BATTLE OF IMMORTALS cHaPTer VI written by Halima Shadiyya Oluokun

‘No, I totally forbid it’
‘But father please listen’
‘I will here no more of this, you will not go to live amidst mortals, not at a time like this’
‘Comosi, she is only trying to help, to relieve you of the pressure caused by all the mayhem on earth.’
‘By choosing to live a mortal life! If I were still mortal that would be the surest way to send me through the very gates I guard. And I cannot believe that you would actually agree with her Nyka’
‘It is the only way father’
‘It is suicide!’
‘You speak as if what I do is wrong father’
‘I speak as a father should, as if I know that you do not know what you are doing’ replied Comosi standing from his throne exiting the room to his private chambers. Cearki tried to speak once more but was silenced by a hand motion from her mother who simply watched him walk away in anger.
‘Mother please, I need you to make him understand’
Nyka looked at her daughter saying softly, ‘how can I convince him of what I do not fully understand?’
‘Mother you have always told me that as an immortal, the wants of men must always come before my own, that is the only way our own immortality makes sense. Their world is ruined mother, and we stall to make amends because of our titles.’
‘No Salen, we stall because we have forgotten what it was like to be mortal, the fragility of life as it were.’
‘I don’t understand mother.’
‘You cannot, you have never lived a mortal life; which is why I want to encourage you to have one, only then will you fully understand the ideals that most of the other gods have forgotten now. What I need to know is what your mission is down there?’
‘Mother, have I ever disappointed you?’
Nyka looked at her daughter rather bemused before stroking her hair and saying softly, ‘You undergo a task in which even I, your mother, cannot be told.’
‘Mother, I fear that what I must do will cause factions amidst the gods that is why no one must know’
‘What have you gotten yourself into Imos?’
‘What I believe is right and must be done’
‘Do you realise that once you choose a mortal life, the heavens, the gods, immortality, all of that becomes history never to be yours again until your place is earned once more by only you. We will be forgotten by you and you will be a mortal, vulnerable to illness and death, even your father will not be able to prevent that.’
‘I know that if I succeed on earth, all this will come to an end’
‘Does this have anything to do with the deliverer?’
Cearki looked up at her mother unable to hide the truth in her eyes, who gasped at the revelation she was confronted with. Nyka placed her hand over her mouth.
‘Mother please, I have no choice; I have to do this’ Cearki said grasping her mothers hand in hers pleading for an understanding she knew only mothers had, an understanding placed on the foundation of faith.
‘’And when this is all over, if you succeed at whatever it is you choose to do, what becomes of you, have you thought o ask yourself that ?’
‘Whatever is meant to happen will mother, I am not afraid to face it after everything I have seen and heard.’
‘You are young Salen and your youth gives you hope but for all our sakes I hope you are right’ she said as she stood and walked staring down at her daughter. ‘Now you must leave, I need to speak to your father alone’ she said smiling. Cearki smiled back, hugging her mother fiercely before walking out of the hall.
Nyka watched her daughter go before she looked in the direction that Comosi had taken and followed to find him staring into his Charain searching for answers. She stood watching him from the distance slowly taking in the sight of him as he fixed his eyes upon the scenes appearing before him.
‘Comosi, her mind is set on her journey, let it be.’ She said as she walked towards him.
‘Only pain and death awaits her in the world of men’ he replied as the charain closed
‘There is also life somewhere in between, and where there is life there is hope, Comosi we must let her go.’ He sighed as he closed his eyes and held himself.
‘Do you remember our wedding night?’ she said as she wrapped her arms around him from behind. He smiled as he held her hands in his, ‘How can I forget? It is one of the best moments of my life.’ He said turning around to look at her. She was tall almost as tall as he, with pale skin that contrasted with his dark brown. She had a long nose that Cearki inherited with grey eyeballs that were dressed in long thick lashes. Her lips were thin but pink. How could he not remember their wedding night? They had decided to exchange vows immediately they ascended to the lower heavens making them the first and oldest pair. She looked so beautiful in the pinkest silk with her pale yellow hair held up with platinum pins. Every god in the lower heavens attended. When night came, he walked into her private chambers and found her awaiting his presence. He loved her that night and has loved only her ever since’
‘Yes’ he replied looking down at her
‘I said, do you remember what you said to me that night?’
