Why Must It Be A Man’s World? – Part 1 (Virginity) by Omolola Paul-Olaleye

I am beginning to feel like people will think I am anti-men but oh well! That’s life!
So, the man wants a virgin wife, but he is not a virgin and then he finds out the girl isn’t virgin and he tells her to leave (a day after the wedding!). Now please, please, please, my

Dad once told me that ‘virginity is like a bottle of coke, someone opened it, does not mean you won’t drink it! Yesss! he is sooo right!! What’s the biggie. Why should a man be fucking around from age 15 and still want a virgin wife?!! In his bloody dreams! Even the girls in primary 5 have been disvirgined! Hiss. I love my parents, especially my Dad. He’s sooo open about the whole sex issue. he told me ‘I am not saying you should get married a virgin, I am just saying lose your virginity to a guy that is worth it, a guy that when you see him in 20 years, you would not be ashamed and think ‘what did i do?’. He also said, ‘when you are able to face the consequences of having sex, then you are ready!! (and we all know what the main consequence is – baby, pikin, omode! and yes i know there are forms of contraception but the doctors never said they were 100% effective!) (plus, if a boy brings Gold Circle, run for ur life ooo and not in circles. Run! cheap shit!! 20 naira condom!! hiss,,, Durex only abeg and not ‘made in Aba’ Durex o’) SIMPLY PUT – IF ALL THE BOYS ARE SLEEPING AROUND AND EXPECTING TO FIND VIRGIN WIFE, THEY SHOULD WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE. I am not saying virgin girls don’t exist, but please let’s be real! Gone are the days when parents receive a full keg of palm wine to show that their daughter was a virgin at the time she got married and half keg meant she wasn’t!!

Now, I know some people will say “ehn sebi lola will know cause she has been doing it” (Someone once said I look like someone that has been having sex since!) Please – the fact that I am very opinionated and vocal about sex issues (plus apparently dirty minded and mouthed sef) does not mean I am a ‘fuckaholic’. The state of my ‘down below’ is NOT YOUR BUSINESS!!!!!

Think about it again, “what is the big deal about virginity?” (Yes, I know the person is free from infections and will not compare you to their ‘ex-fucker’ because they never had one but seriously, if u don’t sleep around and if you use Durex, then you will be free from infections too!) And ask your parents if they got married as virgins!! (if they will answer you sef and if they slap you, no be me send you o! :p)

PS: Be free to drop your take on this and wait for the other parts taken from different ends of a many-sided plane.

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