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Halting the praise singing army

Every country in the world no matter how badly governed has paid journey men journalists who will always kiss the a** of under-performing rulers. Nigeria has been a haven of praise singers since time immemorial and from the words I now read, they are still on the prowl. How stupid and shallow is the argument about having the 4th fastest growing economy in the world, when more Nigerians are daily plunged into poverty? That’s like a father boasting about his pay cheque and yet has his often hungry children at home during school hours for not paying school fees.

Of what use is my president’s Facebook account if access to the internet remains out of my reach six days a week? How can someone point the president to work that needs to be done and soon after one jobless hireling is all over the place telling us he is so good he is literally walking on water? Even the president was so overwhelmed by the size of the work he needs to get done, he childishly confessed four years was too short a period to get things done.

This is not about whether Nigeria’s president Goodluck Jonathan has performed or hasn’t, it is about those that want to have us believe he is the best president we have ever had since two million retards marched for Abacha. He is far from it but he has the next four years to be that and more. Daniel Kanu during the draconian days of Sani Abacha told us Abacha was the best thing to have happened to Nigeria since creation. A two million man march along with praise singers and an apple eating orgy after, Daniel is now history even though he campaigned for GEJ all over the United States in the run up to the last elections. Daniel Kanu (Youth Earnestly Ask for Abacha YEAA) is still in the game but his name is in the dustbin of our national history not the book of life of Nigeria’s few good men.

As we go on this term, writing about the president’s successes will not be enough to fool the people especially considering their expectations. Governor Babatunde Fashola does not need hired writers to carefully outline his successes in written words because even those who cannot read and write are appreciative of his giant strides in Lagos. If the president’s boys think we will believe more in what we read about his “successes” than what we see and experience, then they are jesters, but we won’t be laughing at their foolery.

Nigeria’s massive active population is a risk for any government to toy with. Gaddafi thought he had Libya in his pocket but he now knows better as his end is as inevitable as Osama’s. We can’t continue to box people up in the prison of lack and poverty and expect that all will be well. No amount of prayers can prevent the course of action and reaction. The longer the delay in an expected reaction, the more forceful that reaction when it finally comes. Check out the Middle-East. You can’t continue to keep young active citizens jobless and expect that arming the police would curb crime. The best and most productive way to fight crime is to prevent it. Just get people engaged in productive endeavours and the rest would be taken care of.

This piece isn’t about the president’s performance or lack of it, it is a note to those in the act of looking so hard to find any sign of success by this administration so that they can throw such in the face of Nigerians. Nigerians are easy to please so when (if) the president performs they will see and say it and then writing about such would be an act done in truth. We should avoid dancing to the pangs of poverty’s bite by looking for every opportunity to get into the Ruling Clique. You don’t have to have government’s hand downs to feed even though this government has been generous on that front.

Having said that, it is crucial for those who will never see anything good come out of Nazareth to please hold their sword and give the president a chance. A lot seems to be in the pipeline, we can only hope the pipeline does not get bust before it delivers on its promises.

Make no mistakes about this, irrespective of what the statistics say especially about “our record breaking” growth rate, the street never lies because the street is where the people are and these ones are still not smiling. N606 billion was shared by the three tiers of government in the month of May alone, we all know where most of these monies end. Eight years of the EFCC and they will quote figures of seized monies and all but dear oh dear that is like celebrating drawing out a bucket from the Atlantic ocean when you’ve been engaged to dry it up. Let us get our acts right and get on with the serious business of doing things right.

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