A lot of you will not agree with me because I am not a fan the Hennessy-Moet-Iye-Iyo-Oh-Eh type of music. I dance to them when in public and even do listen to them at home when I want some energy but they just cannot stand against songs that combine sense with words and sounds. These ones form the crux of this list. Like the music we choose to listen to, I can bet my hand this will not be met by a consensus feeling. The best goes thus –

10. Kondo – Da’Grin
9. Ko Ma Roll – Mo’Cheddah
8. Oleku – Ice Prince
7. Molenu – Da’Grin
6. Concrete Jungle – Nneka
5. Only Me – Tuface
4. Jukpa – J Martins and Ipupa
3. Nobody – MI and Tuface
2. Beautiful Imperfection- Asa
1. Gbamu Gbamu – 9ice

Before you start wondering whether I’m trying to be cheeky, let me state that the above list is in no particular order. These for me are the songs that defined my 2010. Let me also state that if I decide to write a new list tomorrow morning, it will change by another two or three tracks and that is just to show you how subjective this list is. Surely, no one out there will be with me on this one 100%. It’s the reason we all have our rights to choose. Cheers

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