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JONATHAN FOOLED YOU AGAIN written by Japheth J Omojuwa

Nigerians are getting played by Messi and not Maradona this time.

When you hear a breath of fresh air what picture forms in your mind? Mine sees newness, freshness and wholesome change. When President Jonathan Goodluck went all over the country telling the poor folks he had no shoes and hence is one of them, that a vote for him is a vote for their dreams and desires, many got carried away by that sentimental positioning. Of course the lies worked as Nigerians got fooled by a politician for the umpteenth time. After weeks of indecisiveness and absolute lull in government, the President finally sent his list ministerial of nominees to the Senate. For the many who had expected a deviation from the norm – the norm being a list that’d contain overused heads, wives, daughters and sons of the cabal, politicians and cronies of the men in power – Jonathan played them like Lionel Messi would have done with a football and now has them on their backside.

For starters, the former Minister of Petroleum Resources Diezani Alison-Madueke got cleared by the Nigerian Senate despite mounting allegations of corruption and more recently the discovery that she did not observe the mandatory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). She is billed to return to the same office. That particular ministerial portfolio is directly under the control of Dame Patience Jonathan. She runs the Petroleum ministry through her fashion mentor Bola Shagaya. Theirs is a triangle of fraud that has somehow evaded the prying eyes of attentive Nigerians. That was the reason why her screening today went without a single reference to the NYSC question. Instead of that she was eulogized and praised for being an angel amidst demons. You can be sure that the Senate leadership has been well paid for this particular job. They are all part of the fresh air Nigerians endured the rain and the sun to vote for last April. Nigerians don suffer I swear.

Considering the fact that the foundation of Jonathan’s campaign was built on his sameness and similarity to the Nigerian masses cue “I AM GOODLUCK JONATHAN”, I wonder if one of those who claimed they were Jonathan would have gone ahead to include non-performing ex-ministers, family members of cronies and stooges of past leaders who failed Nigeria in times past. Is that what you’d do if you really were Goodluck Jonathan? Most if not all the successes achieved by President Obasanjo’s government were made possible by professionals – people who manned offices they had years of training for. Think Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Mallam Nasir Elrufai, Oby Ezekwesili and a few uncelebrated heads of government agencies like the FIRS and NAFDAC – okay NAFDAC’s head got celebrated. Go from the Cape to Cairo, from Washington to London, a President is only as good as his cabinet. While this particular President wasted a twelfth of the year dillydallying on whom to put on his list, the names he ended up with could not even justify his waste of time. Let us not forget that he is not a new president as he had some twelve months to test the waters. It appears rather than use those months to test run his ability, he’d be using the next four years to do same i.e. to test his inability.

Those of you getting fooled by phony rankings placing Nigeria as the fourth fastest growing economy in the world (or ninth as some other agencies reported), should not be fooled. There is a paradigmatic difference between growth and development. Wasn’t that why our teachers made us understand their differences and individual meanings? We may be growing as an economy but we are far from developing as a people and a society. If we per chance export an extra one million barrels of petroleum per day for a year, it would affect our growth indices as an economy but may not necessarily have any bearing whatsoever on our development. The Africa Report Magazine wants you to believe Jonathan’s promise of a fresh air is something he is sworn and dedicated to, but if by now, and at least based on his ministerial nominees you don’t know better, I’d say you should keep waiting for the birth of the messiah.

He fooled you to get your votes saying he had no shoes and because majority of you had no shoes you should vote for him, you did. Now he is playing you for the fool again by choosing the same folks that were part of the rowdy air he administered to his own kind of fresh air. If this is what fresh air is all about, I’d rather we have a president who’d promise us fresh farts. That way, we know it will be a contrast from this charade. Anything different from this would be better. This President has again shown that he is not cutout to lead. Most of you must be praying for time to run fast enough so you can vote him out, but the sad part of that wish is that most will still go ahead to vote the wrong folks again. We have been fooled over and again yet we allow them to do it again. Sorry but the truth has to be said as living without the ability to voice the truth is worse than death. They say silence is golden but I am absolutely certain whoever said that is not a Nigerian. As for this country, silence is a weakness. I believe those who said they were watching are still doing same because the watchers are being watched too even though many believe the watchers have been duly paid by those they are watching. It is the conundrum called Nigeria. Were you one of the fools? It is okay if you are no longer getting fooled by this football game being played without goal posts.

