TEACH US WHAT TO PRAY Written by Joshua J Omojuwa

I ask for pain and punishment for my enemies
When my own sin needs forgiving and many Mercies
When next I pray, I’ll ask God’s mercy for all men
We need your mercy Lord, ten in every ten
Forgive and have mercy. Heal our land Lord

I search for a woman, a tall beautiful diva
When I should seek for a wife, virtuous and clever
When next I search, I’ll look for one better than I am
A help mate, like my hand to my palm
My ways deserve none but for Your Grace

I spend time and resources building a house
With no home, trouble in my house Lord help douse
When next I build, I’ll build for me only a home
A home finds a house, no house finds a home
Lord build me a home, help me find a house

In grief, I look to the world for my happiness
When my heart holds its joy as its weakness
I need not weep, nor give up when I can move on
Like my life, I’ll make my joy at every turn
Dear Lord, help express the joy in every heart

Lord, teach us what to ask
Help us the prayer to say for every task
Your mercy not our will, Your grace not our strength
Your wealth not fading riches, not drugs but sound health
Never to doubt You, teach us everyday
Teach us to say ‘‘THANK YOU’’

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