Gbangaun Unlimited written by Josh Eagles

I was reading my articles and i stumbled on this. A few folks saw it then but I’d love to share it especially as I already created a story out of it. The story is yet to be published. I hope to do so later this month. Have fun peeps.

Dear Sir or Madman,
I am attacking my resume for you to refuse.
following is a grief overview of my skills.
i have a keen eye for derail.
i am educate and very inlighting.
i have travelled far and wife spending two usefool years in Alaska,a Russian state near America. I’ll love to pitch my tent with your rivals so we can be the nations most notorious brand.
i will indeed be very greatfool if i am considered as your public relations thief.
yours fatefully
Miss Take Sojunu (ComeLoud HorseFord)

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