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Hey what’s up or should I say Kilonshele. I have to confess that I have been craving to do this for a long time now. It is not everytime you want to write about constitutionalism, corruption and how the actions and activities of government have left us all even more discombobulated. I hope I have not gotten you confused? That is the point, I created this blog to help write about those other things that rove through my mind. Given, most of what you’ll read on the main omojuwa.com are fom the mind but if you want to take a good peek at my heart, check here.

I have been thinking about girls lately. The truth is, I have not been in a conventional relationship relationship since 2004 – wow, last time Arsenal won the league. So I have been thinking about a few girls (ladies if you like) who have kinda taken my attention especially with their words and acts. The one you’ll find a bit difficult to believe is that I have never physically met these ones. These latest addition to these set of women terrorising my thoughts just sent me a text about my articles inspiring her belief in a new Nigeria and here I just fell in love with her name. Someone I had never even heard of let alone met. By now you’ll be wondering if I am normal, I wonder too and when my mum’s call woke me this morning and she started praying for me, I realised how much I needed prayers. Not that I have issues though, but that my ways are not the usual so I need unusual.
If all the oyinbo kinda got you confused, let me break it down : I am thinking about girls again! If that looks normal, then my next post will show you how that isn’t for me. While you await that, read “The Diary of A Perverted Celibate” elsewhere on this omojuwa.com . I had one or two things in common with Mario d’ Costa. If time permits, I’ll post a follow up to this later tonight. Cheers and welcome to my heart. It’s deep yet beautiful. Strong yet fragile. Full of love yet alone. Not yet lonely.

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