WHO SHOULD BE KENYA’S PRESIDENT? written by Alex Ndungu Njeru

The battle for Kenya

Kofi Annan with Kenyan leaders

Raila, Uhuru, Karua, Kalonzo; who should succeed Kibaki? Should their
professions matter? May be the price of a bottle Tusker Provides the

Back in January of 2003 in the height of the euphoria and pandemonium
that had brought Baba Jimmy to power, I remember passing through a bus
terminus, my shoulders heavily laden with a big school bag. Excited
touts sat in groups chatting and exchanging their views on what they
thought Kenya would be under the chief economist. “Ndutige wone
muchuba ukugwa nginya ciringi bote” ( “wait and see a bottle of beer
will now retail for forty shillings”), one of them was telling the
rest. Back then as I was still young and did not know that brewed
barley could be wonderful nectar for the brain, I did not as so much
care what the price of a bottle of beer was a much as the price of
bread at the school canteen. I since finished high-school and recently
finished an undergraduate programme in a local public university,
allegedly only one on the equator in the world.

However I am none the wiser now, I take a few browns for the road and
the price of beer is not ‘bote’ (forty shillings), in-fact it is
ninety shillings. So the question that begs is if Kibaki the economist
did not tame the runaway price of beer, of what profession should his
successor come from? So let’s start with the likely candidates.

So apart from being a career politician, what profession is Raila? So
they also say that Raila is an engineer, that he had a brief cameo as
a University of Nairobi don is also commonly known rhetoric amongst
many Kenyans. He could actually be a leftist. Could he lead the
country into even greater heights? His is a language that most elites
don’t understand the masses; very high on a drug called euphoria
understands his language quite well. He might be good for the majority
but certainly not good for business. He is apparently good for me, for
if and when he becomes president, I will make a name for myself in
politics for espousing what might be wrong with his presidency
Until the day of the budget I never knew that Uhuru was a political
economist, sort of a discipline that happens when the discipline of
political science and mainstream economics have a child together.
Could he be good for the country? Apparently this is very hard to
tell. Uhuru is not a man who has come out so strongly to stand for
anything let’s say being pro-business or pro-poor. Uhuru continues to
send indifferent signals to supporters and detractors alike. I would
say he is still on the crucible. We could tell if he can between now
and August 2012.
He is a scientist, this fact is well known, he also abhors Artists,
and I mean guys like me who studied Arts based courses for 4 years in
university. He looks the Michuki type, he can makes things happen
(please refer to his stints as Minister for Agriculture and Minister
for higher education, ignore the maize scandal though). Though he has
some good leadership qualities, his persona is a wee bit abrasive
something that could turn out into fully blown despotism.
Karua and (Kalonzo in very small caps)

These have been paired together much mostly because they are
lawyers. I don’t know whether Kalonzo remembers how it feels to wear
the lawyerly wig, (I am not ignorant I just don’t know its name), Ok
May be I should ask Kangethe. You can also lump any other lawyer who
is viewing for president in this category.
Until recently Obama, a lawyer was derogatorily referred to as the
lawyer in chief. That was before he ordered and orchestrated Osama’s,
America’s great arch-nemesis demise. Lawyers everywhere have all
things in common; they talk in Kenya. In Africa though lawyers seem to
suffer from a duck that particularly prevents them from ascending to
presidency (delete Mandela).
So, who should be Kenya’s next president?

Why not hire an expatriate? Someone like Michael Joseph, or an
outsider in politics like James Mwangi the CEO. You tell me who should
be president.

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