a drop of oil, NEVER, sooner or later the Americans will come in and the Buhari will find himself president of North and Western Nigeria only, the times have changed, you cannot take over the country and seek to control oil like bfore, it wont happen again, let us show good faith and support the man who is there , he is not in govt alone but with Nigerians from all over, now only the Boko haram are fighting, be assured that the Delta militants possess greater sophistication and advantage if thry are forced to enter this wahala, it is not about Jonathan but the survival of Nigeria, those who prefer to be listening to the rantings ofOmojuwa an Elrufai will prove to be the real clueless ones in the long run, a word is enough for the wise

  • Olaoye Samuel

    Well thot out write up. Firstly @ pricil Daz and others lik you big shame on you. Now 4 all those makin fuse abt whether children wrote this or Not; simple answer; No one iis literarily saying Children wrote the letter, the writer is simply being metaphorical by aascribing the write up to Nigerian children everyone knows that know child literarily wrote this, by saying Nigerian childrren, the wwriter is simply trying to air the view of an overwhelming majority of those who represent the future of the nation in poetry it’s called ‘poetic licence’ in general it’s called ‘literary licence’ @ Remi et al I hope dis answers ur question. Now back to the issue of the day; I am thorougly disappointed in Mr pricil Daz and Newman and all those pple sayin things lik train up a child…. It shows the level of your reasoning how u sacrifice such a serious issue on the alter of sentiment; it’s indeed a failure on your part; I can only submit that Nig. Is hopeless with mr GEJ and Sambo as the pilots at the helm of affairs; @ Omojuwa good thinking and you are smiling to the bank even as I make my click I’m sure u understand me well. Finally, as Late Enahoro said we desperately need a Sovereign National Conference QED

  • Wendy

    Dear Writer,

    I’m not a religious bigot, extremist,ethinicist or a politician. I do not support any party but i will not deny my love for Dr. Goodluck. Yes, i love him and as a good citizen, i respect him notwithstanding his shortfalls. Yes, shortfalls, because if i happen to dig into your past, you may have a greater packs of negative temperament that cannot be attributed to such a humble man, GEJ.

    It is not my intention to comment on your blog but i felt a sense of responsibility to correct you on your ideology over Nigeria.
    While i condemn the recent violence in Nigeria, i don’t think you are supposed to sit down and raise your pen-gun, fill it with your ink bullets and start scribbling what comes to your mind. What is the morale if i may ask?….That children should gather and fight GEJ and Boko Haram? If you are a Nigerian christian….have you gathered those children for prayers (please see 1st Tim 2:1-2) and if you are a moslem, have you done likewise?

    Nigeria is a country where everybody wants to be heard and seen….(even if it means creating bad impression)

    I will advice you to be a good Nigerian and see Nigeria from the positive perspective no matter what she is facing at the moment. If you are around any Nigerian child, make him/her see Nigeria as a beautiful country not otherwise….

    Now, i appreciate your writing skills and wish to say that you are doing wonderfully well…


    Merry Christmas

  • Lailain

    Whether this piece was written by children or not is not the issue…in d whole of the comments, I didn’t c a solution! D question still remains…what do we do to boko haram? Even if the president was 2 visit dis blog, he wouldn’t see any reasonable solutions to the problems facing us. Sacking the president and his deputy doesn’t even proffer a solution…we need a tangible solution dear friends…so why don’t we proffer one other than insulting and apportion blames.

  • abdul aabdulazeez

    i wish things never got this bad. where we headed? with a president that seats tight in aso rock enjoying all forms of security that the Nigerian money can buy, and he comes out to tell us we have to live with bomb blast for now is certainly highly insensitive. well i wish we have a way out before things get to late for this country called Nigeria. maybe as they say, by the year 2015, there wont be an entity called Nigeria. #fact


    There is nothing like to put our hands together Muslims & christain and pray for peace in this our great Nation.Thanks youth.

  • olori Efe

    This killings have to stop. Mr President, please do the right thing.

  • gforce

    Wendy I appreciate your confession of d crush u have for GEJ. I only hope patience won’t hurl any projectile more solid than her previous vocal missiles! Bolaji ajagbe and henzy! For how long do u intend mortgaging your future for a moment of pleasure? If jonathan had achieved 30% of 1 out of PDP’s 7-point agenda, I doubt if anyone would have called for his resignation inspite of boko’s onslaught!@henzy! Writing in english for d first time can b so exciting bt do yourself a favor by checking d dictionary before using vulgar words on nigerians. Guys! be objective beyond your beer parlour sentiments during public discussions! Ok

  • gforce

    @ lilian or lilly! Several suggestions have been made on FB etc but how many has GEJ considered? A dog about to get lost does not heed the whistle of the hunter!

  • Ochunwaokuku Nweada

    when you put a face to boko haram you will know what is happening to nigeria,we now give boko haram the status of almighty and all powerful or untouchable,when ever something like this happens we tag it boko haram,the truth of the matter is that boko haram is very very infinitdecimal the are very weak and can not pull out any of these actions they are been tagged with.Fix the puzzle you will know why what is happening is happening and why the presidents comment is so,is the elephants fitting,is unfortunate they will fight on the grasses.We have so many blood tasty demons as politicians in nigeria that will go all out to be where were not allowed to be.The real faces of these attacks are those faces you see on those big and beautiful election posters.Put them together you will begin to understand nigeria.The solution to the issue will be tag witch hunting of his political opponets, but that is the only thing that can solve this problem,they know that religious violence is a cancer to nigeria and they have agreed to sentence nigeria to death,their philosophy is if can’t have it no one will.For the record let me tell you that the presidents speech was reviewed before it was aired he was advised and instructed,you are not more empathic than him,he is just playing the game with the real faces behind the bomb blast,make no mistake about it,it has nothing to do with insensitivity,is a rule.DO NOT FALL FOR THE TERRORIST. The people asking the president to go,is either you are part of this gang or you are just ignorant of what is actually happening.let me spill the bean for you,the plan is if this affects him we will do it more we dont care who died but if he turns his eyes the other way we will look for another option.the president wants them to use their plan B.instead of kill innocent nigerians,the security intelligence knows that nigerians are weak to handle the solution,that is bringing the so called sacred cows to book.well goodluck to you depending on which side you are,even if it means killing to make your point that the people in power are not the right people……?

  • Adeyinka

    Nice one. Bt D????? thing is did Mr president get 2 read this letter. Let us all pray 4 our Good country (Nigeria) cos I cn imagine D????? kind of system am going 2 have kids in2. No wonder pple go abroad 2 have their kids.. I Believe in Nigeria that 1 day nigeria we be Great..

  • Ochunwaokuku Nweada

    @ olaoye samuel,my dear is unfortunate that you are talking of sovereign conference is too late now,45yrs ago that was suggested but it was seen as an opportunity to tag a particular sector of the country and subject them an organised genocide and no one was held accountable. what we need is responsibility in nigeria,people should be responsible for their actions.The bombs that are used are not made in nigeria,they were bought,there are transactions that took place before they were brought into the country,traceable accounts and contacts,these are the politically untouchables in nigeria.All these are known to the intelligence unit,the question is can nigerians stand with the government to bring these untouchables down,will not be looked as targeting a group of people from particular part of the country.Can we handle things as one country and not as hausa,ibo or yoruba etc …..let us not play their game at least for now.

  • Ochunwaokuku Nweada

    @ Adeyinka is there anything too hard for God to do?….there is a team that brings a very twitt,blog or article to the presidents team,as we are writing now they are awake looking how the nation is reacting,they are up odd hour worrying like you,for now just apply wisdom and be safe…..

  • Oje

    These are not kids ideas, though they might be true, they are the same cowardice act of “boko” sponsors. JEG, do something to keep Nigeria safe.

  • ahmed

    Hmm! I tink its better i reserve it my comment.

