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BEHOLD THE CRIPPLED GIANT!!! written by Utoware Blessing

An outcry for Nigeria.

For how long will this shame last?

Over the years, there has been incessant unrest and crisis as a result of the Boko Haram bombing spree that has rocked the country. They have refused to consider the effects of their actions on Nigerians. What exactly runs through their minds when they see families of the affected victims crying on national television beats my imagination.
Man has traversed the earth, climbed the highest mountains, explored the depths of its oceans, harnessed electricity, uncovered the secrets of the atom, transmitted data from one continent to the other, healed with a pill, destroyed with an invisible beam and has fired projectiles into outer space yet the human mind is the least great unexplored continent on earth.

Perhaps this explains why some minds can conceive something as devious as claiming the lives of their fellow human beings without feeling an iota of pity for thwarted reasons any sane human being ought to be ashamed of saying out aloud much more publicizing it.
Understanding the thinking process of man was what gave birth to psychology but the truth still remains that man’s mind is shrouded in so much layers of mystery and entanglements that makes it impossible to figure out the reasons for some actions and incidents. No wonder, the holy book says that the heart of man continuously conceives evil.
Series of happenings plaguing our dear country Nigeria has led me to wonder what exactly is running through the minds of my fellow countrymen. Ours is a country that gained independence 50years ago and has only sick and weak leadership to boast of as its achievement. The leaders lack integrity, humility, competence and character. Perhaps they are better referred to as rulers instead of leaders since they rule and not lead because they apparently lack a sense of direction.

Often times I wonder who really is leading Nigeria? Is it the President who got there by a stroke of luck? Is it the cabal that has been present since the time of independence and has ruled at one time or the other? Or better still is it the foreign super powers who offer us the Trojan horse in the guise of aids and grants all in the name of generosity?
If you dwell too much on these questions in an attempt to answer them then I wish you success in your quest and take this little word of advice from me “prepare for the migraine you are sure to get from it”.

What further amazes me is the fact that we still live in “uniformity” and not “unity”. In spite of the trying times, we are still clinging hard to a shred of togetherness, at least we are still called Nigerians irrespective of which angle you belong, be it North, South, West, East or better still Mend, Massob, Maitatsine, Boko Haram, PDP, ACN, CPC, LP, APGA, ASSU, NLC- all na “Naija”. So many factions fighting the supremacy battle, thereby turning it into the battle of the titans.
The politicians and officials in the various government parastatals are amassing wealth without working, operating without rules and principles, the entertainment industry is filled with people who revel in pleasure without conscience, the education sector is teaching knowledge without character, individuals are engaging in commerce without morality or ethics, scientists are negating the existence of God and the dynamics of humanity and people lay claim to religion without being willing to sacrifice!!!. WHERE IS THE COUNTRY HEADING TO?
We export oil to other countries and yet our people queue for hours to get a little portion of it, we provide electricity to neighboring countries while we go without light for days, we export food to other countries and yet our people die of starvation daily. Policies are made daily, laws are passed constantly, yet the people are ignorant on what constitutes their rights. The rich continue amassing wealth, the poor continues to wallow in poverty.
Who will rescue us? Who will show us the right path? Who will be the savior? Who will bell the cat? Who holds the key? So many questions, yet no single answer. As far as I’m concerned the situation has gone beyond the control of one “Good luck” man.
We are still lucky that we have not took to the streets protesting like the Libyans and Syrians are doing, we have not rounded up and killed our corrupt leaders like J.J Rawlings of Ghana did in 90s, we have not placed a ransom on our president’s head like it’s done for Gadaffi, we are not threatened by hurricane Irene or other natural disasters that are capable of crippling us permanently.
This gives me hope and the courage to believe that the situation can always improve; we can still rise from the rubbles of our collapse. With just the right re-orientation, a little more positive policies, the enforcement of progressive laws, combination of right thinking leaders at the helms of affair, few more change agents situated in the midst of Nigerians and fervent intercession to God our country might just rise to the height it ought to have attained and be the envy of others.

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