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If you are one of those who prefer to read and hear what you want to hear I’d quickly implore you to stop reading before the next full stop beyond which you will be forced to see staggering realities that may shatter your expectations. The next three and a half years are the most important in Nigeria’s history. If you are in doubt of the CIA’s 2015 prediction, you’d better start considering it. The greatest catalyst to a Nigerian disaster is the Nigerian government.


Today’s government in Nigeria inspires nothing but resentment and anger. Apart from subsidy removal where the protagonists have refused to attend a Senate hearing to make a few things clearer, every other thing shows an economy and indeed a country fast moving toward its doom. The irony of government’s assurances about Nigeria’s security could not have been better displayed that what happened at the Economic Summit Group in Abuja on the 10th of November. The president for obvious reasons had delivered his characteristic dour and uninspiring speech and quickly left the venue. He assured an understandably unbelieving and yimuing audience that Boko Haram would be wiped out and that Nigeria was a safe and secured place to invest. He said that and quickly left the venue. Minutes later, as is Nigeria’s way, the lights abruptly went out and then everyone panicked all believing the much dreaded Boko Haram was in the building. The American envoy did not think twice as he left immediately with his team. What happened at this event is a picture of a bigger reality. Just like the American and other countries’ representatives left that venue, their businesses are either completely leaving Nigeria or are cutting their investments into this country. A Nigerian who knows things said that considering our present conditions, no foreign investor would invest in Nigeria if the arguments were down to rational 
and business conditions alone but we all know ours was never a rational
business environment. I deal could make you an instant billionaire and foreign
investors that care less about other things can ignore the troubles and just
come in. They are in the minority though.


I have never travelled First Class to UK before but it has come to my notice that a noted carrier from a one of Nigeria’s international papas carries Nigerians from Lagos to London for N1.5million while a similar flight from Accra costs N780,000.00. In essence Nigerians pay 2 times the cost it takes from Ghana for the same journey without any fundamental difference in flight time. At that cost, you will be better served to travel to Ghana, stay some three days at the best hotel and then fly to London and still save some money on what it would cost you from Nigeria. Another airline that shares its name with virginity may be accused of raping Nigerians too. I understand it costs Nigerians N821,000.00 to London for an Upper Class J/D while the same class and in the same airline costs N385,000 from Ghana. Why is this so? There are many possible reasons but why it is allowed to happen is a simpler answer, Nigerians are on their own. They have had to provide their own water even when paying for the same, Nigerians by themselves provide power supply for their businesses and homes and still pay for services not rendered by the Power monopoly called PHCN. They hardly ever travel on good roads and where there are schools, they are few teachers. Here in Nigeria, of a truth the only thing that works is religion. We have almost a church for every 50 metre and we are far from God. Fake Pastors have become the mouth organs of dare devil politicians and they are the apostles of subsidy removal. It matters not that poverty stares in their faces on Sunday when they preach, it only matters that they are close to the powers that be and instead of using the privilege to offer positive counsel, they instead bow to the pressures of their love of money and have their souls crushed and their conscience seared…


Do you really think this booming insanity will not blow over? It will! Something will have to give some time. This country is a mass of scams and evil. The people used to matter a little, now in this government, the people are seen as a disgusting nuisance that must be done away with. The guns are out against anyone that musters the courage to carry out a protest against the petrol subsidy removal. You either accept it and die of poverty or you dare the guns and live to fight another day. The clock is ticking though and something will give… we are moving fast and approaching a destructive end, we either take a new trajectory or keep moving… at this moment, Nigerians will no longer have anything to live for if the subsidy goes and you know what that means? The 0.1% have everything and the man who has everything cannot have more. Add the two realities and you’d see that 2012 will either fulfill prophecies and be Doom Day indeed or even become the year of the old ways when the fear we chased away returns to the land with the shouts and celebrations and triumph because where the people cease to matter to a government, it stops being a democracy and if it is not a democracy…
History In
Perspective: President Obasanjo brought down the nation’s toll gates as he
looked to cushion the effects of increase in petrol prices, President Jonathan
will remove all the subsidy and introduce the toll gates to ensure that while
the subsidy removal kills Nigerians, they will still not have enough left to
bury their dead. This subsidy removal is a crime against the Nigerian masses…we
know it and they know it but they have the guns….


The Truth We
Deny: There is a government in Nigeria but it is there not for the people’s
interest but for the people’s destruction

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Army Arrangement by Fela Anikulapo Kuti “whether you like or you no like, after
you hia this true talk, whether you like or you know like after you hia this
true  talk, if you like e good gege, you
no like you hang gege…if you hang you go die, you go die for nothing…”

“na wayo government we dey o, egba mi o, na rikimo government we dey o yeparipa o, na PaDiPadi government we dey…”

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