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Why Must It Be A Man’s World? – Part 3 (She’s Barren) by Omolola Olaleye

“She’s a whore, She used to sleep around, She’s a witch, she used her womb for juju” – typical African thing when a woman can’t have kids. It is so rampantly said it is almost an adage in itself. The mother – in – law, the neighbours, the village gossip, even the pepper seller will calculate how long you have been married and still you don’t have kids.

Yes children are a big part of marriage but not everyone is meant to be married or even have kids.

I remember my cousin’s graduation, some lady was praying and she gets to this part “Lord, as your daughter has finished her Masters, we now hope for marriage and children!” wtf????? I mean, they didn’t even pray for a good job but oh well. I am not saying it’s a bad prayer but please allow the girl sef!

So the typical scenario – It’s the woman’s fault that she cant have kids, but how many people consider the men. African men (including all those my chewing gum small small boy friends that like doing hard guy) are too egoistic. They won’t see the doctor because it’s an insult to them and their willies or they are ashamed. What the hell??? It’s for your own good. Their mothers also say “ahhh are u saying my son is impotent!”. “Did we say that?”

It’s a shame that educated people act like illiterates in the name of culture and tradition. If it’s not, “you dont have a child”, it will be “why cant u have a son?” – She can’t have a son because its what you put inside, that she will give you!!! (We all know the XX XY biology behind this)

Long story short, my point is when you say a woman cant have kids, typical stereotyping is that she was sleeping around, got pregnant a couple of times and had an abortion and now can’t bare kids.

Do men ever stop to consider that maybe their own inability to put “that thing God gave them” in one place is the reason they can’t have kids. It’s not just about having herpes or Chlamydia or whatever, its about what happens to you after you get STDs. So you think that “oh am a Don, I can twist and turn and roll and do 8 rounds, I no dey tire” – according to Juwon, “awon fuckaholic” or because your friends call u “Ekun”. Hiss! Nonsense and rubbish.

All these small boys now that are doing “fuck and go”, please as you are doing it, start thinking of your future oo!!. The fact that you can’t get pregnant now does not mean that you shouldn’t be careful! (‘cause I’d pick pregnancy over AIDS, anyday!!! – pregnancy no be illness, na condition! AIDS, na to die be that!)

Boys – As ur assessing the girl’s dichotomous attacker and defender, be assessing the fact that you don’t know where she’s been and if you have too, (all these boys that have no self control and use their willies as brains!) use protection! They can’t sing it loud enough, even people that know still say “ohh lemme just do, sebi its one, she wont be pregnant but YOU, you could lose your willy o! plus the baby may just pop out that one time!

The simple truth is that, we do things for now, we don’t think about tomorrow and the earlier we learn to make ALL decisions based on where we want to be tomorrow, the better for us!

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