Okay I have only spent just about two weeks at work but it already feels like two months. It’s been fun and very challenging. I have taken an almost astronomical leap from where I started from with this global focusing firm – you know the story about whatever you do, do it really well? – yes it worked for me here big time. I didn’t pick up my pen (sorry my system – abeg no mind me o) to write about my bullish trailblazing corporate moves, I want to talk about the ladies.

They were the ones I looked out for when I decided to serve with the company amongst other considerations. My reason had nothing to do with what your mind is probably going through, it’s just that the fish likes to be inside water not necessary to drink it but to thrive in its ambience. Yes, I love the ambience of the opposite sex. I intentionally look out for the intelligent beautiful ones or is it beautiful intelligent ones? – You pick one. At the moment, I have gotten into the minds of two, playing around the heart of one and just watching another from afar. One thing stands them all out – they are intelligent and pleasant. It’s a good thing my mind is not open to a relationship at the moment because one or two of them are that special – plus I wouldn’t date someone I see some 40 or so hours every week and at work…Nba!

I’ve got a grace for attracting this unique specie though and I am learning stuffs no book has or may ever teach. When you learn to get into the mind of a woman, tread slowly and gently, move with the sly of a cat but not with the deceptive heart of a tortoise. Listen – really listen not keep quiet to take your I sabi talk sef turn – listen because they say more than the words you hear, you see it in their eyes – reason skyping without video is a waste of time for me. You’ve got to pay attention to the pitch, the decibel, the sighs, smiles, chuckles and all that from their mouth and on their face. I got a lot to write but today is Friday and I had a really topsy-turvy week so I have to stop here. Not to worry though, I have my specimens always available and trust me to share my moments with them – as long as you don’t tell. Their names are Tush, Kemi, Shola, Hope and Stilian. They offer a lot to think about but then I am paid to work not to flirt. Thank God I don’t. #okbye

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