‘Now that is low’ he said as he drew himself back
‘You said you would never refuse me anything, in four hundred years I have never questioned your decisions, never interfered with your duties even when I did not quite agree with them only because I trusted you. I now ask that you respect her decision and trust her judgement’
‘Nyka please do not do this’
‘Don’t you see Comosi, I have to do this.’ She said as she held his face in her soft hands staring into his large brown eyes.’ A war is brewing Comosi and we cannot afford to sit on the fence trying to patch things anymore. Cearki has taken a bold step to stir the battle in the favour of the gods, we as her parents must support that decision and protect her as much as we can.’
‘I do not want to involve her in this war Nyka! This is my only offspring, who will succeed me upon my ascension?’
‘So that is what this is all about? She said letting go of him, her anger clearly shown at his remark. ‘Do you realise how many people die and suffer just because of several gods like yourself who have chosen not to care about them any longer?’
‘They suffer because they fail to believe in their gods!’
‘And can you blame them, have we given them a reason to believe in us!’
‘We do not control their actions we cannot be held responsible for what they choose to do.’
‘Perhaps, but we must hold ourselves accountable for the release of the demon lord.’
‘You mean I should hold myself responsible’ said Dremon with disdain.
‘That was not what I meant, I simply meant…’
‘If I am to be held responsible for his release is my punishment to be placed upon my offspring, must she carry the burden of my mistake?’
‘This is not about you Comosi, and Cearki’s descent is not your punishment or mine, she made a choice and it is by far the bravest decision I have seen any immortal make in aeons, and no matter what happens, for whatever it is worth I will support her and protect her’ Nyka replied.
‘Do you realise that if we do decide to let her go, she will no longer be our daughter, she will be lost to us in the world below that is unsafe, I will not be in direct contact with her until she passes through the dead gates and that is if I recognise her in human skin. Nyka, no matter what happens I will not be able to protect her’
‘You will not need to, I will ride across the winds to find her and teach her what she needs to defend herself.’
‘I fear you do not see the true picture for what it is Nyka, do you think that she will simply be born and she will bear that girl and it is over and done. From the moment she is born to up to the moment she conceives and finally nurtures the girl to adulthood, she will be a fugitive, they both will be hunted by many who stop at nothing to harm her and the child, and you expect me to stand in the background and do nothing!’
‘Then prepare her Comosi, protect her as much as you can from harms way but do not try to stop her. This war must end one way or the other it must end.’
‘And if she fails?’
‘If she fails it is only because the gods failed her and we must see to it that it does not happen.’
Grey eyes squared in brown for several moments before Comosi finally let out a long sigh and said. ‘Very well Nyka, if Cearki believes she is ready to carry on such a responsibility I will not stand in her way’
Nyka rushed at him hugging him and he held her close to him closing his eyes. ‘I just hope it is the right decision for her’
‘Everything will be fine Comosi, we need only be prepared’
He pulled back and held her by the shoulders, ‘Then prepare we shall’

‘What ails you Clotho?’ asked Lachesis as she looked upon her sister who was clearly disturbed. Clotho looked upon the mirror before her to stare upon the image of her sister-in-duty Lachesis who was seated upon her stool preparing to weave. After nearly six hundred years, Clotho was the oldest serving sister of the fates, far older than even the old and wise Atropos but regardless Lachesis and Atropos watched over and protected her instinctively as the youngest of the three because physically she was a young blooming maiden of twenty years. However, with almond skin and soft brown eyes and hair, cut short to frame her face and a petit frame she looked like a fragile eighteen year old.
‘Why are we here Lachesis?’
Lachesis smiled as she dropped her shuttle and faced Clotho, ‘I asked you the same question the same day I was asked to assume this duty. Do you remember what you told me?’
‘To create a balance’
‘But have we done that Lachesis, have we succeeded in our duties?’
‘You doubt our competence?’ asked Atropos who on sensing the awakening of her colleagues must have risen from sleep.
