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“Think well, say well, act well and Nigeria will go well”, hell Obasanjo said that. He spoke well by saying elections were a “Do or die affair”. Any way, irrespective of what happens, he’n dey laff and even when his daughter lost to MKO Abiola’s daughter at the Ogun State Senatorial primaries, you’d expect he is still laughing – something has to be done because Baba must not be shamed o or else he’ll lose his Kampeness.

They have said if peaceful means will not get them to power, then we should live with the violence. Staying true to their promise, violence has become our new norm. It is only about how many dead and how many injured rather than expecting death free violence – all of these in the name of wanting to serve Nigerians. Ain’t Nigerians blessed, when they have people willing to kill just to serve them? Some hard luck men.

Rather than plan just in case of violence during the elections, we plan for war. Don’t be fooled peeps, there are bombs and long range and short range guns along with blue-tooth cutlasses and blades. It is easy to decipher – just witness the primaries across the nation.

Thank God for Lasgidi sha. At the moment, Lagos is the cleanest, safest and the arguably the most beautiful State in Nigeria – credit to CP Akpoyibo too for his role on the security front. If Governor Fashola performs half as much in his second term, Lagos will be some sort of haven of investment. That is not a given though because he has to battle the almighty PDP and others at the elections. I heard Mr. Pedro lost to Mr. Dosumu at the PDP primaries. That is sure to polarize the PDP further like it has been across the nation. I expect them to get at least half as many votes as they did in 2007 when they had about 500,000 votes. PDP! Power ( well except when a certain Tinubu is interested too).

All of those that are desperate to see a change of leadership at the presidential level, should stay calm. The PDP will remain in power at that level still. The PDP made sure of that when their law makers made Nigeria a multi-party state. The more the numbers of Lilliputian parties as we currently have, the more difficult it is to have a virile opposition to the PDP hegemony. The ACN has increased in terms of clout, number and prestige but they still are not big enough to sweep-off the PDP. Those complaining about the ACN’s accommodation of PDP rejects should keep mum. The same folks who will not step out to be part of the political process are the ones croaking and ducking all over the place. A party can only accept those who want to be part of it. Having said this, let me also state that the real presidential elections is the PDP Primaries. The winner takes all – PDP, Nigeria and those states where only food determine their voting conscience. Awon elebi!

Chief Gani Fawehinmi has done his part and left, but Kris Okotie will be running as usual. House of Nigeria Fresh. Imagine someone saying his is one of the parties you only remember in cycles of four years – but is that true? People sha!

If the elections are closer to free and fair than Do or die, then expect the ACN to dominate the west, the PDP to remain at the centre and the courts to be busier than they have ever been. I am thinking it is high time I went for that Law degree but I am also thinking the Nigerian economy needs me more.
As for you eh, go and REGISTER. It is the first of a necessary four step. The others will be communicated to you as the process continues. But really, if you don’t know the others you are just as bad as all of the election riggers, because not being part of the pro-free and fair elections process is being part of the rigging process.
Can we have Free and Fair elections? May be we can. Can we have peaceful elections? Dear Lord, please protect us and keep us from being amongst the victims. There will be victims! I wish you the best. Cheers Naija. But in order not to be a victim of bad governance, go Register, it is the first step of four necessary actions. Register to vote – Select a candidate to vote for – Vote at the polls – Protect your Votes. Thank God Pastor E. A. Adeboye is leading the front so trust God to watch over your head.

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