RESURRECTION (official theme song #OccupyNigeria) – The Lyrics (download)

Download Resurrection theme song #OccupyNigeria by Bishop and Levelz

VERSE 1 (Bishop)

How do You pick who lives who dies?/

why’s he rich and she’s so fine?/

meanwhile we see genocide/ our belief withering out/

wonder if judgment’s kinda clouded cos You living in the sky/

and thats a sin but its how I feel seeing what I’ve seen here on the ground/

please don’t count my sins of doubt/

even Jesus pleaded loud/

and all this bleeding better mean that I’m gon’ be given a crown/

Father please don’t leave me to die/

the refugees and peas in the pot/

cos rest in peace aint that easy with all the screaming and shouts/

HOOK (Bishop)

I’m a victim of war, can you hear me now?

kid in the Darfur, can you hear me now?

tried to yell out, but it wasn’t real loud

dialled 911 and got 419

spoke to the devil and I think its God

hope to be better but I think its not!

hello? it’s the ghetto tryin to speak with God

we need to resurrect and I think its now


VERSE 2 (Levelz)

Life is like a restaurant tell me why should i waitress/

Man u tippin the tip of my table tip your hat and take a stand/

I put ’em in order give ’em all water i’m hot I’m leavin ’em baking aching/

Little bit of cheese (beans) little bit of greens/

It’s bi bittersweet but it feels like a dream/

Don’t wake me mama hold me/

I’m gon’ make it mama told me/

An angel’s working for you/

When demons look like angels/

And you mccauley caulkins/

U go on and conference call ’em/

Ko de seni kan kan koda to le kan nkankan/

Okankan wan go ko wan si nu konga/


VERSE 3 (Bishop)

I fall victim to the sins of people sleeping in their grave/

I’m forever second citizen ’cause skin color or race/

of the chiefs and all the leaders that was speaking for my sake/

ain’t have the descency to live without spilling each other’s brains/

but the secret is revealed, in the deeper evil of gain/

see I figure if I give just a little bit of exchange/

you gon have to sit and listen to the every word that I say/

then the peasant turns to the legend once you remember my name/


OUTRO (Levelz)

Life is a game

Well…hand me the cheat code

No halos just hallows all over ur peacoat

Wow…u hear the sounds of silence

Silencers to silence the sound it sounds like violence

Bishop @BishopRadio (Ikenna Oguguo) and Levelz (‘Debo Olaosebikan) @levelzdey are Nigerian rappers based in UK and US respectively. They are both MSc holders with Levelz guaranteed a Phd. in a matter of weeks.

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