The major reason children are qualified to be called naïve is due to their inquisitive nature. Children are inquisitive to a fault, and since they don’t nurse the fear of being considered foolish or stupid, they maximize the right to ask whatever their minds long to understand and this is solely responsible for the rapid acquisition of knowledge for kids.

Almost the reverse is the case as we grow older; we become less curious to always ask why, not really because adulthood is synonymous to being an highland of knowledge but because it is easier to live by assumptions, though it comes with grave consequences. A native adage explains that “he who asks for direction wouldn’t miss his way” apart that asking questions provides one with vital information, proper personal questioning serve as a medium for personal check and balance and also self assessment for self actualization.

The human life is quite short and if we must maximize our life and potentials; genuine, sincere, precise and thought provoking questions must be asked from time to time. For instance, one of the most crucial questions you could ever ask yourself is the question of your purpose here on earth. But the paradox is that this is a question too many never ask all through the journey of life. If a manufacturer manual came with our placentas, probably, it would have made the search for purpose easier, however, that we came with no manual is no justification or indication that there isn’t. We only have to connect to ourselves and the manufacturer to search out the purpose of our existence.

When purpose is lost or hasn’t been discovered, abuse is utterly inevitable, so say the old adage. The major reason why some keep feeling frustrated, dejected and depressed to the height of committing suicide is simply because they haven’t gotten the question of purpose settled from within. No doubt at all challenges will appear from time to time in the journey of life but we can be rest assured that achieving our purpose will come with benefit that will bring us long lasting joy.
It’s been discovered that more money comes with more bills and higher taxes, more friends comes with more commitments. In short more materials things do not bring the long lasting joy and fulfillment that we really desire, but understanding and working in ones purpose brings eternal joy. The kind that can’t be defined! Yes, the kind that words fail to explain.

Since we all want to experience joy, happiness and fulfillment. The only source of joy and eternal fulfillment comes from the “knowing” that we are on the right course and that we are making a difference in the life of others with all of our gifts and talents. The creator of the universe hasn’t given everything to one person but He has given at least one thing to one person. Come to think of it no country has the abundance of all the natural resources required to make life easy and very comfortable for her citizenry. Everyone has a distinct uniqueness which could add to the progress of humanity.

The purpose of human life is to serve and to show compassion to help others. If the older generation have done so much to make life more comfortable through positive contribution and creative inventions. We shouldn’t only be beneficiary; we also owe our generation and the next the responsibility of making our own positive impact by making the world better than we met it. The earlier one gets on the journey of purpose the better, science has proved that once a person is above twenty five years the bones starts getting weaker and brittle and when over thirty years of age you begin to lose thousands of brain cells each day. Little wonder why the books of books encourages carrying ones yoke while one is young.

Enough of chasing the air, enough of doing things that we wouldn’t want to recognize with in future, year by year we are becoming better equipped to accomplish the things we are striving for. But what are we actually striving for? In this New Year, it’s only wise to pay more attention to things that you naturally and passionately love doing because if you check deeply you are most likely born to do that thing. The goldmine you’ve been chasing desperately might be tired to that skill or talents crying out for expression. You can’t be too sure, I tell you, you can’t be too sure.

All the best!

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