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LAGOS’ RUTHLESS ROUTES written by Jerry Fadipe

A Lagos Experience

I rose up on my
two wheels of flesh to start with the premiere of daily activities, got set,
and traced my path to work. On getting to the bus-stop where I am to board a
means of transport that would on a good day accelerate my getting to my place
of work. I had no option than to join the tremendous number of commuters
seeking to be transported to one location or the other in the Lagos metropolis.

Allow me to
tender in complete candour my briefings of the road art of the supposed centre
of excellence of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Land transportation being my
area of concentration, may be factorized for better comprehension when narrowed
down to constituent fractions. I’ll proceed by doing some dissections on the
modus operandi of transportation in this side of the country.

There are three
major types of land transportation which are the four-wheel, three-wheel and
the two-wheel drive. A good list of transport systems of various wheels
includes the Molue with BRT
imminently following suit, bus, and motorcycles of two and three wheels.
Private drivers are not left out in my transport nomenclature and
classification as they have taken it as duty to make deal with commuters who
can either afford their bill or no longer test their patience or both. To every
mode of transport, there are two classes, these are; the good and the rickety
sorts that should have had printed on its body a single line of “For goods
only”. Getting a means of transport is one task and getting to your destination
is another.

I get stranded
in the bus-stop for reasons arising from the mindful selection of transport
class, high price and inability to get a transport (this entails the
unwillingness of transporters to ply your route and the rushing syndrome of
being a passenger in the next available transport of your route). Bike as it is popularly called is the most
reliable form of transport within the state when you are time conscious.
Journeying in the likes of bus is far from interesting when you encounter the perpetual
traffic that has engulfed the city. If the road is traffic-free, count yourself
lucky, but if otherwise, count the mobile traders lucky as they take advantage
of this to happily market their goods. You’ll prove me right to say that
‘go-slow’ would be preferred to ‘hold-up’ just as a failure would prefer
poverty to wretchedness. Mind you, both comparisons are dilemmas and in these
instances, the former evil gradually leads to the latter. Why not follow me
here to profess yourself a Success so you don’t have to be choosing between
evils. The occurrence of traffic is government induced and the masses are the
one to suffer every administration impropriety.

As I longed for
a transport that will rescue me from being late to my destination, a
three-wheel motorcycle halted beside me but with a quick glance, I noticed the
commercial driver was a young woman about her early thirties. Even though my
destination was in line with her route, I missed that opportunity because I was
transfixed and rather my mouth wowed open to digest the morning surprise. No
much regret as a further delay was what broke the Camel’s back of my decision
to add to this the ill luck services of illegitimate uniform men and their

The continuous
introduction and persistence of transport bodies amidst the national force men
that protect and guide the state have failed to answer my inquisitiveness on
the deplorable situation they literally guide us into. The major street of
Lagos has the highest possession of uniform men but for their age and
disposition, one will take them for a secondary student when viewed from a
distance. Our governments don’t
recognize a pot hole not until it has attained the size of breeding a cat fish.
The bodies assigned to protection choose provocation while those that deal with
the laws and rules of road safety commit themselves to flaws and indignity.

The case of this
is worst when you come across the Mephistophelian of them. Their idiosyncrasy
and shamelessness speaks volume of decadence. Do I really blame them? Of course
No, because the government is aware of them but prefers to uphold them to the
detriment of the masses. These ones have no work prescription instead laze
about running after varying transport to collect their said share. Their principal
officers ride cars in vogue and feel free among humans. The amount you’ll pay
to wet the palms of hostage-taker is dependent on the class of who is keeping
you hostage. The touts have given themselves the onus of apportioning
themselves different location where they will discharge their inhuman
performances. Their sanity has been thrown to the dogs and their reasoning has
been mixed up with dust.

When will the
state of cowardice eating up our government come to an end? Matters that need
military action are enjoying undeserved amnesty. The culprits that should have
gone behind bars walk with their shoulders high showing their uniform or the
body they represent.

PS: Joy will mix with air (‘fresh air’ will be
better if you are using this for a campaign lol), if a solution is giving to
the problematic and eccentric condition that roughshod over the habitants and
migrants of the to-be Mega city.

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