The man and the hour literally met when Toyosi Akerele roused Nigeria to a moment of reality – the reality that the future has come for Nigeria and that arrival will be heralded by its young people – on live national television at the widely publicized, and live televised Bring Back The Book Campaign with President Goodluck Jonathan. With a voice fit to be a King’s, she presented the best speech by any Nigerian leader in years. For someone seen only as a young leader, that is a gauntlet to the ruling class and those scheming to replace them. It is a good thing their gazes almost pierced into her body on that day, it shows they saw, they heard and are aware of the voice of the young Nigerian. “Stand Up! Sit Down!’’, and the crowd followed suit to prove that leadership is as much about the people’s willingness to follow as it is about the leader’s ability to lead – both a necessity for justice to reign.

Unruly elements are desperate to rule Nigeria, that is the reason for the bombs and nothing else – inept, immoral and desperate elements who want nothing but power for power’s sake. In 2011 alone, we have had hundreds of Nigerians die of politically motivated schemes and the year is only a few days old – how many more before the elections? One thing is certain though – as far as the 2011 elections go, no war can outlast the will of the people because the people’s will will always prevail.

Years ago we did not have a voice but now we’ve got voices that ring even louder than the bombs and the barrels. Toyosi Akerele and her likes are the voices of the future speaking today, whose echoes are louder than even today’s voices – voices of men who should be busy empowering new leaders but instead are in the business of killing today’s and tomorrow’s leaders. Put today’s rulers against those who should be our leaders in a game of reason and intelligence and the result would be inevitable. The leaders will come out tops even when the rulers play with their weapons of mass destruction. Nigerian youths have come of age – Inako! It is time! A leader who does not know when to appoint a successor is nothing but a dying tree without roots and branches – its end inevitable. New trees will sprout, bloom, flourish and bear fruits even if old ones refuse to be productive.

Like the rushing of blood from the Plateau, like the pains of poverty across the nation, like the voices of Nigeria’s young population – our desire for a true leader, a leader chosen only by our votes is a quest that reaches the depth of our being and this cannot be mistaken for anything else or less. The wasted souls, the victims of maladministration and official sleaze and corruption, the loud unheard voices of Nigerian youths have come to the fore and 2011 is the culmination. To shut the voice of the people is to shut the voice of God and to do that is to call for catastrophe!
Our official Life Expectancy is 47 years ( it simple means the age an average Nigerian is expected to live for), but I expect that figure to go lower by the end of the year. When the crop of Nigerian youths gathered today in preparation for the elections, we had fierce looking police men and anti-bomb squads because vampires are lurking and are everywhere. The darkest hour is said to be that just before dawn and the dawn of a new Nigeria is on the horizon. It is inevitable that our voices will count this time around but an inevitability taken for granted never sees reality. “The mode in which the inevitable comes to pass is through effort” as said by Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes.

We must Register, Select, Vote and Protect our votes. RSVP is the way to go. We either do our part and see the inevitable come to pass, or we don’t and hence suffer the consequence of inertia. The power lies with us.

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