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The average Nigerian lawmaker in Abuja works for about 180 days in a year and earns by hook, crook and legal means about 180 bags of dollars – if you think that’s exaggerative then you have no idea about the economic haemorrhage our nation is put through by its supposed custodians. This is not only saddening; it also induces anger not mentioning the hunger it causes amongst the Nigerian populace. This is a nation where the commoners are still at loggerheads with a supposedly breath-of-fresh-air government over an overly paltry and meagre N18,000. minimum wage. What a shame Nigeria!

Reports have it that over 60 million Nigerians had gone out to register in order to be eligible to vote. If any Obasanjo or any politician of the old order believes that these people came out to engender the politics of “Do-or-Die”, they miss the significance of this obvious move for change by Nigerians. Those desperate to institutionalize their political dynasty through undemocratic means a la Olusegun Obasanjo and the Ogun State PDP primaries should think twice – Nigerians will resist by every means possible any and every attempt to foist those they have forced on their parties on Nigerians. We will fight them with the digital media, we will come against their plans and neutralize their diabolical strategies. Is it not exasperating to think that old men who have had repeat opportunities to make Nigeria truly better are the ones still at the fore front of the quest to set the nation careening to political disaster. If the process of electing political parties’ representatives for the General elections is not free, fair and democratic, then the process is void from the source because there would be no house without a foundation – weak or strong.

With all due respect to all the Presidential candidates I don’t think any of them has got any plans to save the Nigerian economy and reposition the country for meaningful growth and development. All you hear are badly written and plagiarized speeches and weak efforts at playing the opposition. What unique plans have they got for tenancy laws that’d ensure people are not paying three years advance rents even when they earn only monthly incomes? What strategies have they got to trade favourably with the West and the world generally besides the quests for aid and beggarly trips to Europe and America? How will they make Nigeria’s economy truly functional? What is the plan to make Nigerian sports at least watchable before thinking of selling the views? How will they save Jos, Bauchi, Borno, the Niger Delta and indeed all of Nigeria from internal terrorism? Who will save our increasingly careening polity?

Security is virtually non-existent even though Nigerians run their own governments by being responsible for their security, their power and energy supply and the supply of water. Where is their holistic paper work to rework the economy? -An economy that is still subject to daily perturbations of politics and government magic. These Presidential candidates don’t impress me but they still can try to. While not intending to run for the Presidency or any political office for that matter, I’ve got a written workable plan for West-Africa’s economy and it’s a shame to think people willing enough to run for office are not willing enough to deduce and map out a plan for the beloved country. Most of them act and sound like yesteryears. The world has since moved folks.

…All over the place all you hear is death, death and death. Where is the policing? When are we going to have a conclusive investigation into the death of at least one political assassination? When are we going to end this hasty and unprofessional conclusions by public office holders – including the President- in the face of threats to life and property.
Back to public service and I can’t but wonder at the maddening rush to serve. One can only wish the purpose is to truly serve the people not milk the people dry. But can one give what one has not got? You do not learn people-service by running for political office, you serve the people long before running for office. The Voter Registration exercise finally ended yesterday so it is time to start taking an intelligent look at those available for us to vote in April (If three weeks were not enough for you to register, I believe even three lifetimes may not be – you don’t care but it’s ok). This time like no other, we must make things work. Out of the lot offering themselves for national service, I believe we have a few good enough for the next four years. Unlike when four years was a guarantee without being questioned, now, we run the government together. We will contribute our voice, action and expertise as the play along. It is never too late to put Nigeria back on track. See Lagos, see Fashola!

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