The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure –
Thomas Jefferson

Peter Rufai was in goal that day. It was a mysterious day in every sense of the word. This was the football match that ended India’s football journey as they were forever banned from football by FIFA on a two count charge of scoring too many goals in a first class football match and doing so in mysterious circumstances. According to the interviews granted by the Nigerian players including the mercurial Segun “Mathematical” Odegbami, each time they wanted to kick the ball, they saw a ball of fire. This meant that they drew back each time and the Indians attacked them even more. Peter Rufai who would have saved the day for Nigeria said each time the ball approached him he saw a Lion instead and so Nigeria lost to India. That proved to be India’s last match!

I believed all of this like the little boy I was because I was a little boy with a little brain and because my little brain could also see that the adults believed it. If believing it as a kid was bad enough for me, imagine the teenagers and later adults I had to lecture about the impossibility of that happening. To this day, some adults still believe this tale. Some because they never heard India mentioned as a football nation and because those who told them the story never came back to say it was a big joke. They have refused to see the tale as it was meant to be; something to be shared with willing folks. If the chances of Nigeria losing 100-nil to India or to any team for that matter is considered impossible( even American Samoa wouldn’t), something even seemingly more impossible was to see Hosni Mubarak as anything else but the President of Egypt. Like the coming of Moses in Biblical times, Egyptians came at him and after 10 plagues –okay not plagues, say riots – he bowed to the voice of God (the voice of the people). You can suppress the will of the people but only for a limited time. Zimbabweans were not persistent enough, else they would have washed Mugabe off their television and capital city.

It is a new world. Power belongs to the people and with the advent of globalization and the flatness of the news media, people of different nations will be inspired by themselves. We will stand and fall together in this world. I’d like to advice other despots in power to take note. Tunisia and now Egypt, it is no fluke, it is the modern reality. Dynasties have come crashing and it is age of The People’s wish. No President should lead a country beyond 8 years no matter his/her performance. If s/he cannot groom better leaders to succeed him then that’s a failure in itself.
What do Babangida and Mubarak have in common? Please guess? …You are wrong! They both begged to rule for a little while. Babangida begged for “One term only”, while Mubarak wanted the people to allow him till September to finish off the economy and enough time to move his cash from the state house. Lol. That is what they have in common –begging to rule. So after 30 years of ruling as a Pharaoh without control, Hosni Mubarak is history. Mubarak who was the strongest leader in the Middle East is gone and his future remains uncertain. I wonder if the people will allow him time to spend his loot before bundling him to prison. If you don’t believe India beat Nigeria 100-nil because it is not true, believe Hosni Mubarak was ousted by the people of Egypt and that’s a fact. He had the support of a characteristically dummy military but he was ousted, he had all the powers and the money but the people were adamant and persistent in their mission. Mubarak’s legacies will now be washed off by the flowing Nile because of the events surrounding his exit from government – much more like President Olusegun Obasanjo’s third term bid. Cote d’voire over to you and may the domino never stop till the world is left without despots and power mongers like Mugabe. Gabon’s Omar Bongo wopuld be a suitable target for another African revolution. Bongo is next please!

PS: May the souls of the patriots who died in the struggle Rest in Peace

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