National Honour for Failures and more

Developmental debate in my house is now a thing of interest in so much that arguments extend way into the night. The peculiar thing about these arguments is that neighbors from all walks of life gather together at night in my living room to discuss and argue about developmental issues plaguing this country. The debates are sometime spiced by the presence of my brother, the aspiring Professor of Monetary Economist. One common factor that I have reasoned in all these debates is the fact that Nigeria is self-destructing. Our leaders are towing this country along the path of self-destruction with incompetency and inconsistency, while we sit, watch, jeer or boo as spectators in a gladiator bout.
I watched with distraught our show of shame, how the national honours was freely shared in Abuja among a group of “successful Nigerians” and I asked myself, where did we miss it? Is it that we don’t know the definition of honour or in setting the criteria for selecting honourees? As I watched on, I remembered a recent statement of the world President, President Barak Obama where he said he would be happy if his face was engraved in Mount Rushmore. This led to a quick survey by CNN about the possibility of the current Mr. World Policeman’s face in Mount Rushmore. The results were amazing; President Ronald Regan won the polls landslide (that, if any face should be added to the previous three, it must be Reagan). Yet here in Nigeria, we distribute our own NATIONAL HONOURS like “eni to ba ra Ankara nikan ni ko je semo” (only those who buy Ankara will eat semovita) . There were several fascinating moments about the national award; the first was when Governors were presented with merit awards while the widely accepted Governor (Gov. Raji Fasola) was not honored. I also saw our own IGP, Director of SSS and other service chiefs bowing to receive their own share of the booty and I questioned, “What exactly have they done? Even though I can’t recall the citations made, I bet it will include “for a meritorious service to their fatherland” what meritorious service? Is it that crime has dropped by 70% or the annoying menace of Boko Haram has been stemmed? Have we forgotten that robbers in Nigeria now make use of IED bombs to carry out their nefarious activities? I remembered that while I was growing, the only place you would hear of bombs was in the Middle East. Now, in Nigeria, bombs are even more frequent than Sound Blasts (Bangers). To further add salt to injury, Mrs. Marilyn Ogar was on the news to gleefully announce to the world that Boko Haram had political backing and that the spokesperson, Ali Sanda Umar Konduga aka Usman Al-Zawahiri had been caught. She even was bold to tell us that a member of the House of Assembly from Bornu State was named to be the sponsor but he died, eyaa, sorry Nigeria. In retrospect, which of the Nigerian Legislators died recently or how can a Legislator die without making the news? Is this not “dead man no dey answer case approach? Even though we are not in the intelligence system but at least we watch Splinter Cell, 24 hours, etc. and above all, we have common sense na, even if na small. Why won’t Madam Marilyn tell us when he died, how he died and under what circumstance? The very rot that President Jonathan promised to wash off our decaying body is now dished to us in calabashes, and those of us who are not eating are been force-fed . Is this how we will continue? I remembered a recent discussion with a researcher from University of Manchester late last year and he said to me, Nigeria is so blessed and so spoilt that if care is not taken, Nigeria will self destruct, and I replied him saying Nigeria has been through ups and downs and we have survived, this definitely we shall prevail. Madam Marilyn before you think of detaining either Omojuwa for publishing this piece or my humble self for writing it, I believe in my reply.
Long live Nigeria
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