Is Nigeria back to the days of unlawful arrests? YES!!!

Those of you still thinking you can write or say what is right or wrong about this country and get away with it might need to to start thinking about getting whisked by the government boys. Freedom of Speech may be part of our national tenets and laws but just as in the days of Sani Abacha, it appears the days of that liberty are out.

Just this morning, Operatives of the State Security Service ,SSS, Saturday morning arrested the former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory , FCT , Mallam Nasir El-Rufai at the Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport , Abuja. According to media reports, He was reportedly picked up by the security agents at about 9 am shortly on his arrival from London.
The ex- minister was immediately sandwiched between two security operatives in a saloon car before being driven out of the airport to the SSS headquarters in Abuja. You will note that Mallam Elrufai has been a sort of lone voice in the wilderness of pointing out the way forward for the Jonathan administration. Considering the lull in governance and the people’s disappointment in the president’s slow start to his new mandate, this is obviously an unneeded distraction.

In a nation where looters of the people’s wealth still walk as free men without any hint of arrest whatsoever, it is a shame men who have taken it upon themselves to speak the mind of the people have become targets of government brutality and embarrassment. President Olusegun Obasanjo sometimes to the detriment of his health traveled the world just to get Nigeria back into the good books of the comity of nations but now that is gradually being eroded much like the billions of dollars he left in our Foreign Reserves. We asked the president to get tough on corruption and what do they do they arrest men who make that call. We ask for a reduction in the salaries of public officials and what did we get, they heard us and to show they did there is now a proposal to increase same.

If you still think you’ll get good governance from this government you are either deluded, biased or just naive about the path evil walks before unleashing itself. Now, we are watching and I bet you the world is too.

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