THAT SEX THING AGAIN!!! SEX AND SEX!!! written by ‘Lanre Olagunju

The fact that parent neglect this singular responsibility is a reason why some started out too soon. Mike (not real name), my addicted friend, narrated that his uncontrollable sexual craving wasn’t his entire fault. He started out a daily sexual routine before seven with an obsessed maid servant. He’s now a little over 24 and he finds it pretty hard to concentrate on other smart areas of life. After all, sex isn’t everything.

At the onset, as teenagers, many just wanted to experiment. But, now that it’s known how sweet the fruit tastes…who will dear say stop? The chances to abuse or misuse a particular product is mountainous if knowledge of the product is without insight. For instance, an out-rightly able person might foolishly reduce an umbrella to a walking stick even on a Sunny day or while its rains cat and dog.

The craving for love has made many young ladies sacrifice more than they should averagely do. It will interest you to know that some of this tough talking, tall and heavy ladies with the ‘I can seduce you right now and pretend to never know you’ mask just want to be sincerely loved and cared for.

Whether it’s a man’s world or not, the truth remains that in cases such as this, ladies are most times at the receiving end. Ladies should know that the average wolf -like guy who sows his white seeds on every available porous soil still wants a very tight and decent girl for a wife. Ladies wise up!

If you naturally don’t have the urge to make sexual expressions, or probably you really don’t know that it’s just cool to wake up strong as a guy or nurse some itches as a lass. Then so many things might be wrong all at the same time. But must we give ourselves to every urge that comes our way?

If we check and analyze early, before the genitals begin to think independently and before the goose pimples of the body and brain set in (you will agree that at such point they can be very disobedient…lol). Outside the context of marriage you clearly realize that it’s most times a desire. After all, sex doesn’t pay bills! Oh less I forget and sound un-witty. Some ladies live large in school and get marks at the cost of their body. Even older married women shag their boss for promotion with the self consolation that it’s just a shag. Though, when we look into ourselves deeply, with the mirror of self respect and dignity, we just know that it’s more than that.

Gold circle or no Elegance! There are some rules that break us when we bend them. Since we can’t reduce a global village to a religious one-(even God won’t). Therefore, it would be out rightly pointless and uncalled for to advocate against condoms. After all, they are primarily birth control measures. Advocating or campaigning against them is just like throwing away the baby with the bath water. But the media hasn’t helped in some ways. When the condom adverts go on air, all they emphasize is ‘if you must do it use a condom’ without any age restriction. I have been thinking lately that If there are age restrictions for driving, for taking alcohol and cigarette, and they ventilate them in their adverts, shouldn’t there be one for condoms too? (Though that would be tough ‘cos it’s complex!) Or should we rather advocate that once babies are born, several cartons of condoms be gleefully placed carefully by their cot side as presentations right from the labour room, so they can’t but grow to become faithful users of condoms till death…. ptscheeew!
Anyway, if you must give away your ice cream generously like Father Christmas or as a lady, eat or drown in every Mr. Biggs at every now and then or perhaps, you just feel it’s cool to uphold didactic values. Importantly, we all should Know like Newton’s law stated that “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”. Some will be seen others will be unseen!

The tale that everybody is doing it is not just true; there still exist some who don’t feel that being hyper sexually active makes one special or that meeting a person and shagging them that same day before knowing their name is serious achievement.

Ashamedly, we practically live in times where nothing is either right or wrong. Everything is relative like we intelligently put it. But our core values as individuals helps to decide what is right and what is wrong, because in us all is a whore and also a celibate, but when we determine to make the right decision, a divine force bigger than us all helps us with our determination. It is more fulfilling to make conscious effort to uphold great values of integrity and strong self worth, rather than live a life that isn’t out rightly ours carelessly.
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