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Why Must It Be A Man’s World – Part 2 (Dating Ex’s friends) by Omolola Paul-Olaleye

A typical scenario goes thus; So I was seeing John for like a year and John’s ‘not so close’ friend, Thomas is asking me out 2 years after I ended it with John. But John is saying I can’t date his friend ‘cause when the guys sit to talk, they will refer to me as a whore!

But John has been with all my friends!

Please, please, and please!!! Tell me why i should not pick Thomas since I really like him and he does not mind that I dated John.

We are just a bunch of teenagers and we don’t know where we are gonna b in the future, so I should jeorpadise my potentially happy marriage because of a small boy friend I had when I was 17. You try!

Still goes back to the fact that Africans are very much sexist! When John was ‘doing’ all my friends, he did not know that I remain his ex, when i wanna ‘do’ his friend, then the whole Ex topic comes in! wth??

If boys are able to do all their ex-es’ friends without being tagged whores or male whores, perverts or whatever, then why should women be the whores?

My exceptionally silly friend, Ayo said to me “I want a virgin, untouched wife because people will not say she’s a bitch that has fucked around” and I said “Ayo, so if you meet a girl that had sex with her ex boyfriend, you will say she’s a bitch?’

To me, every woman is a bitch! You don’t have to agree or accept it but a bitch is a bitch is a bitch like every female dog. Some of us are just well mannered to keep our bitching and ‘whoring’ to men that we are in serious relationships with and others wanna make their commodity public. At the end of the day, I have a say in who I date and dating a friend of an ex should not be a big issue (except the guy has done something really and absolutely terrible, he is scared the woman will tell her new boyfriend)

PS: As for your thoughts and comments, mind that I may not agree with what you say but trust I will defend even to death your right to say it. Cheers peeps and live your life.

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