Rich and Caught! written by James Lisandro

Much has been published about the older grown-ups who have an uncontainable penchant for rerouting public funds from Nigerian government accounts into their private bank accounts. We have heard of old unwavering pilferers and aged purloiners who never stop stealing until they are caught by the gracious law enforcers in our nation; who if caught and inadequately punished, suddenly reappear as godfathers and political elites, seeking innocent reputable men to misuse as obedient puppets; who if uncaught may become obsessed with the right to be voted for. However, evolution is at work again to ensure that in Nigeria, when you sow potatoes, you should not reap bananas or cassava tubers but fruits after the likeness of the seeds sown. For some time in Africa, it was also regular for people who sowed corrupt seeds to reap bountiful riches while subjugating those who laboriously planted pure seeds of hard work and integrity. But, nemesis has awakened and is distributing to each man what they should harvest.
Again, a lot and enough have been said about them, the loan-bunkering bank chiefs and money-laundering public servants. The later are partial reasons why Nigerians cannot boast of stable electricity, good education and smooth roads when they travel to neighbouring Ghana and the former would have been the reasons why many industrious Nigerians would have woken up one day, listened to the news of their suddenly crashing banks and attempted suicide, if Mr Lamido Sanusi had not intervened. We are certainly lucky that Mr Sanusi was the right man in the right office at the right time. And while a few of the offenders have received their punishments in good faith, some should consider buying permanent bed spaces in the courthouses so that their shuttling may reduce and others, relieved from the hard restrained life, are taking turns at shouting thunderous hallelujahs in salient cathedrals. In the feeling of brotherliness, I give thanks to God for seeing them through their just ordeals as I also rejoice that our law applying agents have found the long-lost mallet of justice. Indeed, these are days when judges reject promotions from their double-minded bosses in order that justice may prevail. Yet, my ecstasy is interrupted by equity, prompting a faddish interest in the new breed banditti- our young bling bling thieves. I call them locally-known international bandits. Some call them yahoo yahoo boys. And our law administrators term them internet fraudsters.
Now, here is the retribution report of our frightened fraudsters. Chased, chased, chased and caught, caught, caught describe the status quo. The yahoo yahoo aficionados’ stock market is crashing and staying mavens are collapsing with it. Recently, a sharp internet fraudster with specialty in Maga or (internet love scam) was captured by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). The accused party, Olaniyi Makinde, was warned by Lisandro last year (see The Two Thousand and Eleven Traffic @ but he did not hearken. So by January this year, Nemesis had him delivered to the EFCC. This 26-year old Maga specialist was arrested for engineering e-mail scams amounting to a sum of USD770, 000 and the judicial punishments staring at his sorry face equal a potential jail term of 60years. Interestingly, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) demanded his extradition, stating that the faulty party had topped their wanted list for sometime (see 234Next of January 18 and I-Reports Nigeria of January 16 2011 for more information). More of such people will get caught if they will not stop giving Nigerians a bad reputation. In here, we know that majority of young internet users in Nigeria do not live on funds obtained via internet scams. But with reports such as this “Nigerian rent scam hits Newport @”, the outside world may blamelessly hold the belief that young Nigerians are dupers. Truly, these Nigerian born fraudsters are giving us a name we do not deserve.
          What interests me to the point of curiosity is the population of youths who participate in these internet scams. Just how many are they? What is their age range? Well, the answers will have to await the results of some possible research work. Yet, another dimension of criminal intelligence being exhibited by internet fraudsters is the propagation of fake enticing job alerts online. Few months ago, I stumbled across a long list of online job scammers see Detailed List of Job Scammers @ When next you see an applicable job vacancy online, be extra careful because some people, out of joblessness, have evolved into self-employed fraudsters duping the unemployed. But who, having a good conscience, would do such a business? I think none other than he who has fed with the devil on a cursed table. If you happen to know any of them, please implore them to quit now, for tomorrow holds nothing good for fraudulent persons.
James Lisandro Jnr is ano-nonsense transformational writer who hails from the deep west of Nigeria. James is very tired of what he sees in Africa today and wants to see a better Nigeria someday and subsequently, a better Africa too. He only hopes that day is not too far from this day.

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