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This chic called Omolola is @ it gain: Cheating/flirting

‘He cheated on me’,
‘she’s a slut cos she was BB flirting with him’ ( i do this a lot, I won’t lie) (covering my face)

So what do we consider to be cheating? Is it that point when your partner is penetrated by another or is it when your partner ignores you at Nandos and is smiling at some naughty text message?

Now my honest and characteristic No-holds-barred opinion!!!!!

If you are not boring and if you take care of your woman (or man) then he/she will have no reason to be happy-flirting with other people!!!

Be an “all rounder”, you can evolve and be versatile to meet different needs –
• THE GOOD WIFE – You need this in front of the boy’s mum! definitely!! Unless u wan pack comot!
• THE ASAWO – Now come on!! this is for you and him/her/or whatever your partner is – in the bedroom (u know how they say variety is the spice of life – no timetabled sex please!!) but then you guys should be sincere. Sex will always hold marriages together or crash them.
• THE HOLIER THAN THOU FOR TEACHERS IN SCHOOL AND AMEBOS OFF YOUR STREET – now this is just a NO NO NO NO ‘cause even these people are BADD!!! – (Teachers can’t punish me no more so :p) but you need this for church o! Church people will slice you if you portray anything less. Trust me, you don’t need the pressure and attention.
Okay I’m ballzing here but well…

IF YOU ARE SERIOUS WITH YOUR RELATIONSHIPS, YOU WILL NOT NEED TO BE FLIRTING WITH OTHER PEOPLE because from happy flirting, you go forget when you reach that ‘occasion of sinful heartbreaking zone” .

For me, Cheating starts from when you talk dirty with other people sef!! ‘cause the total package is meant for your partner, don’t give him 70% and 30% to your other guy friend(s).

AND IF YOU ARE SINGLE LIKE MYSELF (VERY HAPPILY SINGLE *cough*) THEN FLIRT AWAY, BUT JUST KNOW WHEN TO STOP ‘cause you won’t be cheating your partner -yes! but yourself – giving yourself false hopes and claiming that no emotions are attached but when the emotions creep in, you will hate yourself!

Over random P.S

The reasons I think Nigerian men cheat on their wives:

1. These men have no self control, that thing God gave them has its own brain that most times controls them though you you expect them to have the ability to tame it. LACK OF SELF CONTROL IS THE FIRST THING

2. Now women, when your hubby met you, you were all so so sexily dressed and stuff but then after marriage, you decided to dey wear bou bou and iro and buba!! ahhhh ahhn that’s when you should ginger yourself up jare ( sorry too much terry G) – Sometimes, my dad will say to my mum, “ahh your looking all sexy today o, ahn ahnnn, where are you going?” You don’t want your husband to be ashamed of you! So please make an effort jo!!

3. If they have Iya basira-ed the man! oh well this is no one’s fault but the man, next time eat your wife’s food!! (Wives please learn to cook if you can’t)

After this set of balls I just typed and yarned – CHEATING IS BAD, and TRUST is vital for all relationships!

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