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THERE IS GOLD AND GOLD MINES written by Ajufoh Awele

Opportunities abound!

There are many opportunities in everyday, in every conversation with everyone you meet.A need there, a need here, all are opportunities to meet a person’s need and to make money out of it.

You don’t need to travel far to find it, it’s outside your window even now, mayhap, even on your doorstep, I am in fact bold to say that it’s right there in your house. And it’s the little things, I am not talking about inventing another breed of computers or improving on one (that is quite brilliant actually), I am not talking about making a car. There are things; little things that you can do and watch become great. If you already own an establishment, why don’t you train yourself and your staff to smile? This only is one of the reasons why customers will choose one restaurant over another.

If unemployed then smiling works for you too. You see I have discovered that it opens doors I didn’t even know exist, no one will hire a gloomy over a sunny face! So smile! You can’t do it for long without experiencing corresponding change inside. When you laugh or smile and sustain it, you force your emotions which is created by thoughts to catch the brilliance of the laughter or smile and this lifts your thoughts and emotions filling you with positive thoughts that changes your countenance.

Having accomplished this, you are able to see that the pains of others and yours don’t have to remain pains for you. You can earn money solving them. Ordinary questions people ask you become ideas that translate to success for you.

One of such happened to a young man whose obvious talent was that he could dance, so, having gotten a university degree in something or the other, and dancing in dance groups whenever he could while in school, thereby honing his skills, he graduated and no, he didn’t become one of the disillusioned graduates saying ‘the government is bad’ what he did was start to teach dance, to different people, even students, for a fee. He doesn’t leave his house everyday yet is able to provide for his household, he doesn’t wear a tie but earns more than some who do.

There is gold and gold es and it’s all in the mind. Follow Awele on twitter @ajufohawele

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