  • shona

    Seriously We dont need you• As a president young nd innocent Souls dying ur form of security is so low• Securities still beg for money please resign and take your Household Along We are Fed up nigeria is in shanbles clueless leaders only in high position stealing money•

  • gloria

    I plead with the president to kindly resign for the sake of the safty of the Country and stop causing more destructing and pain in the country.pls sir this won’t be a sign of weakness but a peacful start,even a deaf man knows you are incapable of controlling a nation like nigeria,lifes has been burtared because of your lack of control,many has weeped because you became the president,life has been full of regrets since we voted you.please we nigerians beg you to Resign. As soon as possible..THANK YOU

  • sarkinwasa yekondunu

    I pray he reads it and understand…at times I suspect GEJ is deficient in English comprehension!

  • Chichi O

    I am really not happy with what’s happening in our country Nigeria. At first I was blaming our president Goodluck Jonathan for being responsible but now I don’t think I’ll blame him anymore. Think back how Nigeria was before he entered into power but because he worn d election and d northernern and southernern were not happy, they decided to render his leadership useles. There’s no way Jonathan can work well without our support even if he spend 100tr on security unless northernern accepts the fact dat Jonathan has worn d election and has to be there for now. All he needs is our support and everyting will work out well. Let’s be our brother’s keeper. I know all they wanted is to stop after his reign. Let’s face d reality and stop behaving like we don’t know what’s happening. All I only pray is God to keep me and my family from dis useles Boko haram disaster. Boko haram help us by surrendering ur foolish goals or ur generation will live to suffer.

  • Dr mirabelle Anolue

    Its a shame that we are at this stage of development in our country.Jonathan came to power riding on people’s back so he doesn’t know how to be a leader and a Man who takes precise and focused decision,we are all to blame for allowing emotions rule us during the Election but we have to say No to these Charlatters for good, all hands must be on deck if we want a good and great nation for our Children or the Civil war of the 70’s will be a child’s play compared to where boko haram is pushing the nation to.

  • odun

    I is so disheartning to find out that only few people who dropped their comments could see the mistakes of this so called letter. I put it to you that from the content of this letter, it is obviously not written by childred. I would have been more convinced if they said the letter was written by Nigerian youth. Wake up people, there is fire on the mountan. Think deeper, see farther and stop dancing around what they want you to believe. Nigeria will stand!

  • titi

    I am just wondering if mrs president ,?????????d????? the kids were †? be among those that went up in flame due †? the blast will the president be giving such a cool n calm statements,this are situations that happens †? other world leaders ,?????????d????? they ????.????? theirselves as failures.

  • Ema

    Real nice…………… I do hope GEJ gets this. He is a big ass

  • Adedipe

    Thank u for this stand to inform Mr. President of his incompetence.

  • oyinade

    Wonderful kids. My only prayer is that this gets to the president himself because i think its high time.

  • NK

    As disturbing as it may sound I thnk we shuld b calm n let’s see the game plan of this group of pple called boko haram we re all shoutn n wailing I undastnd but we shuld not also forget that the intention of this pple is to stir up such anger n pains frm d nation, n if I must say don’t make decisions when u re angered. All we need do is to pray n ask God to give us a parmenent solution to this problems.

  • Obey Ur Mind

    Dr. Jonathan, pls take the children’s advice and quit immediately with your army of thieves and dummies in government. Enough of your idiotic presidency.

  • bishop

    Gra8 write up and I believe the so call GEJ will get 2 see this. Gej knows what he wanted, he wants revolution and gradually we are matching towards it.

  • C4 Xplosiv

    Whether that write up was written buy children or adults is not the issue so whoever especially that stupid as ”Madam” that doesnt av a name is an IDIOT…no apologies…In the whole world,there are only 2 countries with gruesome stories of christsmas and those countries are Afghanistan and Nigeria…its such a shame we are grouped with Afghans…all thanks to the hausas

  • Adedipe

    We don’t need a figure head leader. We need and actor. One that responds to such tragedy with anger in bitterness. Durin Bushes conferenc briefing on the 9/11 tragedy, sorrow and mourning was writing all over him. That is good leadership. The one that cares for his people. We need to pray that our leaders will truly begin to care for d people. You can only mourn those you care for.

  • bosede zainab oyelami

    It is a true say no aduquate. Security in nigeria let pray D??????† God should over trow him from D??????† trone b4 every one get blast

  • I am sure that Mr president is doing every thing humanly possible to address the issue. As a leader of our great nation we should help in prayers to him and his team for a better leadership, rather than hiding under the umbrella of fools.

  • temilade

    I love ur article.Nigerians are tired of this government that’s sucking blood.The Boko Haram should go to National Assembly,Aso Rock,Governors office to throw bomb and leave d innocent people that are righteousto live their lifes

  • the truth

    I completely support the resignation of the president but I strongly support the split of this country. North Nigeria and South Nigeria. These religious/tribal killing have been on for a very long time. They will not stop just because the president resigns. Open your eyes and let us fight one true fight to end this forever! Split this country and have peace, the british put us together in error we have come of age and we are wiser let us right this wrong and have true PEACE!

  • jay

    Nigerians! U pple will always amaze me at ur obvious shallow-mindedness and myopic reasoning.

    Here we r, talkin abt sometin of grave importance and pple r makin reference to religion and ethnic hogwash. Will u eva focus on d main point for once and leave aside xtianity or weda ur ibo or frm tokyo???!!!

    Firstly, dis post was obviously nt written by children. Any1 who believed so is dumber dan d president we insult. But dat doesn’t mean children are being impersonated. U are allowed to name an article ANYTHING u so deem fit in mass communication as long as u get ur point across. So, stop being dimwits by asking for the names of children. U obviously knw notin abt article writin and media handling.

    As for Jonathan, he needs to go. Nigerians shud learn to stop covering “shit” wit d hope dat d stench wud go away. We r always so gullible. WE NEED A REVOLUTION. Look beyond wat u see

  • sanni olawale

    I think this is step in the right derection, we need to let this people know we aint fools. Good job, keep it up.

  • A vital point. Why does the Nothernes feel no other Zones should rule the Nation? When they rule, you never noticed bomb blast or see boko haram, But as soon as they loss, “hell must be let loose” why is that? That’s very bad & its a shame.

  • Dat was a nyc 1… Buh will it get 2 d incompetent presiden nd his twin-in-work vice? Dats d problem. Pls mr clueless president wen u receive dis mssge, kindly pack oll ur belongings nd out.. Ur not worth leading nigeria but may b ur village

  • Loveth

    Nigeria d land of our Fathers, all we need do is Pray and Fast dat God should touch d president and mek him do d right thing. Boko haram or watever they call demselves sooner or letter their End shall com and that time is fast approaching. Jonathan is d worst president ever “him na Ram” keep praying ma humble country our days of sorrows and mourning is coming 2 and End Soon.

  • @generalgazza

    Those people who voted for Goodluck Jonathan please kindly raise up your hands!!!

  • Nice right up but I don’t think may be GEJ has anything ???o?? do ???o?? dis except he resign or accept bokos orders ???????§ either of the two…let us talk abt those heartless being call CPC who ????????????? behinde this…Fellow youth nobody ???????§ ready ???o?? fight 4us let us stand up ??? fight ??? ourselves if ????? own president of Nigeria ???????§ LAme ??? Deaf then we shld call on our God ???o?? fight ??? us…it ???????§ well

  • martins akinbode

    Mr. President should go and sit down and watch 24Hours the series 5-7 and learn on how impotant the security of a nation is, other than just processing on how to get money out of the Nation reserves in the name of budget.
    When I was watching you on your media brodcast, you were answering question as a pinkin and not as someone fit to be a president.
    GOD PLEASE HEAR OUR CRY. Mr. President go and learn and come back latter

  • We have a goat as a leader…if you can’t curb all this crime,pls park your load and let the military intervene….ode agbalagba.

