‘You are quiet’ Sharma said as she laid her head on Mehans chest playing with the chest hair. He kissed her head and pulled her closer to him savouring the sweet smell of her.
They were laying on his bed of white clouds that sailed slowly around a large garden of exotic and rare flowers and trees that bloomed constantly below carefully tended by the watched eyes of the stars above, who also served as musicians ever time the clouds were laid.
‘I was just thinking’
‘About ?’
‘What I would give to have things be different for us’
‘I love you’
‘I know that, I just wish I could give you more than just a moment in secret’
‘You have given me more than I could ever ask for Mehan.’
‘Sharma, when all this is over, will you ascend with me?’
She looked up at him shocked at his question
‘You’ve always rejected ascension’
‘I am seriously considering it but I will not leave without you’ he replied stroking her dark hair.
‘But who will lead the lower heavens?’ she asked
‘Haven’t you considered anyone?’
‘Have you?’
‘Yes, Atripon’
‘What!’ she replied gathering herself in sheets as she tried to sit up.
‘I know what you are thinking Sharma’
‘I wish I could say the same’
‘Listen to me Sharma this has gone on long enough, I cannot bear to see you suffer another day on that throne. You cannot bear this burden anymore.’
‘And Atripon can, you would trust his judgement more than you do mine?’
‘I trust his intentions Sharma, I trust your unfailing love.’
‘That doesn’t answer my question.’
‘Your question doesn’t deserve an answer.’
They both looked at each other and suddenly burst out laughing in remembrance. He reached out to touch her face drawing her closer to him.
‘It makes me so happy to hear you laugh’
‘You are the only person who can’
‘Then come with me Sharma, I would rather die a mortal death than live in the upper heavens without you’
‘Do not speak of such things my love, don’t ever speak of dieing.’
‘Then come with me.’
‘What will I tell Dremon or the other gods? What do you think they will do?’
‘What can they do?’ Mehan said clearly irritated at her statement’
‘To us nothing, but to themselves? Mehan you know them, most of them are children at heart unable to make decisions for them without meeting on the great rock. And those are the people you wish to trust with the lives of mortals led by Atripon.’

‘I would rather lose the entire world than you’
‘You will never lose me Mehan’ she said kissing his fingers
‘Don’t be blind to the truth Sharma, with each day his powers grow, if he finds out who he really is, he will execute his right to challenge you for the throne and it will be a fight to the death.’
‘It will never come to that, the ravier…’
‘The ravier will what Sharma? Do you honestly think she can destroy him?’
‘Do you honestly want her to?’
‘He is our son Sharma, the living proof of my love for you, my love with you. I would give a thousand eternities to save you the pain of his death, which is why I want to take you out of this realm before that reality beckons upon you. This can end in so many ways Sharma but each one leaves you in sorrow.’
‘I saw him today Mehan’

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