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  • Lol, wasn’t 1 of the fools coz I voted 4 Ribadu, but don’t tink its about d people dat voted 4 GJ or not. We are still d same citizens n suffer the same problems.
    Its so sad dat we Nigerians neva learn from our lessons n still end up doin d same tins.. May God help us

  • Growth & development; start with a vision, then you build the values for a team that will translate vision into action. GEJ himself is a product of slow growth, leading to development. Change is a complex task; particularly in 9ja with many stake holders. Let us seek simple development from our most immediate constituency. H.E. BRF is a classic example. He has N30bn monthly revenue to drive transformational development. But think and trace his journey. While GEJ has promised breath of fresh air, I agree with JJ, that what we need is development not growth. But the truth is – enduring development is painstakingly a slow process. JJ, your blog is a tap on the shoulder for we all – ‘demand development’! Good piece!!!

  • Japh!

    i hope someone does GEJ a favor by letting him understand that there are folks he can’t pay off hence he should do the needful… ACT!

    I bet a lot of Nigerians wouldn’t agree with you that they were being fooled because they will always say ”se bi he just started work ni” …lol

    Lets see how long the fooling would last (i pray it doesn’t last through 4 years!).

    Keep it coming bruv, we need the frank talk!

  • i consistently tell pple during d campaign dt we nid good govt not goodluck bt stil went to vote 4 him.PDP Is more lik a cult group so gej belongs their nd he has to dance 2 their tune.gej is d same of d same,he cn neva go against his godfadas.their oat is nt lik d other oat u knw is more lik i’ll av d final say in al dcisn.gej is a dummy he’s nt d one ruling.i kip telin pple dt d best thin is 4 us 2 go bak 2 d regional sys tem of govt whr all region wil control it resources nd dev d woks during awo’s dayz.or we divide cos nig is too large 4 us 2b one(2 many tribes).vry complex nation.

  • Thumbs up, Japh!
    You’v never written a bad article – Best Political Blog 2011

  • Marvix

    JJ your write up is very shallow at its best, there was no fact in your derision of the person of Diezani Allison, where did you get your info about Patience running the Ministry of Petroleum, or is it just a case of halucination that Turai handed over to patience????……

    JJ you dont believe in a new Nigeria, and you dont believe we can ever get it right, that is your own personal opinion but cant force it on us either…..I am sure if the reports had said we are the 6th slowest growing economy you would have highlighted clearly our very bleak future with semantics……my guy we are not fooled, we have grown wiser than to be fooled by people like you.

    Look through your article again and ask yourseldf if you have been fair and sincere!

  • Muktar Salihu

    JJ a good one on emphasizing the need to differentiate growth from development. I should not that the fastest growing economies are not necessarily the fastest developing ones. One also needs to look at the per capita effects of said growth which obviously is what development is about. Well done Japh.

    @Marvix, can we then conclude that Intercontinental bank was strong because they were named Bank of the Year by credible International organisations despite almost sinking as a going concern? You asked the writer if he hallucinated about Turai handing over to Patience which makes you guilty of hallucinating that Turai was in charge of the petroleum ministry. Tell me, when has pointing the way forward to development equated to not believing in a country’s future? You went ahead to say the article was shallow when apparently you read it with a shallow mind and an empty brain. It’s obvious you are one of those boys who live on the present government’s generosity with loyal dummies. Marvix is one of the fools or one of the boys.

  • Tony Ighose

    It is sad that the new freedom of speech act signed into law by GEJ, has caused people to abuse the privileges associated with it. How can someone in his or her right senses ditch out such an intoxicated publication titled President GEJ has fooled The People Again.