  • kentcy

    IM shocked to see what is happening in our dear country.Apart frm Falana,who else is bold to tell Our so call President to resign.Imagine,this happend to the Muslims,they will all stand up to speak one voice.Boko must Bomb GOOdLuck out from Aso Rock,He is not worth staying there,let him go back to classroom where he belongs.His Dumb ass wife is busy calivanting and showing off,maybe to get at Turai yaradua.Unfortunately,if she knows the pains of motherhood or has ever experienced what motherhood is all about then she would forcefully tell her enstrange husband to act immediately.These our heartless and wicked Muslim brothers does not want peace therefore they too must not have peace for it is written,there is no peace for the wicked.Nigerian children should join hands and throw Goodluck and all his cabinets out from Aso rock.He is not sensitive at all so also his Wife,they are all after the wealth of our dear country and how much they can take home.According to his manifesto:what security has he been able to provide Nigerians wth? Jonathan is a slow poison, Him and His wife are most corrupt president,thats why he sees the truth yet can not act bcos of too much bribe.This is why President Jonathan is unable to say the truth concerning the Forgery case that is going on in Akwa ibom state against the sitting Governor.Q.E.D

  • candy

    Paste this piece
    on jonah’s wall. D???????†? way,he’ll get to read it!!!

  • gennie

    I jst cnt stp cryin weneva I remember how I lost 6 close frnds of mine (bauchi crisis)whyl servin our nation. I dnt knw whatelz to tink of our president.for how long shud he go on dceivin himself dat al is wel?tears av bin shedded,lives lost yet,he dosnt c the need 2 invyt foreign intelligent unit.obviously the northerners r not happi bt wud yu sitdwn der in the name of”Mr president”n watch boko haram bury us all? Jst accept ur weakness n incompetence n step asyd wit ur partner”Namadi n get missin pls…we v had enuf of diz brutality.

  • olabisi ade-george

    Thank you Bolaji Ajagbe, if Jonathan goes and Elrufai or Buhari is there today , then the Niger Delta youths will start their own, which will cripple the economy, fighting terrorism can best succede by uniting and supporting the govt and not by believing in instant security magic. why has America not been able to stop daily bombs in Afganistan for over ten years with all their security? has their president resigned? make una dey follow this juvenile Omojuwa who doesnt know the difference between political reality and opening his dirty mouth to abuse people on twitter

  • shegzy

    Children I can feel u as well, but wrong to say stupid elders voted Jonathan, u shld remember the yoruba proverb dat says; a child dat blame d parent 4 been poor, should know dat he or she is on d struggle aswell.. Those who said Jonathan should resign, although I don’t blame you, only dat u are ending up 2 be d instrument 2 be used by d politicians dat fund all dis bombing 2 destroy president Jonathan regime.. As for Jonathan, use your Brain.. On my own opinion, God already break d region geographycally, but we greedy human mount a bridge 2 form a Big nation, which can not work.. I suggest we break d name “Nigeria”, let d Northernan be rule by their people and d so called Boko Haram should continue their Bombing in d North.. Rather than spoilling d name called Nigeria.

  • tinu

    Brilliant stuff !!! Thank God @ last somebody has voiced my voice ! Do u think u ve a president in Nigeria? That does not ve comon sense? Each time I see him on d screen I shrink and fume with anger ! He does not remind me of a president and he does not reason like one ! He shld leave !!! He is a disgrace !!! Simple !!!

  • Chux

    It is a pity

  • Me

    Thnx 2 all who voicd out abt bad governance. Dissatisfaction is d first step 2 change in evry situation. I av nt much 2 say until i am sure dt wat i say wil b heard by those it was intended for. However for those dt were black wen all odas were seeing white i av dis 2 say 2 u: u r not true nigerians and it is very obvious dt some1 dear 2 u has nt been involvd. Shld we keep quiet til dese evil ones destroy dis country? Ur answer 2 dis may stil b yes, why not? But do every oda person a favour. Go and sleep till ur dear friends come and bomb ur house and prayerfully dey wil wake u up and inform u b4 dey do so and hopefully u wil den c like evry1 else. I rest my case. I pride myself in being corteous but dt doesn’t mean i shouldnt speak out against wrong. I AM DISSATISFIED WITH THIS COUNTRY AND IF I EVER GET TO THE POSITION OF POWER I WILL SHOW PEOPLE LIKE U PEPPER FOR EVEN DARING TO SUGGEST THAT I SHOUKD KEEP QUIET AND LIVE WITH EVIL. Shame on u! If u av sold ur birthright some of us haven’t. Instead of teaching us wat is right some grown up pple r encouraging wrong. I weep 4 my country for dey say wen d goat chews d cud d kid watches its mouth and learns how 2 do it too. Wat legacy is being left 4 d children c follow? And some1 dares 2 suggest dt bcos dy spoke out dey r disrespectful? Whoeva u r just go and think abt ur values. Thnx

  • Fred

    In the first place, I want to say the writers of that article were really no children. It is devoid of the emotions and innocence of children that could really break the hardest of hearts. Well sentiments apart, I could see from what most people have commented that they would’ve preferred those that are evil enough to kill innocent people just because they didn’t win an election. I would rather think it’s those people that we should face. I’m sure if all those people that spoke here today gave sincere and positive advice, we could find solutions to this problem instead of criticisms. I want someone to tell me, who among then would’ve done it better? When Obasanjo declared war on Odi, Nigerians complained. The Boko Haram responsibility is on all of us.

  • Richard

    .Why beat around d bush wen we already k?? where was bombed in relation to who is/are responsible for the bombing…its was a church..on xmas day…so we can’t blame the president..we k?? who did the bombing….Muslims..dats d their religious leaders shud talk to their ppl..

  • ademola of Egba

    I would like to commend omojuwa for writing a great article that sums up the years president Goodluck Johnathan has spent in office. It is a shame that the president of such great nation does seem to have what it takes to deliver a decent/acceptable speech or even address the nation without disgracing us internationally. Speeches that should be as comforting and reassuring that this nation is in a state of mourning and his administration would do all it can to fight terrorists and injustice, which would not be limited to asking for help from the US and other foreign govts.

    I request that at minimum, president Goodluck should turn in his resignation and let more result oriented people take over. That being said, the boko group have and will never win. They have succeeded in showing us that we need a new govt but we ll not succumb to the treats of terrorists or live our lives under fear and oppression.


  • victor

    if ds can get to mr presedent it wil be nice,an he read ds ,,,,but afraid if de people dat pug him there wil alowed hm to act we wil hav change, we are carrying church mind dat wy thing are like ds

  • Misbahu A. Habib

    Wen I analyz tha situatn I pull bak 2gv it a thera luk…tha president is comfsd, ppl in the country r scared, media is addin more &more salt 2tha wound and sadly, Boko Haram wth husoeva is bakin ’em hav us whr thy wanted us. Let’s pull ourslves up 2getha!

  • David

    I do hope he read this. Carry on and let him know your burdens which is the truth, it will eventually ‘set him free’, Amen.

  • David

    I also do hope he was tagged on his fb page, if not please do.

  • Me

    Pple shld stop askin who wil do it beta? U r just condoning d inherent evil in dis country. In countries where things r working dey r also pple like u and me. D prob is dt in nigeria evry1 is involvd in corruption and so wen we begin c talk abt change evry body is lookin at his/her neighbour and telling him 2 change his ways. If any thing is goin happen it has 2 start wit u and me esp those of us dt showd righteous indignation in dis post. It is not goin 2 stat wit d gov and afta tins av changed wit d masses then we can collectively kick against evil in d places of authority. Dt’s d way all our ‘righteousness’ can work.

  • Dejo Olowu

    I am a parent, not a child. But please be informed that myself and my children are subscribers to this petition against directionless President Jona Ill-luck who is hiding out in Aso Rock. Thank you!

  • Sesan

    I could remember someone from Aso Rock say sometime ago that they knew the faces behind Boko Haram. How long would it take them to present their names? Must we politicize everything about us? Does the government have an idea of the Boko Haram agenda? Is this just a fight against civilization, or a fight against Christianity? The federal government need to re-strategize.

  • Farouq

    I’m in love with this article as it is…Splendid I tell you!..I hope Mr President gets to read it so he could agree with himself on how he stands as the epitome of incompetence.I really don’t give a hoot about the Vice because that man never existed to me. The situaton is evidently beyond his capability,why not be a reasonable man and resign for a better personel.I’ve started to live with some sort of stigma in the sense that : A friend of mine deleted me off her blackberry messenger list all because I’m “Muslim” and she felt I was a part of ‘Boko haram’This a just part of the few things that your lack of being able to hold the mantle of precidency has caused!.We want a better Nigeria and we pray we get one someday. God Bless Nigeria.

