I Luv U Nigeria ( click to play song) Olanrewaju Ogunmefun a.k.a Vector a.ka. V.E.C has rightly been widely celebrated as about the best underground rapper in Lagos. His reach cuts across both lands – The Island and the Mainland. He has kept his head in the midst of several challenges and honed his ability the past few years. Not only does he deliver dope lyrics like Nas, he has also got something in his voice like JayZ. Talk about the hybrid of both worlds.

Listening to this dude the first time, you get an impression he is not from this clime but when you really do listen you hear him flow with the verve and language of the streets yet delivered with a cool velvety touch.

Hip Hop did not come over Vector like some impulsive I-want-to-do-hiphop wishful thinking as it is with most of these champagne-Hennessey wanna-be rappers. It has been a way of life for him since way back 1994 in his Junior secondary school days. He has burnt stages across several schools since then and now mixes it with the King of the jungle himself Tuface Idibia.

The last man standing off the 1999 formed group ‘‘Badder Boiz’’ a trio comprising Vector, Krystal and Blaze. Their first demo did not stir the waters as such but the boys kept together and had a few stints at shows on the mainland. They were one of the most influential underground groups in Nigeria. Combining their differing abilities, they performed together for half a decade till 2004 when Krystal chose his path. All the while, Vector kept brushing and honing his Emceeing skills and his ability to churn out several freestyles did not go unnoticed to his group members and his immediate audience. Blaze soon followed Krystal as their paths as a group seemed irreconcilable.

With artistes being stereotypic these days, Vector offers the novelty of versatility as his ability to deliver irrespective of tempo, sound or language has shown him to be the real deal. Being in the game for a long while has helped him develop his song writing skills which he is renowned for. He has a few top-notch production credits while his ability as a rapper cum lyricist would leave some of the acclaimed rappers on the canvas. He is that good! Vector is an undisputed emcee endowed with never-seen-before freestyle skills and flair. This he awesomely displayed on several freestyle battles e.g. Channel O Lagos Party at the Vaults, Unilag Rap King et al.

Here’s one act that is also politically conscious. His song ‘‘I love you Nigeria’’ inspires a new breath of patriotism. He is one act bound to take his game beyond our continent. He is an exportable talent. A serial wave making act, Vector had Tuface singing his heart out on ‘‘GET DOWN’‘ one of the major tracks in his new Album ‘‘State of Surprise’’.

VECTOR is officially signed to YSG Entertainment. With the release of his first official single KILODE featuring Emmsong & second official single MARY JANE, Vector is gearing up for the leadership of the African hip hop scene with his debut album titled “State Of Surprise” . Vector’s new album features an array of artistes such as General Pype, Chuddy K, Emmsong, Ade Piper, D-Gates with production credits from H-Code, Mc Cally, Sam Klef, Da Piano, J-Smith, Xela Xelz and Vibez Production, just to name a few. Listen to two tracks off the album on this site.

Audio Appearances:

General Pype – Champion Remix ft DaGrin, VECTOR, Naeto C, Sasha & GT The GuitarMan
Mudina – Like Pami feat VECTOR
J-Martins – Good Or Bad Remix feat VECTOR
Bigiano – Shayo Remix feat VECTOR, Ill Bliss
Knight House – Live @ 51 feat. VECTOR, General Pype & Pherowshiz
H-Code – Iwo Ni feat. VECTOR

Music /Video Appearances:

General Pype – Champion Remix ft DaGrin, VECTOR, Naeto C, Sasha & GT
Mudina – Like Pami feat VECTOR
H-Code – Iwo Ni feat. VECTOR
Jimmy’s Jump Off Hosted By DJ Jimmy Jatt

PS: Vector was the voice behind the Sprite Commercial that aired on most radio stations across Nigeria in 2009.

You can reach VECTOR @ YSG Entertainment LTD
Phone: 08137017903
Email: ysgentertainment@yahoo.com

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