‘Atropos you should be resting’ replied Clotho looking upon her second mirror.
‘You should be the one resting Clotho, do you think I do not sense your worries, I have simply decided to let you be until you are ready to talk and what better moment than now’ replied Lachesis.
‘I met with the ravier.’
‘The sorceress? Why?’
‘Sharma and the gods have ordered that she be released back to the world of men’
‘What?’ screamed Lachesis, ‘they cannot do that? That monster ripped and tangled my tapestry, I am yet to fully undo the wrong and they release her’
‘They have finally lost it; those over bearing pompous pricks’ snared Atropos.
‘I don’t know what to make of all this any more?’ said Clotho touching her temple.
‘What do you mean you don’t know what to make of it? It is a very simple case of a wicked black hearted girl who used her magic to enter the dead gates, only heaven knows why…’
‘I do’ stated Clotho ‘I do know why now’ she repeated as she looked upon Atropos.
‘Would you be so kind to share it then’ said Lachesis
‘I will do a better than to tell’ as she closed her eyes to merge her mind with those of her sisters that they would share her experience with Rahun who closed their eyes as well to merge with her. In this state they become one in mind and body sharing as much as each is willing to give, immune to matter and time and invincible even for the gods to challenge but unknown to everyone else except themselves vulnerable to death if their physical states were in anyway tampered with. Clotho shared with them her experience in the cocoon, careful to leave out details of her encounter in the mosses with Jei. Lachesis was the first to display a show of emotion but by the time, it was over Clotho realised Atropos was in tears.
‘That poor child, to have endured so much pain in life only to suffer even more in death’
‘It was a noble choice’ said Atropos ‘but that does not make it right. She should have accepted her destiny and lived on without him.’
‘Would you Atropos knowing you could change it? Would I, knowing all I do now?’ said Clotho looking at her older counterpart who could not find a reply.
‘What would the gods have us do?’ asked Lachesis as she stood from her stool.
‘We need to find a safe place for her to be born among mortals; it will have to be a place that is well guarded yet secluded but not totally inaccessible’ replied Clotho.
‘Like a temple’ said Atropos ‘she can be raised there away from prying eyes.’
‘They intend to send her back with some of her powers; her black magic will not allow her access’ Clotho answered again.
‘Then perhaps some territory on the highlands, she will be safe there amongst her own kind’ said Atropos
‘That is until they realise who she really is.’ Lachesis answered
‘They wont’ whispered Clotho standing from her stool ‘not if we can help it’
‘We cannot interfere directly in the lives of mortals; it will be considered an abuse of office’
‘I do not intend to do that Atropos; however I will need Lachesis to make a few cuts and stitches to benefit our cause.’
‘To what end Clotho’
‘Sharma intends to send Cearki Imos Salen…’
‘Comosi’s only child!’ both Atropos and Lachesis screamed together
Clotho could only nod
‘Why?’ asked Atropos
‘In these turbulent times, how could she do that? She has no right to punish him for what was not his fault’
‘Cearki volunteered of her own volition Lachesis’ answered Clotho
‘I doubt without persuasion’ replied the older woman
‘I cannot tell but I do know this for sure, she will bear the sorceress.’
‘The question now is who will bear her, am I correct?’ asked Lachesis
‘You need me to find her immortal thread, strip it of its husk and then attach it to a strand upon the fabric.’
‘I know it’s not as easy as it sounds but I trust that you are quite capable of handling it’
‘Clotho, you do realise that if we fail this may be the beginning of the end for us all, mortal and immortal alike’ said Lachesis
‘Then we must see to it that we do not’ Clotho replied
‘Yes, we will’ said Atropos standing ‘we will help the sorceress and bring an end to the darkness.’
‘Lachesis looked upon both women young and old and smiled ‘Sharma trusts you and so does this old nag, therefore I will trust you. Give me three moons to prepare and I will find the perfect mother for Cearki.’
‘I will inform Sharma’
‘After you have had your rest, now into the mirror’ scolded Atropos
‘Yes grandma’ replied Clotho before gracefully walking through the doorway to her domain to rest’

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