  • just me

    The boko haram stuff is been setup by some set of people in the government,and which the president is included and some animals which we all think are reasonable people….all this happening are all the plans of those animals to course conflict between the Christians and the Muslims and also USA is also involve in this plans…..We pray to God Almighty to help us through all this and put those animals to shame……Amen…..

  • Agatha

    I am ashamed of myself as a parent bt i hav decided to protect myself & my child with everytin i ve got wit God bein d ultimate protector. Its tym to defend ourselves people.

  • Bami

    Wow these children sure do have excellent command of the English language! Yeah right!

    Anyhow, watching a debate the other day, I loved the approach of some good Nigerians, for example, Mr Bruce. Rather than take the position of many Nigerians, such as the writer of this blog, he proffered very sensible solutions. How about taking this approach people (or person)? Surely if people in government are clueless, we shouldn’t join in the cluelessness by proffering abuses, but rather sensible solutions?

    Now let some of you geniuses out there bring forward solutions to this Boko Haram menace. FYI and before you speak, terrorism is a global problem that has defied permanent solutions, if you read international news, you will find that bomb blasts happened in other places around the world on Christmas day, even the great powers USA and the EU have never been immune to it!


    Wow! How I wish everybody could read this wonderful epistle from your group. Subsequently, let this kind of message be printed on hand bill and be circulated overnight all over the country. Thank you for the Job welldone. Keep it up.

  • I want to appreaciate this gesture and i will be glad to be part of the crew because the time has come for all NIgerian youths to stand up and defend what belong to us. Our leaders have failed us so many time. The future of this country belong to us and we must not allow shameless leader to destroy it for us. The time has com and now is it

  • precy

    Let me start by commending omojuwa,but dis won’t be enough if u stop here.
    But for our president,I ll say u re a confused man,u and ur cabinent.
    D comment u made during dis time of mourning did not make u only a coward,but also a failure.this is not only ur endtime,but also for ur party pdp.
    My question is can Nigeria ever ve a man like Madela.may Jesus who is d saviour of d world save Nigeria.AMEN

  • Nigerians are talkers. We enjoyin cryin over spilt milk. Didnt we all know dat GEJ has alw been a weakling even before we voted him to power? We expect a miracle? Dat he would turn active, decisive and up to task overnight? Nah! God doesnt do that. He has alw passed d message to us. Failed sport, politics, etc. GEJ has told us we ve to contend with it for next 4yrs. Hope the country survives til then. And by then, we vote somebody else who ve wat it take to rule a nation to power. The children are apt but they should talk to their parents. People rarely resign in dis part due to incompetence or lack of confidence. They must be disgraced out

  • Martin A

    The essence of our existence as a nation is constantly challenge and always under treat! It’s so obvious that the entity called Nigeria is slowly on the verge of breaking apart and that’s my desire! The northern region seems to be hostile to other members of the country,let us all go apart and take care our challenges in a manner that is civilize and reasonable!

  • shade

    Thumps up to you, Omojuwa. You did great by expressing the disappointment and pain we feel. I need to add to it that I regretted the day i voted you into power. Mr President

  • L.J

    Mr President, churches r d target & d christians r d victims cos u’r one. I’m sure u’ll take action when ur wife & children bcome victims. So make hay while d sun shines.

  • azubuko

    It is well. God has not abandon us. Der is a reason for God allowing de devil have upper hand.

  • Dickinson

    Dear Boko Haram,
    Please! Kindly drop d next bomb @ Aso Rock let us all fill the pains. By dis the so called GBJ will stand up right. So far U have been killing innocent Nigerians ***tears***… Why? ***sad***



  • ak49

    Thank you guys!!! Pls mr_president be calculating what you are doing to us even without calculator… Where all this rubbish is coming from? Nigeria are on there trouble..SECURITIES 0/100…ooooo god

  • Fred Abinemho

    In the first place, I want to say the writers of that article were really no children. It is devoid of the emotions and innocence of children that could really break the hardest of hearts. Well sentiments apart, I could see from what most people have commented that they would’ve preferred those that are evil enough to kill innocent people just because they didn’t win an election. I would rather think it’s those people that we should face. I’m sure if all those people that spoke here today gave sincere and positive advice, we could find solutions to this problem instead of criticisms. I want someone to tell me, who among them would’ve done it better? When Obasanjo declared war on Odi, Nigerians complained. The Boko Haram responsibility is on all of us.


    For once be a realist,whateva made u think d president wil resign…..LOL, Wake from ur slumbers. GEJ’s silence is cos hes giving time to d perpetrators to repent…yes does CPC animals behind gboko haram. I AGREE GEJ SHLD ACT NOW AND FAST since dey r not ready to change.

    YES,i agree d writer of dis letter is a cowardly adult who is impersonating children. Oga/Madam u r fighting a good cause but next time be urself and no coward.

    I join d host of odas to support GEJ’s administratn in prayer and hope he wakes from his mercies BECAUSE i know dat resigning is not an optn for him.I pray for abetter n ew year for us all.AMEN

  • henry chibuisi

    NIGERIA,,!!! How er we goin to move frward?

  • gforce

    @olabisi ade george ! Its so unfortunate dat u could compare nigeria with afghanistan! U are as illiterate as GEJ! Afghanistan has been occupied by foreign troops post 9/11. Is nigeria an occupied territory? Do u know about d dynamics of occupation? Fred I pity your children d way u are glorifying mediocrity! How will u groom them to aspire for greatness when for u, anything goes?

  • The Bible said “there’s no faith without work. With our prayers without courageous leader we can’t achieve anything . I’ve always believe that Jona Goodluck want Nigeria to split he has his plan, apart from boko haram issue, look at the removal of fuel subsidy, he want to push us to the wall knowing fully well that we’ll react, from there he can carry out his Biafra plan. Take for example those Niger/Delta boys that were sent out of country for training, do ask yourself which type of training. Alot of things. And to those who ponder if the writer were children or adult , I don’t blame you most of you are bouyant enough to train your kids in good school. So you don’t know what some of this kids are capable of. You don’t even have laptop of your own thanks to your office or friend this kids are with laptop 24/7.

  • Abies

    Omojuwa tanks… Pls post dis on his wall(GEJ). If he has one. We need 2 pray two prayers… 1. God should change him. … 2. Or send him to the forest. The way he sent Nebuchadnezzar to the forest.

  • Olawale Oreoluwa

    what a President we’ve gat… i just hope he gets to see this piece…

  • sarah

    Some people like Pricil, daz etc are very stupid, the others saying that kids did not write it are stupidier, are we fools? Who told you we don’t know the difference between a childs write up and that of an adult? If the intention is impersonation in d 1st place am sure he would have gone down to kids level while writing it, smh 4Nigerians. Even though ? didn’t agree with every part of the write up doesn’t mean ? should be running my mouth and talking nonsense… Mtcheeew

  • marcus odeniyi

    It is very unfortunate, that we do not have a leader yet, and I am waiting for the youth of our natio to take their position in Nigeria. It’s insane for us to have a bunch of mediocrity leaders who can neither defend themselves nor protect their people in the land for safety. It’s time for all Nigerian’s act, fight for our right. I am tired and sick of all the so call moron leaders that we have, so it’s time for us to stand up for our right, we can give up the fight anymore, enough is enough.

  • A civilian cannot rule Nigeria as an entity. GEJ and many more civilian presidents to come will fail us as a nation.My sincere advice is the splitting of this country cos were elephants fight, the grasses suffer.If we do not tackle these problem now, in years to come, we all will run out of this country for our dear lives.

  • Mobolaji yusuff

    Mr President, You have failed your lovers,but i thank God that i did not vote for you.because i know that you have nothing good to offer Nigerians

  • Bilkisu

    Enough said, blame or no blame, the koko is what is the way forward, let’s just assume jonathan is reading all these comments, what do you think he should do to make Nigeria better,let’s not start blaming anybody, Only God knows who did what, some might be boko haram its even possible some evil acts are not from boko haram, let’s all throw in ideas on what we think the president should do to curb all these evil acts. If we say he should resign then what? Who will take over? Same ‘ol same… Please for now let’s try and leave sentiments aside and provide ideal solutions. Thanks. Compliments of the season.

