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Today is the Trinity of Perfection. The 7th sign of the zodiac, the 3rd day of the month and the 10th month of the year. All three numbers are perfect numbers. Today is also my birthday. I have been learning about myself and asking funny questions about this me from me for a long time. Sometimes I wonder why I am so fearless and sometimes I wonder why I could be so ordinary at some things. And that gets to me until I realise I am as human as the next man around me. I demand too much from myself and I am angry about what men have put my country through. This will change in my lifetime by the grace of God and the will of men.

I see an Angel sometimes and I sometimes see myself fighting the will to do something I’d consider evil. Sometimes I am as gentle as a dove, a few times I am as fiery as fire and menacing as a Lion. I am not perfect and from the look of things I’ll never be. That makes me glad because it means I’ll keep looking forward to every new day to get better.

While trying to learn more about myself today, I ended up confirming realities I had witnessed in my travels across Nigeria. I discovered The Truth about us.

The first person to call me on my birthday is a female. The first female to call me today is a muslim. The first muslim to call me today is not Yoruba! My longest standing friend is a muslim. When we had issues, my Christian friend who has been a friend for as long as my muslim friend helped to make us see the beauty of our friendship once again.

If it was totally down to looks I’d be an Igbo man because I really do look like one. I used to joking say I was from Arochukwu in Abia State when it got to a point where everyone meeting for the first would ask, “what part of Igbo land are you from?.”

On twitter today, the best prayers I received were from people I have never met. People from across our country Nigeria.

Often times I wonder. I wonder because religion and ethnicity have never mattered to me. I wonder because I hear people of different ethnic groups kill themselves because of that difference none of them had a choice with. Another 19 died at Zamfara just yesterday. This must stop!

Do Muslims hate Christians that much? Do Christians hate Muslims that much? Are Hausas that wicked they want all Igbos dead? Are Yorubas that bad they want all Hausas dead? Why do we kill ourselves over things we know nothing of? Why should a man die in the hands of another because he calls God by a different name?

I have answers to some of these questions. It has nothing to do with us, it has everything to do with them – those of them at the helm. They thrive on our divisions. They are stronger when we engage ourselves in needless yet bloody clashes. Politicians are the bane of our nationhood. Do you know that a Nigerian Leader who is still very much at the helm referred to folks from the North as “those Northern muslims”? To think that he said this to a Southern Muslim and he thought the Southern Muslim would not think him stupid and clueless makes me pity Nigeria the more. We have a tribal Lords as a leaders. You don’t say such about your subjects. That’s unacceptable. We do not hate ourselves. Our thieving lootocratic leaders are responsible for this culture of hate and bloodshed. To these bloodsuckers, our unity as Nigerians will never serve their lootocratic agenda. They need us fighting and killing ourselves to keep justifying 3.1 billion naira every passing day as funds for the non-existent Security apparatus. If you are one of those thinking that there are some folks causing national insecurity so GEJ would not lead well, then I’d say to you look beyond the obvious. GEJ is the most divisive Nigerian leader ever! What kind of President says “my area of the country?” What sort of overt, weak ignorance is that? And to think that he says that a lot then we know he sees the rest of Nigeria as other parts of the country.

Boko Haram may mean War Against Western Education but do you know their top hierarchy folks are educated? I discovered that on their Coming Out day they had professionals, Masters degree holders and the likes set their certificates on fire. You ask why? Because it had become worthless. Those papers had cease to mean anything. They had become jobless. Their society would not allow them use their expertise and energy for the good. Other events happened and soon the emptiness of hands and minds got filled by evil. They weren’t always evil. They were made evil by the void of governance and the evil of voidness.

Do you know why the government will keep running from them? – like almost marking our most important national event in Aso Rock’s kitchen. They have closed their minds towards being holistic. They have in their usual lazy and clueless way concluded that Boko Haram is the work of their “political detractors.” How sad?!


You must remember this: that man or woman who is not your ethnic member must not be made into your enemy. We are not enemies, we are brothers. They ride on the popularity of our divisions to continue to feed on your sentiments.

We must take on the responsibility of delivering our nation from this blood-sucking class. They have the money but we are the people and the coming together of the people is more powerful than the togetherness of the people in power. Make no mistakes about this, they will create more unimaginable lies about me because some of them are afraid of their tomorrows. They ought to be because they will rot in jail. They daily curse and abuse me but that will not matter if you daily bless me and join me in a quest for a glorious Nigeria. It will almost be easy when we finally make our government a government of the people, for the people and by the people. This bloody lootocracy must end and it is ours to end it!

On this day of my birth I say to you Rise for Nigeria. Say No to discrimination. Respect every one whether or not they are of your tribe or religion. Rise for Nigeria, love that man irrespective of his ethnic hue. We must come through for ourselves. I am not the messiah, you aren’t either. We are the MESSIAH generation and you must Rise for Nigeria.

As we go on, these enemies of Nigeria will come up with different plots and lies to destabilise my efforts. They know that if we take a stand and make national issues the central issue instead coming up with lies and fabrication they will fall. Men who lose the argument resort to three things: that you are not for them because you are not from their ethnic group or they say because you are not of their religion or they say you have been paid. All of these have been said about me and worse things but I will not tire, I will not falter, I will not fail or fall. I will rise for Nigeria. I will stand for those whose lives would be made better if that N30.1 billion budgeted for a wasteful ID Card gets looted rather than go into their education and that of others.

This is my Nigerian pledge:

I pledge along with my national pledge never to be an ethnic lord but to be a Nigerian lover. I will Rise for Nigeria.

I pledge never to watch from the sidelines but to get into the ring and win for Nigeria. I will Rise for Nigeria.

I pledge never to be afraid of their lies and hatred but to help spread the love of Nigeria even more. I will rise for Nigeria.

I pledge to commit my talent and resources for the good of my Fatherland. I will Rise for Nigeria.

This is the only country we have. I don’t want to live behind walls when there are Nigerians still living in dirty unkempt places. I will Rise for Nigeria.

You are my brother and my friend. You are my sister and my friend. We are one nation, one people under one God. We will Rise together today and truly come together at the sound of the call and RISE for Nigeria.


This is the truth and these are the Truths that you must know and remember. If tomorrow comes, and tomorrow will come, Nigeria will find peace again. If morning comes and morning will come, Jos will not mourn again. Jos will be justified. Our wealth must count and our wealth is us. You and I are Nigeria’s greatest treasures. You must Rise for Nigeria.

Thank you for messages on my birthday. Thee biggest gift I want from you is a gift I can touch and feel. I want a real gift. That you believe in this country again and Rise for the good of the land.

God Bless You and God Bless Nigeria.

If there is a language you must learn it’s the language of love.

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