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“Usually I don’t do this but…” written by Omolola Olaleye (Racism Rant)

I always try not to use racism as an excuse for people’s actions…but today just proved that ‘equal opps’ is bullshit!. if you have an issue with my ethnicity, shoot yourself….!…why should you judge me ‘cos of my colour?!..why should we even have a ‘colour’….cant we just be people!!..not pink or black or yellow or white?

So we just moved to a new house, and every morning when I get on the bus, I’m the only black person and people STARE at me!?! …Same thing in the evenings on my way back home….I usually just pretend and say ‘nahh they just looking!’…
Today, On the way to church, some man (I hate to say white but that seems to be the only way to describe people in the West….by their colour) he was staring at me and i looked him in the eyes and moved up to sit opposite him….and next thing he does the sign of the cross and gets off he bus…..NOW NOW NOW! Do not tell me that he was just doing sign of the cross for the sake of doing cos he kept looking like ‘how the fuck did Negros get on this bus’ (facial expressions go a lonnnng way!)….This is England, everyone has a right to move…purple, pink, white or green…If you have a problem with my colour jump off a cliff….Thank you in anticipation!!!!>.

After mass, I went to Argos with mum and my sisters to buy a microwave and some duvet covers….The cab man who (according to the description on equal opportunities paper, is considered Asian) (i really hate to describe people using their ethnicity…i hate it!) …felt the need to treat us like shit, like we could not pay him £7…..£7 cannot buy the bra I’m wearing right now. He was so rude! and disrespectful…and I sensed a bit of envy too, because we bought loads of stuff from Argos and I guess he was thinking, ‘how can they buy so much?’ but is it your business?!….or…Is that why we are here?!

The new neighbours keep staring at us, everyday!>…..LIke seriously….is it wrong for Africans to live in Oakwood?! is there a sign that says “for whites only” This isn’t the slave trade era!…Well, now it’s indirect discrimination and stereotyping.
But…according to my mum, na condition make crayfish bend…..in Naija, I don’t enter cab (sorry I’m not trying to show off…I’m just being honest here!)…it’s rare for me to get a cab…cos my parents will say, “ask Mr Kinkan to drop you”. or “sit in your house!! no be by force to waka commot for house!”…….
It’s not their fault, they are ignorant people…limited…assuming that every Africans in their country are here for their benefits….I’m here to be educated….I pay £11k for tuition….half of them can’t earn that in 5 years!!!…
In naij, people can tell what class you belong to…just from the way you look, speak and dress…..Capitalism keeps people in their class!> No Disrespect! and that is not even enough to treat people like they are less of the human specie….

I’m pretty pissed right now and some things may be considered offensive and I apologize!…but I can’t censor my feelings!…..
The fact is, just because there is no “whites only” sign outside does not mean that racism (I really hate this word!!!!!) does not exist….It’s there in our very eyes….We can choose to ignore it (i try) or we can use it as an excuse for everything bad in our lives…
I’d rather be a princess in my country o!>..It’s just sad how Africans see “non Africans in their country and treat them like God…I guess it’s wrong to repay evil with evil!”…..I just need to graduate, get a good job and move back to Africa…cos Home is where my heart is!..
If Nigerian education was good enough, will I be here? In this oyinbo land that people want to die!>..No Be My Portion!
Good Evening.

P.S..Forgive me if my words offend you in anyway… 🙂 Just speaking my mind loud.

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