#TWITTER90 with @omojuwa this Wednesday

Enough of the complaints, what can you do to help our country and continent?

Hello friends, #twitter90 a tweetmeet where we get to discuss and proffer solutions to issues of importance to our collective existence and success. The next edition will come up tomorrow 12th October, 2011 from 3-6pm Local Time on twitter.
Up for discussions are
• the controversial subsidy removal from petrol,
• the Naira’s devaluation and poor standing against the dollar,
• Insecurity,
• Super Eagles
• Corruption and Lootocracy

I’ll come up with more information before the meeting but I should add here that this is not an avenue to insult and abuse participants or indeed those responsible for the solutions to these challenges. We have a collective responsibility to think and act our way intelligently out of these issues. The Language of the tweetmeet has to be civil. Pidgin is allowed and the hashtag is #twitter90 . 20 minutes will be dedicated to advertising and publicising goods and services for free. To enjoy this, just tweet your product and contact details with the hashtag #twitter90 and we’ll share with everyone tuned in to the meet from 4-4:10pm and 5-5:10pm when we will be taking our meeting breaks.

If we don’t identify our challenges, we will never understand them, if we don’t understand these challenges, solving them will be a futile ordeal. It is time to get involved in Governance.

Inquiries: drop a comment below and I’ll reply you via same medium. Thank you as you share this on your timeline.


J.J. Omojuwa @omojuwa

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