  • hardesheena

    GOD bless yu our great children…What a relief! Somebody somewhere is thinking right. I’ve always had reservations about all these talks of praying and fasting for Nigeria. Prayer cannot and will NEVER solve our problems. There’s no nation that’s had its socioeconomic problems solved miraculously. The story of Musa or Moses (TYC) was 1000s of years ago and will NEVER happen again. Praying is nothing, but Action is everything. Even when Musa/Moses was to pass through that sea he’d to strike with his staff – action. When his people were thirsty it wasn’t rain that God sent but He asked him strike with your staff that’s God requesting for action for things to work. Sitting down on our bum till it glue to praying mat or kneeling down till our knees peeled will NEVER stop the corruption and injustice in this country. We are no more preferred than other nations by Baba God. There are at least 5 billion voices calling up to Him why do we think he’ll answer us first. God has given us the grace and free will to be whoever and do whatever we want in the world. It’s a matter of choice if we want to be slaves to miracles or believers in ‘my destiny is in my hands’. Let’s all go back and read our Holy Books and there its clearly written that everything God created are for our use and care. If you want to feed, cultivate, throw in a seed and wait for rain and sun to make it grow but you still have to weed the farm yourself. When we are hungry why don’t we just set down our clean empty plates and pray for amala, apu or tuwo and whatever soup to miraculously appear? Until and I repeat, until Nigerians wake up and realize that Nigeria as a country belongs to all Nigerians and for any kind of meaningful change to happen there must be individual and collective concerted efforts. Because I can feed comfortably doesn’t mean the country is well. Please try to watch the CNN Heroes Awards and you’ll know we don’t know God at all.

  • Odeh

    Jonathan remains a poet when he is quiet than when opens his mouth, and It’s from the abundance of his heart that his mouth speaketh! Nigeria is the only country where a dumb man like him can rule and how I wish those ignorant boys used by Boko Haram will refuse 2 fight as cowards but come out 2 mobilize Nigerians 2 fight for their rights.

  • oscar

    I am not surprise, I hv always known that we hv leadership bankruptcy in this country. Don’t expect GEJ to hv a clue he is a product of a clueless bunch

  • Daniel Inyang

    Dear writter,
    I have read write-ups more pungent than this piece. So permit me to say I am least impressed. You have wasted half the time criticizing. But then you failed to profer any brilliant suggestions on the way forward. Young man, what u just did has been done by too many. Do something different please. We are sick and tired of individuals like you, who heat up the polity for cheap acknowledgment.

  • St.John The Beloved

    Let’s not fight ourselves over this,the mistake has been done,all we need nw is we come together,unite ourselves and fight these problems facing us.we ve 2 stand 4 our right & defend our beloved country. 1 love

  • hardesheena

    @daz,pricil…yu guys are so dumb,nw are yu saying wot GEJ said after the blast is cool?seems yu guys benefit from dis senseless administration…office of the president my foot,foolz

  • kehinde omojola

    An adage says’A well publicised war never kills a wise cripple’. I warned u ple vehimently not 2 cast ur votes 4 ds inactive, pusillanimous, cowardly, timmorous and insensitive man called badluck. Voting 4 him would hv bn my greatest mistake i wld ever hv made in my life. His bitterest rival, I am sure, is nw a hapy man. 8 mths in office,nothing tangible to show xept political higgledy-piggledy, constitutional bollocks, economic quagmire, religious turmoilt and ethnic fracas. D man, 2me, is d dullest president nigeria has ever had.

  • uche(Ajegunle)

    While I will not presume that. “Children”can put together such articulate response to a very dark chapter in our history, I will only here state the obvious- it takes more that luck to run the affairs of a complicated group like Naija, so yes I will also call on the resignation of not only the executive arm but the overhauling and redirection of the nations leadership quagmire thannk you

  • Marcus Odeniyi

    My spirit troubles day and night concerning my country, whenever I think about where Nigeria has started from and look at where we are today. Nigerian’s do not deserve what is happening to us today, but, because we do not have leaders who will first learn how to be a warrior before they become “King.” But, they will rather become “King” first, before they start learning how to become warrior. Sound’s ironic, but it true. We are where we are today, because of the so call dum leaders that are ruling over us. The leaders who could not take care of their own house, but are trying to be chief in command, instead of chief of the chef cook. How can a blind man trying to show another blind man like him the way out? Are Nigerian’s still blind that we could not see? We do not have a president yet, what we have now, is what is call”junk” in the world of “America.” So sad, for a president of the country who is meant to be protecting the safety and the security of his own people, saying that his people we have to leave by the doomed and darkeness the terrorist had brought on them. Shame on Judas or Jonathan or whatever name you call him. He should be crying for himself now, instead of Nigerian’s crying. But, untill then it always be war in our country; there many of us who want to come back home to educate our fellow Nigerian’ brothers and sisters on how to fight for our right in our own land and I am looking forward for that day to come. May God’s hands rest upon His people right now, may the LORD ALMIGHTY continue to protect Nigeria and comfort the family the victim who has lost their lives in the accident.

  • @stellmaritz

    The pics underneath was extracted from google. Those are paediatric children. The words used are commonly used by omojuwa himself. Let’s be sincere as youths, we will be at the helm of affairs in nigeria tomorrow. Do not be blindfolded by one motivational speaker or crictic. Atch out, let govt offer some of this voices a position, you will not even hear them echo again. Let’s not be used! Follow your thoughts ã?? have Nigeria as primary n true interest

  • Ahmie

    I know from the begining that President Goodluck Jonathan lack the courage to step on ‘big’ toes. So, I am not surprised that there can’t be any tangible improvement in any sector during his stay. My prayer for him is to atleast leave nigeria as he met it. God bless Nigeria!

  • Aliu

    What I found out in this nation administration was that as we are having new government, the previus government is always far far better than the present. Meaning that the problems we are having is the administrative one, when we are having bad leader nothing Good can come from such Government.Thank you

  • Alabi Khennie

    the only solution to this problem is that goodluck woteva they call him should resign and you will see that the boko haram sect will also stop their bombings because their aim is to destroy his incompetence administration

  • Unity

    God Bless Nigerians, am so happy with the way nigerians r respondn to dis. I thought we we’re goin to act the way our selfish leaders are acting. This is not the work of we muslims and we are very happy some ppl are begining to realise dat and may God bless us all and see us through all dis. Insha’Allah we shall overcome but let us also learn our lesson from dis; to put religious or tribal stuffs aside wen we want to choose sm1 to lead us, we knw whom is suposd to b der let’s make it happen. GOD BLESS NIGERIA

  • Phermy

    tis letter shld really find its way to aso villa to the table of our president who spends 922m naira on food annually…..tis is wat nigeria really needs…Thank You nd God Bless

  • samuel

    We know all nigerians has every reasons to be angry and disappointed but we should also realise that the issue of security and terrorism is not an easy thing to handle..all we should do as a nigerian,let keep praying so that God can expose those involved in the all mayhem..president Goodluck jonathan has a good concept and plan for the nation but the wicked and those ememies of progress are just trying to distract his government.

  • Michaels

    GEJ I smh for u. its one thing to be bad, at least we know dats ur intentions, to be a bad president. But when u r even clueless as to how to curb ur Queen of natural shelling abilities, Dame, den I shouldn’t even scold u for ur outright incompetence in ruling a nation. ur a total shame and appointment to nigerians. infact to presidenthood if dat word exists, i’m sure u dnt even believe in ur agenda let alone carrying it out. we understand d stress in leading this nation, so my advice to u is dis do one honorable tin in ur how many fruitless years as president, sack sambo, den sack urself, we will applaude u trust me, we will take it dat u r courageous and brave to admit ur faults, abeg stop using us to do gamble

  • charles

    It is indeed the devil’s alternative and advertisement of political naivety to blame Goodluck Jonathan for the carnage being wrecked on innocent Nigerians by these Islamic fundamentalists. The answer to the Nigeria question is Sovereign National Conference, otherwise you may have played ino their hands.

