Our government may not know how to protect our lives, but they can tell lies.

I have been privileged to be close people in government since 2002 or so. One of the sad things I got from the relationships is government’s ability to make a disaster look like a minor problem. Considering the fact that I had just a door between my self and the office of the Inspector General of Police at a time, very useful sources told me the real numbers of human casualties of violence and disasters are never shared publicly. I was told the politics of reduction right from the foot of order even to the Presidency. It makes the claims below very easy to believe. I should also say that I never believed the numbers even before I read this submission by someone who should know.

The UN Building was bombed last Friday

It is a shame and a display of utter disrespect to the souls of those we lost last Friday. One thing is to fail the people and leave them at the mercy of preventable deaths, another – which is even more grave – is to make it look like these people never existed when they die of such government failings. To deny a man’s death is to deny his existence. It’s a shame and we ought to get to the root of the national disgrace. Whether or not we like it, U.S Intelligence knows the facts and it places us in bad light as a nation that lies even to itself. It is sad to see our government excel at vices yet fail when values and order are expected. The stated 300 deaths may not be exactly on the mark but I am certain there were intentional efforts to reduce the number of deaths and they did. If you are thinking these guys are heartless, you are on point.

Femi Fani-Kayode

Chief Femi Fani-Kayode’s Account

Dr. David Edward, a young and brilliant Nigerian U.S-based medical practitioner (who has a 10 year old son) and who had just flown in from the U.S. for the programme was one of the speakers at the conference on the 3rd floor of the UN building. He was speaking at the conference when the bomb went off and he died instantly. They say only 18 people died. This is not true. Out of the 300 people that attended that conference on the 3rd floor of the UN building alone at least 150 were killed. And yet they will tell you that only 18 people died. This is an ungodly lie and it is disrespectful to those who had to pay the supreme price and that lost their lives. In the National Hospital mortuary alone over one hundred dead bodies were deposited and many other bodies were rushed to other mortuaries in the city of Abuja. Please ask your people to go and ask those that work at Abuja National hospital if you doubt this. What about the 20 children that were killed in the creche? There was no mention of them by the media or our government either.

What type of country is this? These 150 people are not being honoured in death because no-one knows that they were killed as well. They have not even been acknowledged as a number let alone by name. Is it now a crime to tell the world the amount of harm, evil and damage that Boko Haram has carried out? We lost many innocent souls yesterday and not just the 18 that are being reported in the press.The Nigerian people have a right to know the truth and this government had better start getting serious about security before it is too late and the whole country falls apart. Boko Haram must be crushed. Utterly crushed. They must be wiped out – FEMI FANI-KAYODE

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