    Please for God sake this guy (GEJ) is face with several challenges, coupled with the Nigeria factor. We must learn to be patient and do the very little best we all can do to make Nigeria great. I wonder what the author of the above mentioned publication has done to move Nigeria forward?

    It is very easy to blame and others, as it allow us the opportunity to avoid responsibility. My question to the author of the above mentioned publication is, what have you done to make Nigeria a great nation?

    Please I what an answer, if not hold your peace throughout the remaining government of GEJ!!

  • Hello members,this dogmatis system of government is not helping the masses bcos many are dying in the so called transformatiom.

  • Godwin okita

    Jj, i think you are the worst cynic i have ever seen. GEJs cabinet is the best cabinet i have seen since the fourth republic, i dont know why you should use the sin of one to indicte not just the cabinet but the entire administration that is not up to 4 months. You sure are not in your right senses

  • Nuratu

    Won’t write too much grammer..
    To the critics: Shame on you. You belong to the 90% of Nigerians I consider stupid.
    To the supporters: speaking out is our little contribution to national development. We try to help the stupid Nigerians open their eyes to reasoning.
    Peace always.

  • sulaiman muhammad

    GEJ. is our leader but the fact about him is that he is corrupt and also a real bigout. He exonerate the militants and initiates boko haram in order to promote islamophobia.
    He is like so many past leaders that have failed in all ramification needless to waste somuch time before we can jugde him. the way things are managed by him we are going no where..
    Recently he followed the west and hastly bless a rebel regime in Libya and now Nigerians are there to pay the ultimate price..

  • sulaiman muhammad

    GEJ n his wife were cleared by EFCC Very strange n absurd, isn’t it?

  • Why am i just reading this article for the first time??

  • bolaji

    I’m loving this piece..Really…I’d say our president has not disappointed me in any way.Nigerians got bitten by the Goodluck bug and voted in a sentimental president. I din’t vote for him or I should say I could’t vote at all as I registered while I was in school and we were sent home during the elections taking from us our fundamental rights.I don’t think our GEJ is the much awaited saviour of this country.. As u rightly said, let’s just close our eyes and pray the next 3 years fly past…

  • Adedamola Ojo

    Truly,a breath of fresh air should be dat of relief but in what aspect exactly are we relieved?
    There’s no gain stating d obvious;Nigerians were really fooled & got carried away with his black propaganda,thinking his name “Goodluck” will indeed bring good tidings & luck to us as a country.
    Hopefully,the remaining years won’t be test run his inability just as you’ve said while we await the country’s messiah.

  • Wale

    Thank you Muktar for the response. I know we have many of them. We will not allow them. If they’ve decided to mortgage their future and the future of their siblings, we will not allow that. Let me move a motion, I will need ur votes.

  • I think u r one of the greatest nigerians of our time, I hope u can continue with your good work in contributing your quota towards development of our country

  • KE-1

    Its quite a sad tin dat most pipul in dis coun3 would rather prefer 2 cover d truth n live than say it n die…omojuwa tnk u 1 more tym 4 dis good n enlightening

  • Sulayman

    Great piece again J.Omojuwa.well for those critics of Omojuwa, remember “when you are big,you are big”.Omojuwa is a realist and stands for the poor majority but what do you stand for?If you say 90% of Nigerians are stupid because they are not happy with what is happening in their lives and don’t feel the fresh air,what does that make you?
    God bless Nigeria.God bless the people of Nigeria and God bless Omojuwa.

  • Hassan

    Thanks omojuwa for a beautiful write up. Some us knew that Jona cannot deliver us but a lot of voted out of religious sentiments and sheer ignorance. We are now paying for that. For anybody to have voted Jonathan and expect any change at all is beyond me!

  • anakebe ike

    I am not particularly disappointed, I just had my fear confirmed. I only pity this nation and Nigerians at large, we are celebrating visionless leaders and political stooges handed down by same persons that destroyed our own. shame!

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