  • Omooloni

    The whole government of Goodluck Jonathan should resign for being lack in security-conscience and its inability to look after the children of this country, at least. Unfortunately that demand will remain wishful thinking because no Nigerian official will ever have the self-respect to resign from their position for an incident of that magnitude because, to the government, that’s ‘frivolous’, and as such, its security experts should be suffice to deal with the problems. But now that the children of this country have written to the president, we will wait and see what he can do to pacify the children on their demand that he should resign along with his vice with immediate effect to path the way for an effective leader to take over.

  • Unity

    EVRY1 PLS READ. After reading all dis comments, I realised one tin dat we are all nigerians. Most of us are only tinkin bout ourselves if not some ppl will not b sugestin war. Have we thought of our future our children, is dis wat we want 4 dem. But let’s all b honest dis kids wer a litl bit harsh and at dsame tym ders always sense in evry nonsense, if som ppl lay threats against a whole govt and it came to pass den dat govt is faulty. We can’t tak any more of dis, if Mr president can’t fish out who dis ppl are I tink I l hav to agree wit dis kids. A nation is at stake and to all dos who wnt war claiming hausas and muslims are behind dis am rily sorry 4 dem cos dats exactly wat dey wnt u to tink. Tink b4 u act, if u dnt wnt buhari or el rufai we stil hav competent ppl lyk Fashola who is nt frm d south or north. Wetin dey do una sef, hav u gone out of d country to witnes any nija carnival or festivities, its always d best. Pls let’s unite n fight dis. As my igbo brodas dey say GBAM. I don talk my own abi how una see am?

  • Oma

    I have never been a fan of hiding under any sort of cover to express my opinion. this piece is clearly the individual opinion of omojuwa himself and as such should not be collectively ascribed to the totality of Nigerian children.

    it is STUPID to call another Stupid for expressing their opinion.

    what sense does it make to call our president names here? and for those calling for the resignation of Mr President, do you know anyone who has the immediate answer to terrorism?

  • olayinka habeeb

    The situation we find our self is not surprising, it the result of incompetent goverment stemming most especially from the presidency. He was never a politician, he was always a second man who make suggestions for responsible ppl to have an in depth assessment of the implications, take it, modify it or strike it out giving tutorial reason why it was not taken or for its modification and from there he learns to be one (responsible). The head has taken a jet flight to the top without seeing what is in between critically, he is not worthy been there. In a nut shell Ebele is not gOod enough president of a multiethnic ever diverse nation.

  • Oma

    if you do you might as well ask them to proffer same to the present administration rather than asking them to resign. this country belongs to us and the earlier we start thinking in those terms the better things will become for us all. and yes that includes the perpetrators and backers of boko haram.

    a little patience with the president should not be too much for us to give. if terrorism is that easy to combat, there would have been no Sept 11 attacks, no london train bombings etc

    these countries that we think are perfect have been fighting this war for years and have thousands of casualties to show. now that this evil has come to us….criticism without constructivism is a waste of our time and yours. PLEASEEEEEEE

  • lisa frank

    Welldone!u av said it all,i think d president shuld av himself and his cabinet examine,for him to say such a stupid thing!i belive God will lead us out off theses willderness off shame and darkness! The president is a weeklin,too slow to action,he has forgotten where he came from,his story and his past life!i belive there is nothing too hard for God almight to handle!one day,all these greedy politicians will be wipe out,i belive that,and its very soon!

  • suzieQ

    Dis write-up deserves an Oscar abeg! *appludding*

  • 9ja twitterite

    I REALLY hope clueless GEJ reads this, I really do. Nice piece Omojuwa

  • bunmi

    Nice one kids pls keep it up they need to listen to u all. Luv u all for d effort made. Olenu joor.

  • ksdan70


  • oluyomi

    It is so SAD that a big Country like Nigeria is cursed wt leaders dat are wicked, mean and anti – people. All of their plans and policies are against d people they are leading! They lie easily to confuse pple! They lack direction and do nt know wat they are doing! Take for example d issue of enslavement of Tinubu for d payment of Ajah toll 4 d next 35yrs! Adding to Tinubu’s ill gotten wealth, supported 100% by Fashola! D unfortunate part of dis story is dat BH are busy killing innocent children and pregnant women instead of erradicating all these wicked and courrupt leaders! One thing dat is clear is dat God is against them and their death will be worse and soon too. That I know!

  • Mercy

    (1) I think the president should arrest Buhari and all those who vowed to make the country “un-governable” should he emerge the president and jail them all. (2) He should relieve his so-called advisers of their jobs, they are no good. (3) All the Boko Haram terrorists in police custody should be executed immediately. (4)The Senator the was accused of sponsoring Boko haram should remain in prison till proper investigation is carried out and he is cleared. I believe the North is doing all they can to frustrate his administration.

  • somebody

    I hope tht stupid teacher dey call president will reads this and kindly sack himself cos he is a big badluck to our people and a common puppet to some old fools…God punish Mr President, Mr vice President and our honourable Mrs Gbagaun Jonathan

  • bibby

    This piece make sense die..In 2-3yrs from now, i fear if there’ll be anything called Nigeria..Funny how people just kept saying Jonathan Jonathan, he’s just like a baby surrounded by tough looking and demonic brothers.. Whatever they want done, they just tell him, their decision is final, he’s obviously not d one ruling. That is all they needed, someone to control; someone that will never bark back at them. He didn’t go through d normal stages of presidency, its just by ‘Luck’ all d way to d top.. If u protest in this effing naija, na tear-gas for ur face. All our screams and shouts joined together is just like talking to a dummy in a show-glass. No response.. No action… They act and celebrate their miserable lives like untouchable kings and queens.. One thing i believe is that God in his infinite goodness will not forsake us much longer!!

  • Davidwales

    Nice one I encourage the writer. But we Nigerians are used to talking with no action.By Gods grace He would see us through.

  • pilesco

    Nigeria as am concerned is just a mere geographical expression. what do you expect?that goodluck will be able to rule, we are a people easily deceived. we believe in religious fanatism.inshort what is even wrong with the christian bodies? what is prayer? what evidence do you need to know that the hand of the wicked is resting upon this country for the GOOD BOOK says “the people wipe when there is a wrong ruler”. we need irrational actions for irrational problems.if you ask me I think the christian should start carrying weapons. BECOS as for as am concern I cant watch somebody take my family away and be a religious fanatic not to do anything even God will be angry with me. of all days it was Christmas..guy if Na me I no go church for north again..inshort am angry!!!

  • Jesus is lord forever

    Oh its a pity that many died on christmas day,.why did the boko harams bomb the church on the birth of Jesus christ,..why didn’t the boko harams visit the church where mr president worship,.and try to bomb him alone inside his car,.or did he disapear,.why is it that the people that know nothing are the people dying,..please this should stop,.boko harams should please in the name of God stop killing innocent people..anD face the leaders,..they should bomb the house of assembly…and moreover I think MR PRESIDENT should resign if this would be peace to Nigeria..

  • Richard

    READ THIS….MY post is as a result of CRITICAL THINKING..who thinks/believe that 1 of those who lost the presidencial election is behind/has a relation with boko haram…eg…IBB OR ATIKU

  • new nigeria

    D best solutions GOD first,split the country,invite foreign intellegence and then raid the key northern states for the terrorist.

  • daz Its so easy 2 sit behind ur screen n say rubish but wen its time 2 contribute u all will shy away. Please read d article in dis link n come back n let’s start our arguement(d ball has started rollin bt ur short sightedness won’t see it)an arabic school was bombed 2day in sapele n boko haram who’s beta dan claim it. We either stand 2geda against d terrorist or sit behind or screens n blame Mr. President 4 d fustrations of over 50yrs of decay like he’s d reason our systems don’t work n let d religious war begin which ll eventually split dis country. Its ur choice(please resight ur PLEDGE n ask ur sef if dat wat u all r doin on dis blog) I leave u 2 think

  • olaolu

    This thing is simple..,the reason we need a president is to make us feel all is well even when its not..he’s meant to be d voice of nigerians and most importantly be a leader amongst other things..GEJ is just a slimy,phlegmatic,clueless,dumb leader..following him can only get the kind of results we have u can’t give what u don’t have..God bless Obama..that is a leader!

