1000 Books in 40 Days

-1000Books in 40days-

November 10, 2011 – Sapele, Delta State.
The “1000books in 40days” book drive is a book donation initiative that seeks to begin the process of equipping the Sapele Public Library. d-xtreme unit foundation decided to undertake an upgrade of the library since we realize the strategic importance of books and a conducive reading/learning atmosphere to the youths, who are the next generation of Nigeria’s leaders.

The Sapele Library has been in existence for almost two decades but has not received any attention from government in over a decade, the last time it received any sort of touch was last year,2010 when d-xtreme unit foundation undertook a make-over that included clearing of the surroundings, painting of the entire complex and fixing of electrical fittings. We have a situation where the library is not beneficial to school pupils, secondary school students , undergraduates or the public that it was set up to serve. We always criticize the dearth of a reading culture among the youths but what about reading tools and conducive atmosphere?
Our 40day target (November 10 – December 20) is to raise at least a thousand(1000) units of books and allied materials. Books for kids, primary and secondary school pupils, undergraduates and graduates are our emphasis. d-xtreme unit foundation have so far raised over two hundred(200) books but seek a broader participation, so we are appealing to individuals and corporate organisations to team up with us. There is no limit to the number of book(s) you can donate. Whatever form individuals or companies desire is totally acceptable e.g. branded books, specific subjects-like kids books, etc.
These are our contact for sending donations. Thank you!
C/O CHARIS BOOKMART, 108 Okpe Road, Sapele, Delta State.
Drop-off contacts:
*LAGOS: Uyi – 08038858241, 08072790212
*ABUJA: Kayla – 08060484014
*SAPELE: ‘yoma – 08052760597
d-xtreme unit foundation is a part of the d-xtreme unit which started as a group in 2004 with interests in entertainment, media and social entrepreneurship. We have distinguished ourselves in the Sapele community and within Delta State since 2004, initiating events and projects that entertain, educate and inspire.

For more information:
‘yoma – 08052760597, yomadxu@gmail.com , www.twitter.com/yomzie_, www.facebook.com/d-xtreme unit foundation


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