I’M DOING IT MO’ CHEEDAH WITH THE MAMA written by Japheth Omojuwa

That the MAMA (MTV Africa Music Award) is the continent’s most anticipated honours roll is no news. We had KORA Awards as the most prestigious continental award – I remember shouting myself hoarse the night Femi Kuti won the very 1st edition as the African Artiste of the Year. Those days are gone and it’s the season of the MAMA for African and even foreign artistes. I am a big fan of anything that puts naija on the map so I’d love to see all the MAMA trophies stay put in Nigeria.

For MAMA 2010, which will be hosted at the Expo Hall of Eko Hotel in December, Nigeria as expected has a lot of nominations. The usual suspects 2face, D’banj, P-square all had juicy nominations with 2face and the twins coming head-to-head in the Artiste of The Year category. That does look like a good thing for Nigeria but it is not when you realize the fact that they will have their Nigerian votes divided between themselves.
Other naija nominees include Wande Coal, Banky W, Nneka and Sasha.
Mo’ Cheedah is my favourite of the lot! – No, not that I rate her above the others – I don’t rate her below them either – I am just intrigued by her rise and her persona. I love her style, I love her flow and I am gonna be voting her over and again. Some twelve or so months ago, you could be forgiven for asking “who’s Mo’Cheedah?”, but not today. She has come a full circle. Her years of working hard, grooming, and “waiting” are finally paying off. I’d even consider her nomination a miracle of some sort. On the Knight House label, Mo’ Cheedah’s 14 tracker debut album is a music connoisseur’s delight. The twenty year old’s Franchise Celebrity album is a complete presentation of music in its classic and contemporary sense. The bonus track Shampoo is one of my favourites. It is a visa for sex! She had a street credible track with the legendary Dagrin. I fell in love (not love Love) with the petite singer when she delivered on “Wonberi”, and I just want to see her take the MAMA home to her mum.

I understand this does look like some desperate PR for Miss Modupe Oreoluwa but it is not in anyway. I don’t care if you insist it is though. I am a fan –and I don’t say that too often about any artiste except you go by the name Levelz – I’ve got the platform and I have a right to express my thoughts, plus she is the only Nigerian and unarguably the best in her category. I’d love the likes of Sasha, Nneka et al scoop MAMA trophies but being a perennial supporter of the underdog (see my support for Arsenal when I could have gone Manchester United or balling with Barcelona when I could have easily settled with Real Madrid), I want to see Mo’Cheedah win just to be able to tell someone who is no where near where s/he wants to be, to believe that even a year may be too long to see your dreams play before you in real time. Nneka will win if human brains still contain matter.

If you want to join me to see Mo’ Cheedah add another laurel to her Channel O “Most Gifted Female” award, then text BNA MO’ CHEEDAH to 6262 if you are in Nigeria and if you ain’t vote online at www.mtvmama.com ,then vote all the naija artistes for their different categories but most importantly vote the relatively yet uncelebrated acts. Let’s Vote Mo’Cheedah peeps. Heavens! You can even do that now! We swept the Channel O awards with six out of twelve categories ( the rest of Africa shared the other half), it is time to do same with MAMA –only this time, I want everything!

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