  • Hope

    Its a gud thing dat we all have identify d problm of our nation, d question now is wat do we do stop dis nonsense 4rm occuring, so dat we can save our lives & future

  • adedoyin

    Its sickening what is happening in this country!I luv nigeria but she has no head!!!! If Boko Haram is doing this to get Jonathan off the throne,and he can’t defend the ppl,then let him resign O.!the blood of all these ppl are in the hands of both him n Boko Haram…Do ur job or Resign!!! We are begging the president.

  • muhammad

    dats gud write up. i hop it will reach those hu it is meant 4 dem.

  • Tsonyi

    Omojuwa, make sure El Rufai gives u clean suits for s symposium. Stop being a coward!

  • vicmoru

    I refused to b drawn into d argumt of who write this masterpiece.what is important to me is the theme of the writeup.
    It is surprising that our president is urging us to live in terror n horror.could this be part of the bundle of fresh air e promised us?
    The ppl bhind d mask,r they more powerful dn our president?y r we dwarfing d office of d president,nd grand commender of d arm forces.

  • Jason john

    I’m really overwhelm by this write up but sincerity starts with us. Who are the kids that write this well; and how much do they know about what is going on.
    Mr president meant no harm at all and we should stop re phrasing the presidents speech.
    Telling the president to resign is not a way forward. Please tell us what can be done.

  • daz

    @Olaolu its a shame u left every1 in 9ja 2 hail Obama. Yes u can say he is a leader cos d stage has been set 4 him 2 work. In d US everytin is documented n followed 2 d latter while hia all d heads of MDAs r workin against d people dey r 2 serve so d Govt in place become weak.Hw many DGs n Heads ve been sacked dis year alone. The problem is nt d president cos if the face of Govt is strong n willin den who ever get dia ll b strong.1man can’t fight d system he needs our collective support n dats wat d old hand dnt want him 2 get so dey r distracting us n we r fallin pray 2 it. We beta get lites while its still bright cos d darkness b4 us is blinding.

  • Charm

    It’s not abt the writer, it’s abt the written. Great article! M????????? major issue is; Where the hell is the military in this? What happened to stabilization of an increasingly unstable administration? We all clapped and cheered when we first attained democracy but now do we realize that Nigeria isn’t ready for democracy? Or r we waiting for the US and the UN to invade Nigeria all in the name of “Peacekeeping”? Democracy has failed us. I see a civil war brewing, not in the style of Biafra but much worse. It’s begun already cos in some parts of the South, they are collecting their pound of flesh. And let’s be truthful and stop self-deceit, ethnicity and religion will always be an issue in Nigeria. It’s so heartbreaking to see how the nation is crumbling. GEJ is a fool, yes but he is just a puppet being pulled by several masters. N?????o doubt the hierarchy ends at the White House. For those who say prayer can’t help, ??????? certainly are part of the evil afflicting the nation.

  • A citizen

    Dis leta is not smtin 2b hapi or rejoiced about. Instead of also suggestin ideas u were dere critising ur president.bliv me,dat won’t chang anytin coz he stil stnds 2b ur president.its vry obvious dat all dis are comin frm d muslims who are vry restless nd hv no peace in dem. D are just tryin to use us against our own president.All dis neva happnd wen d were on sit.,y now??? All am tryin 2say in essence is dat we shuld all join hands nd suggest benefitial ideas especially we d Christians.Or do u tink our President is hapi abt dis whole incident.U all shud reasn lik educated pple.blive me,its not easy coz I kno dat rite now he must b sittin on a hot sit.he mite be out of ideas as u guyz said.y not assist by renderin ur own tots. Instead u hv choosn 2b a tool used by ur own enemies. CRITISM CAN NEVA BE DE WAY FOWARD!!!

  • spiroo

    Every law abiding Nigerian, all right thinking citizens have by now reached the threshold of thier patience. I can no longer endure the inconsistencies of this man who prides himself as the president but lacks the pride in command. He cannot pursue issues of critical national importance to rational conclusion, he addresses matters with shocking disconnect. In my opinion, this country is not far from an arab style revolution. People who think otherwise are either insensitive or completely blind to the grim realities of happenings unfolding in this nation.When an event of this nature can only draw a comment of “resination to fate” from a Mr president who took all the time in the world to prepare a speech for an attack that requires instant vehement condemnation and action; I can only wonder.
    I believe strongly in the cause of the Nigerian state, but with the present situation, this country isn’t far from an explosive separation. Mark my word.

  • Abro

    I think the best solution in ds country is to divid it one tin is dat ibos never accept to be a nigeria so y cant u late them go evry day ndi igbo re been killing in a large number pls i want to late nigerians no dat when ibo wil start bombn centre wil nt hold write to dat cap wearer so called jonathan dat he is nt worthy to be a nigeria prsnt

  • Bem

    I am truly amazed at some of the comments here, doubting the ability of kids to write a letter like this! I am not saying positively by this that it was written by kids, but I can authoritatively say, we have MANY KIDS WHO CAN WRITE BETTER!

    I have met some that truly amazed me at their ability to reason (and by the way, they were not from rich families). Initially, thinking they were tutored, I took them through other issues, and, if I say I was awed, it would be an understatement. Please, STOP UNDERESTIMATING OUR KIDS! That you cannot write constructively as an adult does not mean there are no 8 or 10 year old children who can win awards in writing!












  • Simozski

    Hahaha, i laf each tym i hia pple glamour 4 d resignatn of GEJ n hs cabinet, dt de av failed us. Let us state d prblms facin us as a country snce INDEPNDNCE 2 date. d BIAFRA WAR(NE), METACSINE RIOT(NW,NE), ZANKON KATAF RIOT(NW). Did d presidnts at dos tyms resign? We shld nt 4gt d killn of Dele Giwa n d cancelatn of June 12 presidntial electn of 93, d killn of Ken Saro-wiwa n d Ogoni leaderz, killn of chief, Mrs Kudirat Abiola, nobdy tod d presidnts 2 resign, rada we tryd 2 brng 1 of d presdnts in2 power as a civilian presidnt, bt wat hapnd nxt? D killn of Musa Yar’adua n chief M.K.O Abiola by u? D killn of Bola Ige by wu ? Lets nt 4gt d Niger-delta n O.P.C crises in d SS n SW regions, nt 4gtn d religion crises in d Northern part of d country whr lives n propertis wr lost, includn chrchs n mosques. D inter n intra ethnic crises lyk d ijaw-isekiri, tiv-jukun 2 mentn bt a few, nobdy qustnd d leadn power of d gov’ts. D post electn fyts in kaduna, kano, katsina, niger, plateau, bauchi n borno states bcos gen Muhammadu Buhari ws defeatd wc resultd in d deaths of nysc corp memberz, nothn ws said 2 him n hs fellowas. Y dn r we calln 4 d resignatn of GEJ n hs gov’t wen 90% of our LEADERZ av failed us ? Wc leader in 9ja hs eva resignd? Tell me… D truth b tod let d northern leaderz cum 2geda n dialogue wt ds beasts called boko haram. Aftaall, de r northernerz lyk dm, instead of blamin d gov’t of mr presidnt. D qustn i wnt 2 ask is wat concerns killn of xtains in chrchs n d gov’t of Jonathan? God bles 9ja……

  • Maria

    In truth, I do not support the statement made by the president over the bomb blast because its not a statement that should be made by a leader BUT in this write up, all i can see is a political rival comment disguised in form of Nigerian children. This is to show how terrible our country has become that people just take advantage of the situation to criticize the president instead of coming together to fight the problem. I think you should give us a solution if you have one and finally…We re loosing faith in the Nigerian government…So they should do something or people will take laws into their hands(as it is really painful to loose loved ones just like that and the government just watch) and the situation will worsen beyond control.

  • tony

    God help us overcome all this troubles..

  • Edache Rose

    May God help Nigeria nd her Leaders, Amen!

  • CK

    All Nigerians shud go on their knees and pray for peaceful separation of this country cos that is the only thing that wud work. Jo might just be the last president of Naija!

