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A Mooching Class…Moochers as Usurpers of Mandates

Nigeria’s Justice System almost is not what I just called it – a System. It is so haphazard and irregular. A bank C.E.O steals money and goes to jail – albeit jail being a posh suite in a private hospital – while a politician steals the people’s mandate, spends the people’s money and leaves them worse than he met them, then goes home or even junkets around the world to waste his loot. Indulging in unimaginable splurges across the world. I believe the people’s votes are the most sacred thing in the practice of democracy but despite our unrivaled history of electoral fraud, no major politician has gone to jail for this purpose. May be it is because most of the Law Breakers in our Law Making houses would be in jail were that to be so. I was just thinking about Ekiti State and the three wasted years of locust, sleaze and injustice and could not imagine the fact that that usurper will enjoy all the perks and privileges of a past governor – a position he rose to through an election that never was. What do you think? I was just thinking…

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