#YouWin is an opportunity for young business minds

It is not exactly a winning goal but it will solve problems. President Jonathan on the 11th of October, 2011 launched a business plan competition called YouWIN which is a contraption for Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria. The programme is a joint collaboration of the ministry of finance, ministry of communications technology and ministry of youth development with support coming from the World Bank, UK’s DFID and Nigeria’s private sector.
I understand some 1200 winners are expected to emerge from the first phase with others added along in phases. It is not a loan according to the YouWin web page it is a grant equity. It is of course easy to pick out holes in this project but I have decided to close my eyes to that entirely and just look at the fact that at the end of the day some 50,000 (according to the site) young Nigerians would have been empowered to be productive, to create value and even employ other Nigerians.
I’d expect that you visit the YouWin web site and register before it is too late. It closes in exactly 3 weeks. You’d say solving the power challenges alone would help create millions of jobs but we have to encourage every progress to see more progress. I understand voter’s card is the required registration ID. If this is true, it should change. Many people will read many meanings to this. The national ID card, International passport, Driver’s license should all be admissible along with the voter’s card.

On this note I’d raise my thumbs for the effort of the ministries, organisations and agencies involved. President Jonathan may not have yet made giant strides yet but this is one I am glad he has taken. Take advantage of it now before you complain about whatever is not right with it. YouWin looks really like a drop in the ocean but the beneficiaries will see as a drop on a thirsty tongue. That is the same way I have chosen to see it. I will not apply so don’t expect me to benefit from it. Just saying it as it is.

This is a public service announcement.

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