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The first update was a shock but I gave her the benefit of the doubt. What would you think if your girl friend changed her Facebook relationship status to “in a relationship”? That certainly was not in reference to me as she had said we were better off not posting our relationship issues online. Two weeks later, she got more daring as she added “with *a named boy”. That ended my three year relationship this year.

The above is not my story. I had asked a very good friend of mine about an undergraduate girl friend of his he glowingly spoke about just some four weeks earlier and that was the answer I got. My friend wanted to marry the girl in question as he had confessed to me. Home truths like this have meant that I have never really dated anyone or taken any girl serious for almost a decade. I even have theories to go with my cynicism and skepticism about relationships. Mind that I have a lot of close female friends – some are so close to say they are not my girlfriends to their face would hurt like a piercing knife. In truth though, I don’t have a girlfriend and if you think you are in a relationship (that one we are talking about) you can say it down below (not that one, the comments section).

So, when I said in my last blog thinking about girls in serious terms is the unusual for me, you’d understand where I have been and where I am coming from. Talking about my self formulated relationship theories, The Stop-gap Theory is the favourite amongst my friends. Can you guess what it is? While you guess, let me wish a very good friend of mine a happy birthday. Catch you guys later. If it does look like this posts are kinda short, it may be because I am hesitant. Should I tell? Should I not tell? You know how it is don’t you? Never mind, I’ll tell. Just bookmark the category, then relax. I’ll be back.

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