Just Thinking... RELATIONSHIPS

‘Na wa o, you’re not even a naij girl’

‘No, let’s go jor, don’t buy it o, I’ld manage it till i can buy a new one. Please now’ ‘hmmm you this girl, ok oya let’s go’ So we left the blue and white shop….

……skip skip skip…..

We are walking up the escalator to see harry potter..and he goes, ‘na wa for you o, which naij girl will they want to buy BB for that will not collect, she will even ask for BB torch, you’re not a naij girl’.  And I am looking at him, laughing like a crazy person.

…..skip skip skip…..

On the train back home, I started thinking, ‘do naij boys now think that ALL naij girls want material things?’  Is that what the Nigerian girl has become? ‘buy me BB naw, buy me credit for BB service, Buy me brazillian and oeruvian and chinko hair, buy me buy me buy me’…and according to one guy on my twitter timeline, ‘buy me buy me, and she no gree fuck’!  lol.. Life is give and take!!!!

I remember in the summer, Ayo said to me, ‘if I bring kia rio or picanto to your house and some other guy brings jeep, sebi you will follow the boy with jeep?’   Choi!!!! Say wetin happen?  And I said to him, ‘there’s more to a guy than his pocket. If all your former girls were taxing you like you are a ‘money shitter’ then that’s your wahala, but I am not your former girlfriend(s)….’

The point is, women seem to be satisfied with material things and forget the real deal..’oh he beat me but I love him and he apologized and bought me a diamond ring’ … My dad, that I totally adore (I think I will even buy my future boyfriend the perfume he wears, just so he can smell like him..loool…cheesy…x_x )…Yeah so my dad always says ‘if a boy says I will buy you rolex, say no thanks, My dad bought me 5 already’.

So If I allowed him buy me a new BB (since mine is half dead and i have to hit it ‘cos it freezes and ‘mistypes’ x_x)…I really don’t know what he would think of me… But I know that life is give and take. So one day he’s going to ask me for something I may not be able to give, then yawa go gas.

…..skip skip skip…..

I am really ‘feeling’ classical music now..

#nowplaying – Arrival of The Queen of Sheeba – by George Frederic Handel

Thank God it’s Friday!!! don dey near small small…


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