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Armed men stop protests in Abuja

The world over even in non-democratic societies protests are a demonstration of the people’s right to disagree with the government. On this quaintly dated day, Friday 11/11/11 the Nigerian government as led by President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan laid down a marker. The government has turned a regular protest into an open war-esque zone. Shehu Shagari, the road where the Hunger Strike and protest planned by the National Youth Council is now a military zone. The road has been blocked from the Police Headquarter that was bombed on the 16th of June this year down the road coming to Transcorp Hilton. That side of the road is blocked has traffic is now restricted to the side of the road meant for traffic heading toward 3 Arms Zone.

If the people especially young people cannot march against what the leader of the protest described as an “evil” and “demonic” policy of the Jonathan administration, then of what use is calling it a government for the people? If the might of the Nigerian security agencies is unleashed on the Nigerian people, how can that be a government by the people? It is definitely not a government by the people. This is not a democracy, it is a moving train without a break and as it accelerates along the road of illegality, I await its much expected stop because stop it must one day. We claim to be copying the American democracy, yet our public officers are not accountable to us – that is not the American democracy, a Nigerian Senator earns four times as much as the president of America. Protests are happening all over the major states of the United States but we are not allowed to discuss one here let alone plan or carry it out. If this is not enough for you to think of doing something about your citizenship I don’t know what is. This is the time for young Nigerians to start thinking of coming together as one force. No government will open fire on 10,000 people gathered together for one purpose. I cannot put anything beyond this government but I still want to believe despite the obvious fact that they are operating outside the realms of reason and logic, they will rationalise the dangers of arming the state against the people of Nigeria but the people of Nigeria are in an ideal world the Nigerian state. In an ideal world but ours ceased to be an ideal world a long time ago.

RT @yeancah: These leaders (rulers) just see this country as their personal business. Running the country as if the people are their goods.

I hope the “elders” of this country are watching because whoever knows anything about trends knows where we are heading in Nigeria. It is not anyplace close to peace, prosperity or unity.

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