Farida Waziri vs Fani-Kayode

EFCC Chairperson Farida Waziri was at the SupremeCourt last Thursday 17th November, 2011. We needed to continue our interest inthe EFCC/Fani-kayode case. As has been the case with this particular case,nothing happened in court! The presiding judge simply announced that the casewould not go on and advised the prosecutors and defendant’s lawyers to go backhome. Home for some actually meant taking long flights back to their bases fromAbuja where they had come to witness nothing! This case of nothing has been thecentral theme of this case and it forms part of the #Omojuwa24celebrations this week. I’ll give the reports in 3 parts and you’ll be betterserved to see each one. The report defines the reality of the shame and dirt inour politics and the lessons inherent for those willing and desiring to serve…

Chief Femi Fani-Kayode is a formerpresidential spokesman to President Olusegun Obasanjo and the former Ministerof Culture and Tourism and Minister of Aviation in Obasanjo’s governmentbetween 2003 and 2007. He was not exactly loved by some as a spokesman forPresident Obasanjo whose pastime was stepping on toes. It was Fani-Kayode’s jobto defend the then Baba of Aso Rock. I clearly remember him taking on ProfessorWole Soyinka. As far as his boss was concerned the dude was doing a great jobbut that in essence meant that he earned Obasanjo’s enemies for himself. As eventswould have it, he also later stepped on Obasanjo’s toes – he refused to pay a knownfront of the Owu chief’s daughter named Iyabo some N6.4 Billion that was moneyfor nothing done. Here his sufferings started…then came the underhanded payments to an anti-corruption czar by another man who could kill a Chief Justice and get away with it and now she (the czar) wants to fight to finish even though the law puts her in a losing position. Who better to have as a lawyer than a man whose greatest success as a lawyer has been about showing-off on TV especially when he co-starred alongside a certain Fryo when Chief Bola Ige was murdered…

You don’t want to miss this do you?

This is a special report in commemoration of our 24th month of non-stop blogging and writing #omojuwa24

Chief Femi Fani-Kayode

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