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…BEFORE WE SELF-DESTRUCT As written by Japheth J Omojuwa

Billionaires are who and what they are for a reason; we know what to think, how to think and the action that aligns with our actions. All of us can be Billionaires but for the good of the world, not everyone will be – so you might as well stop thinking and working to be one? No, keep thinking, keep working, it goes beyond the material, it is the wheel that moves the world. Your drive is what moves the world.

I don’t care about a world of billionaires, I care about a world of Free men – Free men who know the essence of freedom. I just want a world where everyone would have enough to eat, potable water to drink, a shelter to dwell in and something that makes him/her live for the next day, something for which everyone earns. We can make the world a place where wars will sound like they existed only in the days of dinosaurs.

This I know is very much possible and this I’d love humanity to pursue. It will take the consciousness of the fact that, our world is rich and blessed enough to take care of its tenants. We must also know and realize that to make the world a better place to live in; we must all do our part and play our individual roles. No one expects to live on another, we all make our joy and happiness, and we all earn our living; no one has a claim on another except the ability to offer value and expect value in return.

This world, our world can indeed be better than it is. It is our calling and our responsibility. This knows no borders, religion or every other thing that has helped to divide our humanity, it is a common call though with individual parts.

If each father takes care of his family, the families of the world will be taken care of. If each leader does what is right, putting the followership first, there would be no need for revolutions. If men work and get value in return, there would be no need for industrial strikes. If Liberty means to know to do, to be able to do and to be rewarded for doing, there would be no scarcity. We don’t need anti-war protests if justice is allowed to birth peace. Whether or not the world becomes a better place to live in is not a function of how many peace rallies we organize, it has nothing to do with peace pacts – it is for men to know the place of their freedom and to know it ceases to be one when it makes another man lose his.
It starts with respect for self, respect for others and the understanding that that other being has a right to live as much as you do.

Do unto others as you would like them do unto you so says Jesus Christ. Now imagine a world where that was the norm and the ideal. Is it unimaginable? No it is! It starts with you, with me, with everyone who knows to do right and indeed does right. This we have to do before we self-destruct.

What shall it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul? – Obviously nothing
What shall it profit a man to lose the world and gain his soul? – Apparently something
What shall it profit a man to gain the world and gain his soul? – Absolutely everything.
We can make the world a better place…whether we will is for You to decide.

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