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This week and the next will be a little different for and by extension @omojuwa on twitter. We started the blog on the 13th of February 2009 and posted the first blog two days later. The blog went into a coma days later and only returned on 3rd October 2009. We resumed blogging on the 24th November, 2009 and this week 24 months after that we will have been consistent for each of those months. From a no rank, to 14 million and now within the 300 thousandth mark and most of these built on what most would rather avoid in politics.

Awards have come and gone, milestones have come and gone but none of that would have mattered or been indeed possible without you. This month we will record about 800,000 hits and that is a massive distance from the zero we started from. It’s been phenomenal! Bloggers have come and gone, writers have shone and dimmed but here we are still going strong day on day, month on month and year on year.

In the spirit of this little milestone we are saying “THANK YOU” to everyone who has ever read a piece on this page, we adore those who have helped to spread the message and we thank those who keep knocking our efforts. Everyone has been unbelievable and extraordinary.

The success of this blog has opened not just myself to other jobs and opportunities, it has paved the way for the growth and development of our partners who have had their clientele base improve and increase. A lot of credit must go to Kunle Fadiora ( @kunlay ) who advised me to stop wasting my words by just speaking them but to put them in a blog. Because I had been thinking of the same, Kunle’s words meant that I was on his own neck for 24 hours until he got the same in place the next day! He did not know what had hit him. This is not a Book of Our Chronicles. I’ll release that during these #omojuwa24 days where more names will come up.

Special Reports
Recharge Cards’ Give-aways (we will give cars someday)
Live @omojuwa interview on twitter Partnership Team Charities People
What are you waiting for? Tell someone to tell someone. Recharge Cards will mostly be given to commenters to this thread and other articles after this (via a draw) while another set of cards will go on Twitter (mostly) and Facebook. We are doing it because you deserve more but we will show you our little love and appreciation.

How has the brand affected you? Tell us below and stand a chance to win recharge cards. Leave your real email address as you register to comment (not in your comment) and we will send recharge cards to winners via email.
Omojuwa loves you because you are why we are still here.

Over the next two weeks, we will publish articles that will have numbers of recharge cards with them. It means the first to read the articles will win. You should rent a flat here and not just watch this space, sleep here. LMAO. I love you!

If you want to be part of this by giving to our readers, mail …We will publish the names of our suppoters!
Thank you. I LOVE YOU. You guys Rock!

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