  • Stanley

    #TooBad, What a nation where all we gain from the government is Lies, deceit,round and round talk…Na waoh abi we do wrong say them born us for Nigeria???///

  • Abdulrahmon

    We are tired

  • mitchelle

    This is totally insane!!! What has religion got to do with your ability to rule. This letter was not written by any child or watsoever. It was written by boko haram themselves to bring the president down and look how nigerians fell for it. What it wrong with reasoning? We don’t think anymore in this country but allow others to do so for us. Pls fellow Nigerians let’s not be fooled. The truth is it is not easy up there cos the pressure comes both from within and without. Look at Obama who stopped smoking yrs back has gone back to it now. Seriously Nigerians let’s give jonathan credit cos truly it ain’t easy.

  • Lailain

    I have a request 2 make of d boko haramists…pls can dey locate GEJ’s house in Bayelsa and bomb it? I guess dat would make him sit up and do something! Its just because nothing personal of his or any member of his family hasn’t been taken in the bomb blasts dats y he has the effrontory 2 say rubbish!

  • dotun olu

    Frank talk. GEJ & Sambo resign now!!!

  • country-man

    Fellow Nigerians,lack of security has been the moto of our country since the beginning of these so called government. We Nigerians should understand that these government is against the nation and so far has done nothing to impress its citizens. Mr President Sir with due respect u failed, because our country has never gone through these since the beginning of democracy its been a shame to our great party and our country.Mr president Sir, why do change the capable with the incapable? people like Dambazau and others when you never tried them. Fellow Nigerians we have prayed and will continue praying for a better Nigeria.

  • adeyemo ojo joseph

    Mr president,
    We have lost enough people despite we are not in a war front and there was nothing like Boko-Harram before and I believe if U want the problem solved start sacking your incompetent cabinet member like security chief and rest of them because we can’t be watching out family members dying like this please do something and remember what ever U do to this nation there is always a reward and we must definitely tell or write a word about U look at what JJ rowlins did in Ghana if that is the option left for this country well u better Go ahead to retain U good luck because for not its almost turning to Bad luck

  • damie

    While the president is being a nitwit and an incompetent ruler, his wife is an entertainer. It is so disheartening that such a terrible duo occupy the white house

  • Zeta

    I saw recently a speech some kids wrote and read at the UN with regards to our environment. I didn’t hear any insultive words used, these kids(if at all they are childreno-12), were rude shows the kind of upbringing they are getting shows that even we are all clueless! Beauty piece nice one mtchewwwww!

    NB am not a jona fan! I think too he should resign or grow balls/vagina, nonetheless this is just crap! And see how many comments sef!

  • McGnus

    GEJ, is stil in D coma world. so, wht miracle do u xpect frm such a man?

  • gforce

    Mitchelle! Read the piece properly! Electorates were only blamed for assuming dat GEJ would perform based on the conviction of their pastors! Use your head more than your mouth! Zeta pls don’t transfer your personal aggression on nigerians! Don’t compare d sentiments of kids at d brink of extinction with kids talking about a climate change effect dat may not fully manifest in dis generation!
    There is no need re-inventing d wheel! GEJ doesn’t need years to learn from the experience of our heroes/villains past! Now d labour of our heroes past may b in vain thanx to GEJ’s insensitivity!

  • gforce

    Daz its so unfortunate dat u have joined d weaklings in blaming others for some self-inflicted woes! So foreigners are now responsible for destabilising GEJ’s presidency! Yeah right! Very good distraction by d govt or bokos! D same way some blamed d west for slave trade instead of blaming d ignorant african rulers of those days who traded their kinsmen for mirrors ng Guns! For those who blame d north nd muslims, how come dey just woke up after OBJ spent 8yrs? Y didn’t dey start with OBJ inspite of more challenging issues then like d sharia etc? For d miopic guy who mentioned international news on terror, did he also read d response of responsible govts? How come blacks nd whites are not bombing themselves over the south african GDP dats more dan twice our own? GEJ is empty! QED

  • @gforce Nice one. Always good to see someone see things the unusual way. Africans always looking to blame others for their woes. As for GEJ, well what can I say? He is just utterly clueless and inept. I will say this to his face.
    As for those talking about religion and voting for GEJ well learn to read English properly , that’d save people precious time in explaining simple sentences to you. Nobody is saying he shouldn’t have been voted because he is a Christian they were saying people put that ahead of his ability and competence.

    Again though, I do not expect someone who worships and adores a clueless man to understand or get a clue from simple things.

    Those who are bothered about whether children wrote it or not. Who cares? Until as a people we learn to ask the right questions, the right answers will always elude us. It is not the writer that counts, it is the message.

  • @Daz nd Pricil,if u don’t hav any reasonable comment 2 add 2 dis write up pls do kip ur useless mouths shout,I guess u guys ar one of pple dats voted GEJ based on tribalism nd religion if not I don’t see any reason why whn evry1 is going right nd u guys on d xtreme left. As 4 d dats one(GEJ) whose words btrays his action dats calls himself president since his only concern is based on d removal of fuel subsidy nd neglecting d sensitive issue facing Nig(SECURITY) nemesi will soon catch up wit him,what a useless greedy fella dats calls himself Goodluck,pls do go 4 a change of name-BADLUCK,hiss.

  • Ebele Frank


  • waheedah

    R.I.P to all the victims of boko haram attacks. Our GOD is a just GOD and HE by HIS might and grace is going to bring justice to us all either in this world or the hereafter. Meanwhile, my fellow Nigerians, let us all seriously pray for ourselves, country and our leaders. Lets work hard to always stand for the truth,justice and peace. Nothing is above prayers. We are experiencing the worst government since independence but that doesn’t mean we should stop believing and fighting for change. It will come inshaa Allah but then nothing comes easy. Prayers, protest, patience and perserverance is what we all need. God bless u Omojuwa!

  • abusadeeq

    Well said…. We as Nigerians ll not take incompetency as a viable answer. The worst Part is we are begining to 4get anytin like armed Robbery in our Society. But wat hv we to say than to thank our self centre President & His focus lacking Cabinet, now we hv bank robberies taking place all over the country day in day out….. FRESH AIR! Huh? Wuna do well oooo.

  • Anene Innocent

    The issue before us is beyond Boko haram. It is an issue of religious deceit and hypocrisy. The promise of non existent paradise through JIHAD is the primary cause of swicide bombings. Political office greed fuels this. They encourage the almajiris as instruments of mass destruction. 3 groups we must focus on as masterminds are : northern political class, past and present security chiefs from the core north and disgruntled and wicked , blood sucking religious leaders from this same zone.

  • tola

    I hpe ds gts 2 Jonathan!!Figurehead..

  • james crown

    4RM dere prisident of NIGERIA HE SEAD

  • oladipo olanrewaju

    I seriously want to commend this association… At least it is aa good way off knowing that Nigerian children are not dumb and are also not sleeping. I wana know how I can join this great association… At least to contribute my own quota. Am a student and also an activist

  • Donald

    Mallam El Rufai stop fooling this young men. you are a wicked killer and will soon be exposed

  • Pdadda

    All i know is ever ONE God & a world without end . THANK U LORD !! E siad in every situation you fynd ursef………Just Give thanks to the Lord , E knowz all . Submit all problm to the Lord , Lord Take Control .

  • President Goodluck is truly insensitive to outter the statement “bomb blast is an issue Nigerians have to live with”. Hoever, wheather or not the president outters it, it is an issue we truly are living with. Can anyman acts otherwise from …

  • INFACT we DONT REALLY KNOW WHEN NIGERIA WILL CHANGE TooBad, What a nation where all we gain from the government is Lies, deceit,round and round talk…Na waoh abi we do wrong say them born us for Nigeria???///ERIAN WILL CHANGE

  • Odijie B

    All you politicians are hypocrites. I see no good in any of you. You should stop judging Jonathan and fight to make Nigeria a better place.His religion is not what matters or the resignation. Nigerians should start to see each other as one, irrespective of the tribes, religions, or beliefs system. Being that it is the first time a man came from the minority group to rule the nation, The Northerners really do not want to see this happened. Now they form this faceless criminals and terrorist tactics to destroy the system and heap the cold blames on the president. This actually is very poor and it has gone a long way in hurting our nation’s reputations Internationally. Nigerian youth and all the So- called leaders, elders and who ever is concerned should wake up for this.!!!

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