You lied about attending a higher institution which you never did. You left your last company in a cloud of lies and questions. You lied to me about getting chased by a landlady that never existed. Whenever you look into the mirror you probably stole from someone, what you see is the FACE OF A LIAR.
Being a liar is not your worst state, that is only the foundation. You are a rogue, a thief and a monster. You are the worst form of human expression. Whenever you find a church or man pray against or curse the devil, take cover, duck because you are the Devil in its full essence.
You came to me and gave me a tale about not having a place to stay. You created a story so pathetic only a wicked soul like yours would have turned you away. I gave you the keys to my friend’s house with instruction to leave at a certain day. You lied to me about leaving only for my friend to find you. You kept sneaking into the same house I let you into without qualms.
That was bad enough, then you went ahead to steal my belongings. The one that hurt most is my mum’s 6 yard native. I have waited all this while to see if you’d call to say you mistakenly packed my things. Expectedly you never did. Having stolen those things, can you see that you were goofy? The clothes by now would be fading and even if you sold them, you would have exhausted the loot.
Read these lines carefully…if you don’t send me an apology within the next 24 hours, I’ll close every door left of you to exploit. I’ll come to your church with a picture of you and hand the details of your atrocities to your pastor. You are a shame to your family, your church and whatever group you represent. I am so so ashamed we share the same nationality. You are the worst man I have ever met. You are the worst form of human expression I have ever experienced and trust me you are a walking disaster.
Your worst problem is the fact that you lie to yourself. Sometimes you sit down and wonder if you were cursed. Yes you are right. You are cursed and are a walking corpse. Your only redemption with me is to send an apology for stealing my things despite hurting myself to hurt you.

PS: I wrote this when I discovered that someone I gave the keys to my spare room had left with my belongings. I was so pissed I needed to express my anger. Imagine the mental damage this would have inflicted on the recipient. I hate to hurt anyone with my words so I got my system and poured these vitriolic. Of course, it worked because after writing it, I relaxed and just left the thieving retard to karmic justice. The point is, it is always better to let out our demons, only we are better off letting them off where they can do no wrong.

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