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“Mr. El-Rufai was himself one of those profiled in the cable, where he is identified as having been known to the Embassy eight years earlier “when he was homeless and seeking a loan to import a taxi from the UK.”

Since that time, wrote the ambassador, El-Rufai was said to have recently purchased seven upscale properties in a posh Abuja neighborhood. “His demolitions of commercial and residential buildings in the capital have reportedly provided an opportunity for himself and several of his friends. After demolishing residential properties in Kubwa, the land was reallocated to several of his friends and to an investment company he allegedly owns. The community of Chika, where about two square miles of development was demolished in December, has allegedly been allocated to the same group of people.”


Me homeless?
I think these guys must be talking about someone else. I owned my first house in 1988 and is still there in Kaduna.

Loan for a taxi?
I have never sought a loan in my entire life, and to buy a taxi for what? From UK which drives on the left side of the road? These guys are idiots! I am a construction professional not a taxi driver or owner.

Upsacle properties in Abuja?
I wish I have seven upscale properties anywhere in the world…the American should tell me so I can repossess them.

Everything they wrote about Kubwa is false and does not make any sense. As minister, I could allocate land in the city to anyone I wished. Why would I choose to do that in Kubwa, a high density resettlement town when Asokoro etc are equally at my disposal? It is malicious madness!

As for Chika, it is one of the 49 villages along the Airport Road within the city footprint that are to be relocated soone or later. The settlers refused enumeration for future relocation so we decided to remove the illegal settlement. There were demolitions but 2 square miles? Nonsense!

All the buildings in Chika there are unauthorized and so no plots have been laid out or surveyed, and none allocated to anyone there while I was in office.

Ngozi’s brothers
How can I as FCT minister influence award of contracts of 50 mill dollars (N5bn) in the Ministry of Finance to Ngozi’s brothers? That is utter nonsense. The entire capital budget of MoF cannot be near that amount!

Oil Blocks with Andy Uba
We never even got along with Andy Uba while in government _ hardly on speaking terms most of the time. How can they allege that we have interest in oil block? Which? Where? They should please tell me so I can go and claim and be next TY Danuma.

Wikileaks are FCT ‘beer parlour’ rumours!
Some of these wikileaks stories are complete fabrications or at best Abuja beer parlour rumours that these diplomats send to Washington to impress their masters.

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